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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 69

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

We arrived at Switzerland successfully that afternoon

I got down with my handbag and was walking down to where taxi drivers are

“Hey, excuse me!” Someone shouted from behind
I didn’t turn to look at the person because I thought the person wasn’t calling me

“Am talking to you, the lady with pink top and a handbag” on hearing that one, I stopped and looked

It was one of the pilots
I wondered why he was after me

“Thank you for the gift, it really saved us” he said while I smiled

“Don’t be surprised too much if I tell you that immediately we got here, we discovered lots of problems in the plane and that would just lead us to plane crash” he added
I couldn’t control the surprise
I had to gasped

I knew that it must the handwork of that demon

“Thank God” that’s all I could say

“You can still keep it” I added smiling

“Where are you headed to?” He asked

“Bern” I replied

“Oh, too far, you will have to reach by evening” he said

I guessed, I would still have three days

“No problem, thanks” I responded

“Let me pay for it, my daughter” he said
It will be nice if he does so because I didn’t have much money with me

“Thanks a lot sir, I really appreciate”

He walked me down for the taxi

I explained to him where exactly I was going to

He used his own way to direct the driver
I guessed, the driver understood it better from his direction

He paid him
I couldn’t stop thanking him until the driver drove off

We hits the road for some hours

It was getting dark when we arrived at the place

The name of the company was boldly written on a big signboard beside it

I thanked the driver before he left

I walked straight to the company gate

I met a man who I was sure must be gateman on a security dress

“Good evening sir” I greeted

“Good evening my dear”

“Please am looking for Victor that is in this company”

“Sorry, but you have to come back tomorrow because we don’t work on Sunday and Victor doesn’t live here” he replied

I forgot it was on Sunday

Then I had to wait till tomorrow

“Please is there any hotel around here?” I asked

He gave me the direction
It wasn’t far from the company

I had to book a room for the night


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

It was the best information ever

I wondered how Jenny would be so clueless with important things

The only way to get David was that

I remembered that I had arranged visiting that doctor that I paid off to kill David and his mother some years ago

After meeting up with Jenny, I left for the hospital

It wasn’t that far from our town

I wondered how Paul brought his wife to that hospital when I was sure that they left far away from the town

After some hours, I got to the hospital

The doctor had a lot to tell me

“Good evening sir” the nurse greeted me

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“Am here to see the doctor”

“Okay sir, but he is currently in the lab, you have to wait sir” the nurse replied

I nodded and went to sit down

I began to memorize how the conversation would go

He was keeping long

I waited for one hour before I was informed that he was in his office

“So annoying” I walked straight to his office

I knocked and he ordered me to come in

He gestured me to sit

“Good evening officer, how can we help you?” The doctor asked
He wasn’t the one I came for

“Sorry but I came to see the other doctor” I requested

“Oh, am sorry but he got transferred” he replied while my face changed

Why would it be by this time

“Please, to which hospital?” I asked

“Actually, I don’t know, we aren’t in good terms, so he didn’t tell me” he replied

“I thought you guys do have booklet where such thing is being recorded?” I asked

I needed to find him at any cost

“Am not aware of that sir” he replied
I wouldn’t want to push him because it would look suspicious and I haven’t met with that doctor before

“Okay, thank you” I said as I stood up

“Hope there is no problem?” He asked

“What if there is a problem?” I returned the question

“Sorry but I might help” he replied while I smiled

“How?” I asked

“Any means, like I said, we aren’t in good terms” he replied

“Okay then, take my card, call me by tomorrow, am COP Kelly” I said giving him my card

“I already knew that you are an Officer from your look am doctor Sammy” he responded collecting the card

“I will love to meet you by tomorrow, just call me” I said before leaving the hospital…

No matter what, I need to see that doctor first..

As Jenny is planning theirs, I had to plan mine


…. Jason POV ❣️

The following morning, I wasn’t expecting to hear from Dorothy, knowing fully well that she had no phone

But I hoped she met with Victor

I woke up that morning and went into my bathroom for normal stuff

I washed my face and brushed my teeth

I went downstairs for my breakfast

My Dad as usual was already there

I greeted him and we ate silently

“Today is Monday, aren’t you going to school?” My Dad asked when we were almost done with the food

“Everyone is scared of the monster, I also have to be” I replied eating very well

“The exam is around the corner” he said
I guessed, he was very worried

“Going to school doesn’t mean it, because no teacher to teach, we are in a revision period and I do study at home” I replied

“I am only worried, you need to pass this final year” he said

As for him, he was caring
Unlike my Mom

“I won’t fell you” I replied

“Okay, your mother’s funeral will be this weekend” he said

“I think am okay now” I responded and stood up

I hated hearing about that

“But you aren’t done yet”

