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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 68

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️

It was really fun being with David’s mother

We laughed and laughed

The chat was the only chat that has made my day ever since I was born

Soon, she stopped talking

After saying what I had to say which was also part of the conversation but she didn’t reply

I looked at her and discovered that she was already sleeping

I smiled and covered her

I checked my phone and gasped when I saw the time

It was left with 40mins before Dorothy would fly out

“Oh no” I said as I stood up

I rushed out, straight to my car and drove off
I had to head to the airport even if she wasn’t there

At least, there are some certain information she needs to know

I alighted at the airport and parked
I checked the time and it was left with 20mins
I got down and rushed into the passengers waiting room

Lots of people were filled there

I started walking around

Dorothy was nowhere to be found but I wouldn’t think of going to her house because we might not meet

“Please have the 6pm flight left?” I asked one of the security man

“No, but they have gone into the plane, there is no time” he replied

“Okay, thank you” I said as I rushed to the plane parking spot

I wondered how I would go into the plane without my passport
I was clueless if they would allow me or not

I was still contemplating when I heard someone calling my name

I turned towards that direction and it was Dorothy
It was a relief tho

I ran to meet her

“Sorry I couldn’t wait at the house to say goodbye” she tried apologizing

“I didn’t go to your house” I replied

“I would have gone into the plane but I had a running stomach” she said

“Oh, sorry”

“I think you are forgetting some certain information” I said


“What if the demon attacks the plane?” I asked

“Don’t worry, she was here but I chased her away, I will handle the rest” she replied smiling

“That’s not even a problem” she added

“Secondly, did you even know his main address?” I asked

“Have you forgotten that you had mentioned the company’s name before during our last conversation?” She returned the question

“Schneider AG graphic company in Bern is very far from Zurich where you will get down”

“So you still need to get to Bern before you would even think of asking for schneider AG graphic company” I explained

“So how will I do that?” She asked

“The flight is about to take off, all the passengers, get ready, fasten your seatbelt” the informant announced

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“It is time, when you get to Zurich, take a cab to Bern, then ask of the company” I said

“Hope you have enough of money with you?” I asked

“Yes, at least the money I would have used for the ticket” she replied

“I trust Victor, he will even give you some things” I said

“I will be leaving now” she said

“Okay, take care” I replied

She rushed and entered the plane

I was just watching them to see when they took off


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

As I got inside the plane, my mind was on how to make sure that the demon doesn’t show up

Knowing that it would be a very big problem because it would definitely result to plane crash

I took out the leaf
It was two

I stood up from the seat

The plane security came to meet me

“You need to sit down until the plane balance” he said

“I know but the plane isn’t yet moving and it is very urgent” I replied


“I need to meet the pilots” I replied

“You don’t have to disturb them, they need to concentrate” the security man said

“I know but if I don’t meet them, we might not survive” I said

“How do you mean?” He asked

“I need to meet them now” I said instead

“Okay but make it fast” he said making me to smile

“Sure” I replied and walked to the front

I got to the door leading to where they were, the security man was just looking at me

I turned to look at the other man who permitted me

He nodded and the other security man opened the door

I walked in and the pilots turned to look at me

“Good evening” I greeted waving at them with a smile

“Young lady, what are you doing here?” One of them asked

“I have a gift” I said stretching out one of the leaf

“What’s this?” The same man asked

“It is called lucky leaf” I replied smiling
I had to use that word

“For a successful journey” I added
The man nodded collecting it

“Why do you have only one?” The other man asked

I couldn’t help it but to smile

“We all are in the same plane, so it can lead us” I replied

“Thanks” the other man said
When I was supposed to be the one thanking him

“You can now go, our time is up” the other one said
I nodded and walked out of their

At least, this was sure

Since am in the middle of the plane

I have one and the front, has one

That could possibly chase the demon far away

The only problem then was phone

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It was really important in life

