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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 67

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-Seven????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

After seeing Jason off, I walked back inside

I had to look for a way to meet David again

I prayed he still remains in the cave

I walked in to my Uncle’s room

His eyes were just looking at the ceiling

“Uncle” I called and he looked towards my direction

“I just found out about the remaining person but he is not in country” I added

“How then did you get to know that it is him?” He asked

“I have been in several occasions where he did something related to that characteristics” I replied

“I trust you, I just want to taste you” he said while I smiled

“The problem is that, it is only David who knows where he is” I said

“How is that a problem?” He asked

“One is that the demon doesn’t allow him to say anything because it been her that do reply me through him” I said

“Secondly I think that he might be worst, after attacking you” I added

“If that’s all, then there is no problem, he won’t be worst, just maintain the way you used to approach him and as for him talking, just push hard, there must be a way” he replied

I nodded

Since David’s days has started counting, I wouldn’t want to leave things to do in another day

I took a cab, straight to the normal hospital where I do collect the blood

I asked the cab driver to wait for me while I rushed in for the blood

Few minutes time, I was good to go

We drove straight to the bush

I paid the cab driver and went down the bush
To desert

I got to the cave and did the normal trick

Of course it works

I engaged in a conversation with him
The demon kept talking, through him

“Why can’t you just shut up!!” I shouted, out of anger

“How do you expect me to leak what will destroy us?” The demon asked

“Then, leave peacefully” I recommended

“I decline both” she responded while my eyes widened

“Am just giving you your last chance” I said standing up from where I sat

He roared, standing up as well
He pushed me towards the wall and raised his hand

“Call him by his name” that was what I remembered
As my Uncle said earlier


“Please don’t kill me”

“David, you can fight this” I added

“Fight it!! Fight it!!!!!!” I screamed while David held his two ears roaring
I was becoming scared

I just had to stop the scream

He roared again and sat

He used his claw to write something on the floor

I fixed my eyes on it, trying so hard to figure it out

“Switzerland” I said while David nodded

I smiled and at the same time feel bad for him


….. Jason POV ❣️

That afternoon, I organized myself on how to convince Jenny

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I would have suggested to count her out but since it was destined, I had nothing else to do about it

I dressed up and walked out of my room
Straight outside, to my car

I got in and drove straight to Jenny’s house

I stopped before their gate and waited for some minutes

I needed to think of a convincing words for her

I gathered the courage before horning

Not too long, the gateman opened the gate for me

Before I drive in, I noticed that there was a car parked at a distance from my left hand side

I stylishly looked at it and it was COP Kelly

I smiled because I knew what he was up to

But he was disappointed seeing that it was Jenny that I came to visit

I drove in and parked at the parking spot

I looked around the house

“This could be what I would be visiting regularly, if not that life is always different from our thoughts” I said to myself smiling

“Please who are you?” The gateman asked and I turned to face him

“You don’t know me but you are still the same person who opened the gate for me” I said instead

“I didn’t check well” he replied

“Try to do so, next time” I responded

I walked to the gate and peeped but COP Kelly was gone
I smiled

“I thought someone just drove in?” A female voice asked
I turned
It was Jenny
She was just coming out from the house

She gasped when she saw me

“Oh my God, bad news”;” she said and rushed back inside

I smiled and ran after her

“Hey, stop there!” I shouted

“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked as she turned to face me
She was already on the stairs

“We need to talk” I replied looking at her

“If it is the same case, count me out” she said

“Why don’t you have a mind of thought? He killed your mother for crying out loud” she said
I don’t really feel bad on that

I only felt bad because she was a human being

“He didn’t kill her on purpose, he is possessed and he needs to be freed” I tried convincing her

“Too bad that this is coming from your mouth” she said

“Remember, it was David that you went after, and dumped me”

“I never knew he was a murderer, he also killed Zita, my courageous classmate”

“Too bad” she added

“Everyone knows that but you won’t blame him, he regretted it” I said even when am not sure

“I can’t take him as a human again” she said instead

“Knowing me very well, you should have asked me what my plans are” I said because I knew that she would like to know

“So what are your plans?” She asked

“At least come down from there” I said

“I don’t want anyone to hear it” I added seeing that she wanted to decline it

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She looked at me for some time before walking down