“Am satisfied” I replied and walked upstairs

I took my bath and changed into something better

I walked straight downstairs, to my car

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I entered and drove off

As usual, I bought the food and changed the car

I drove straight to the hospital

I took the food straight to Mrs Paul’s ward

“Good morning” I greeted with a smile on my face

She smiled when she saw me
I brought closer my chair and sat

“David said I should greet you” I had to say so
So that she would feel good

“Really? How is he doing?” She asked
She was really happy

“He is doing great, and also receiving his treatment” I lied

“So he has been delivered?” She asked

“Yes, we were able to do that, and the doctor said that he wouldn’t be able to see anyone at this moment” I had to make the lie sweet

“Here is your breakfast” I said bringing out the food flasks

“The joy within me is too much” she responded

Just then, the door was opened

We turned towards that direction and it was that same doctor I met the other day

“Oh, you are here” he said walking closer

“Yes doctor, good morning” I greeted

“Good morning, are you her son?” He asked
I would have said yes but I couldn’t lie before Mrs Paul

“No but I registered as his son, so that she could get admitted” I sincerely replied

“Wow, what a coincidence” he said

It sounds somehow


…. Victor POV ❣️

I drove straight to Sonia’s house and called her on phone

She came out almost immediately with her school dressing code
I pushed the door open from inside

“I hope you slept well?” I asked during our ride

“Yes, and you?” She asked smiling

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you” I replied
And truth be told, I was really thinking about her

I guessed, I was really falling in love again but I couldn’t forget Zita

I hoped she would be happy with that

We alighted at school

I opened the door for her as usual

We walked hand to hand with her

We got to spend lots of time chatting because there was no much lesson

She do teach me some certain things that I didn’t know from the lesson

She was really the best of all

After school, I drove her home

She said that she would bring my lunch as usual

I bidded goodbye to her before leaving

I wondered what was keeping Dorothy from seeing me

Mr Patrick has already told me that the future was near and at that moment when I noticed it, that someone would visit me for the information

From the look of things, it was time

The only problem I had was that the future holds bad thing for me

Which was


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

That morning, I went to the company as early as I could

I requested to see Victor but they asked me to wait for him because he wasn’t yet at work

I waited for him until afternoon

I was really hungry but I had no money for food except the last card for the transportation

The room was quite expensive but I had to pay for it unless I would have to sleep outside

I waited patiently until Victor arrived

I was waiting for him on a couch in front of his office

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He was surprised when he saw me

“Dorothy” he called and I raised up my head to see him

“Victor” I responded standing up

“You really came? You later decided to come?” He asked

“Does it mean that you have been expecting me?” I asked back

“I knew you would come, let’s go inside please” he said and pressed some button as the door got opened

I wondered how a little guy like him would own an office

“Welcome” he said as we walked inside
I slipped my leg and almost fell down but I held a wall
Victor was forced to turn around to check what was actually going on

“You look somehow, have you eaten?” He asked

I didn’t know it was obvious
I shook my head negatively

“Hunger is really bad, come with me” he said and dropped his bag on his desk

We walked down to where he parked his car
We entered and he drove off

“For how long have you been waiting?” He asked during the driving

“Since morning” I replied while his eyes widened

“How could you starve yourself since morning?” He asked with surprise look

“The last money I have is for my transportation and I wouldn’t risk spending it, I didn’t know that I wouldn’t meet you here yesterday and I had to spend the money I budgetted for food, to book a room” I replied

“That means this hunger was since yesterday?” He asked

“Yes” I replied
Our faces were facing the windscreen
Nobody was ready to look at each other

“You should have asked any of those workers to give you some food” he said

“I wouldn’t want them to see me otherwise” I replied

“Assuming I knew you were here, I would have cancelled today’s school” he said

He alighted at a restaurant and parked

We got down and he held me very well because he thought I would fall

“I can walk” I said

“No one knows when mistake would occurred” he responded, it was wise words
I couldn’t help it but to smile

We got inside the restaurant and he ordered lots of food

“Eat everything that you have missed” he said while I smiled

That was what Jason mean by saying that he trusted Victor

After the food, I decided to tell him the main reason I came

“Actually” I started

“Are you satisfied?” He asked
I smiled

“Yes” I replied

“Am here for very important thing” I said

.”really?” He asked

“Yes, David’s life is in danger, my Uncle told me that we are five sets of people that are destined to save the world and David himself” I replied

“We have discovered ourselves but it is left with you and also to convince Jenny” I added

“I know you love David but this is life, I can’t risk it” he said

“I don’t understand, seems like you are aware of it?”

“Yes, Mr Patrick has told me already, what that meant for me is death”

“Am confused here” I said

“Am sorry, I can’t help you guys, you can go back after when you are done, please” he said and stood up

I couldn’t believe it as I watched him drove off