Not that I couldn’t buy it but it never crossed my mind


….. Bonny POV ❣️

My life has totally changed

Clubbing and drinking became my favorite

Visiting my parents was what I had cancelled because I wouldn’t try going back to meet Dorothy even after I was sure that David must be dead by then
Trusting what Jason was capable of doing

Thanks to Victor who rented a house for me

Even though I wasn’t a good friend, he still takes care of me

He normally advise me on changing my lifestyle
That my parents might be waiting for me

That was a trash advise because I wouldn’t take it

And due to that, I left to very far area because his advice do itches my ears

The following day which was on Sunday

After two weeks, I decided to visit Victor as a surprise

I knocked at the door and waited for him

He was surprised when he saw me

“Bonny” he called my name with surprise

“Long time dude” I responded

“Badass” that was his normal way of referring me

“Can’t I come in?”
He shifted while I walked in

“Where the hell have you been, I was scared?” He asked

“I had to go on break” I replied

“That means you visited your parents?” He asked

“Don’t even start” I said sitting properly on the bed

He was about to close the door when someone walked in

It was that same girl I saw, when I first arrived at Victor’s office

“I have seen your face before” she said pointing at me
She looked at Victor

“Yes, that was at my office” Victor said

“Oh, yes, welcome” she said while I smiled

“Thanks” I responded

“Please honey, what should I prepare this morning?” She asked referring to Victor

“I want to help you today” Victor said instead

“I have always told you that, so that means you are ready to learn it today?”

“Yes of course”

“Am heading to the kitchen right away” she said walking in

“Am right behind you”

“I will be back badass” Victor said following her

It was really lit
I wished I had someone like that
Or maybe I should try out the girl

She was really equipped with women characteristics


…. Jason POV ❣️

That Sunday morning, I drove as usual
Straight to the hospital

I wanted to meet the doctor first but when I got there, his office was locked

I waved it off and walked towards Mrs Paul’s ward when
I met with a new face

I mean a doctor as he was walking towards the office

“Good morning” I greeted, in a way of calling his attention

“Good morning” he responded

“Am looking for the doctor” I said

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“Oh, he has been transferred”

“But he was here yesterday”

“They transferred him today” he replied
It was so soon

I would love to meet him but I guess, it won’t be possible anymore

“Okay, thanks” I said as I walked passed him

“You just look exactly like your father” the doctor said making me to turn

“You know my father?” I asked
Even the former doctor doesn’t know me

“Of course, you guys really look alike” he replied

“But I don’t see the resemblance in us” I said

“What you think? Am actually his favorite doctor, he would be very happy seeing you grow to this extent” he said

“Anyways, see you around” he smiled and walked away

The doctor was actually sounding strange
I wondered how he got to know my father to that level

That means he must have known COP Kelly

I would have to ask him later
I concluded and continued walking to David’s mother


…. Jenny POV ❣️

COP Kelly called me earlier, saying that he would love to meet me

He didn’t tell me the reason but he just wanted to

I met him at a restaurant where he said he was

He ordered for both of us

“So why did you insist on meeting me?” I asked after when our orders has been given to us

“I haven’t heard from you since” he said

“I was just making plans” I replied even though there was nothing in my mind

“Okay, seems like you and Jason is getting along?” He asked while I smiled
I wondered what he saw

“We can never be together again” I replied

“But I saw him driving into your compound yesterday” he said

I knew it
He must have seen something
That’s why he asked that

“It is not what you are thinking” I replied

“We are working together, tell me, if he tried deceiving you” he said bringing his face closer

“I think that’s his plan” I replied

“What did he tell you?” He asked

I started from the beginning to explain to him every single thing that happened

“What did you later decided to do?” He asked after the elaboration

“I declined it” I replied

“What?” He asked with surprise full over his face

“This is an opportunity” he said

“How do you mean?” I asked

“We will use this to get David, and we will be able to deal with him”

“Just accept it, you can visit him and tell him that you have accepted to be part of them and then give me a feedback” he said

Looking into it, it was true

That was the only way to get on David