She sat on a single seat

“Am waiting” she replied

“I want us to free him first, then we will punish him” I said thinking that it was my intention

“Do you even believe them, it looks supernatural, how then are we going to free him?” She asked

“I didn’t believe it at first but when I saw the signs” I replied

“What sign?” She asked

“I have a mark on my shoulder and also you were able to read that book” I replied
I just needed to place it on a sweet surface

“That’s none of my business” she said standing up

“Am heading inside, you can go, when you are ready” she added walking straight to the stairs

“Does it mean that you will help us?” I asked standing up also

“I can’t be deceived by your words again” she replied walking straight to where she was going

“Am for real now!” I shouted back
She stopped and looked down at where I was standing

“Tell those you can deceive” she said and hissed before walking to a passage at the top

I knew it would be too difficult

I waited for some minutes before walking out of the house

I drove straight to Dorothy’s house for updates

I alighted at her house and luckily, she was around

“Were you able to convince Jenny?” That was the first thing she asked me

“She refused, how about where Victor is?” I asked

“Switzerland” she replied
I remembered that one of his father’s company was at Switzerland

“So when are you leaving?” I asked

“I want to leave this evening but I don’t know about how their transportation is” she replied

Come to think of it, her Uncle wasn’t rich but she has been trying her best with the little she has

I think I needed to help

“Can I have your passport?” I asked

“Why?” She returned the question

“Let me have it first” I replied
She nodded and walked inside

She came out almost immediately

“Don’t worry, I will come back now, give like one hour” I said taking the passport from her and rushed out of the house

I got inside my car and drove straight to the airport

I made the urgent booking for flight that evening

Fortunately, I was able to get it

I smiled and rushed back to her house

I gave her everything
She couldn’t stop thanking me

It was already time to visit David’s mother
I left for it


….. Faith POV ❣️

Things that was about to happen would be a great thing which will surely end us
According to the queen mother

There was no plans for us but we would surely see a way

I was seriously missing Jason

I disappeared from my residence and reappeared where I was led, by Jason

It was in a hospital

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A woman was lying flat on the bed while Jason sat beside her

The woman seems to be fine but I don’t really know why she was still at the hospital

I stood at an edge of the room

I couldn’t take off my eyes from Jason

They talked and smiled

They looked like mother and son but I already knew that Jason has a mother who doesn’t treat him well

Sometimes, life isn’t as we planned it

His mother was someone who loves her business than anything
Even human being

Jason doesn’t deserve such person as a mother

I was busy smiling at that together chat when the queen mother appeared to me

“You are just wasting opportunities” she said

“Which opportunity?” I asked

“Dorothy is already on her way to end us and you are here, busy admiring a guy” she said
I couldn’t tell if it was anger or not

“I thought you wanted us to kill Jason, this is another opportunity” I responded

“You can’t kill him now, we need to stop Dorothy first, Jason might be later” she said

“Because you can’t kill him now” she added

“Why? I don’t want to lose Jason”

“Then do as I instructed”

“She is already at the airport, it is your destiny to stop this” she said

“Better go now” she added and I disappeared


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

I took just a simple bag because I wasn’t planning to sleep there more than a day

I had only one cloth extra, in my bag

Thanks to Jason who took the flight expenses
I was wondering how I would curb
I walked straight to my Uncle’s room first

“Uncle am leaving but am worried about your drink” I said remembering that he needed it every day

“Don’t worry, it stays up to five days before I would die, that is if I didn’t take it” he replied

It was wow

“Are you really leaving today?” He asked

“We don’t have much day, so I have to fastened everything” I replied

“Okay, just be careful and also, don’t forget to take your leaf, I sensed problem” he said

“Am always with it” I replied

“Okay, journey mercy” he said

I got to the airport and alighted

I paid the cab driver and took my bag straight inside

As I got closer to the reception, the demon appeared

That same demon I was working with

“This is not the right time to appear” I said looking at her

“Am just here to warn and advise you” she responded
I looked around and people who were passing, was just wondering what I was doing

“We don’t have things in common any longer, you are always against my plan” I said

“Just go back” she warned

“You can’t stop me” I responded

“I will” she said

“Enough of this embarrassment” I said as I took out the leaf

She disappeared immediately

I sighed and continued walking to the receptionists