January 17, 2022

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Crush Girl. Chapter 45

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 45

Anna’s POV

Arthur’s bodyguard and Prince commenced fighting, I stood and watch, I do not want to leave Arhur’s bodyguard alone there.

“Leave!” Arthur’s bodyguard shouted as they fought.

“No, I can’t leave you alone here.” I said and watched as they fought even harder.

At first, Prince was winning against Diana, but Diana suddenly started guarding most of his kicks and blows. Diana was then able to hit him on his chest making him stumble ln the couch.

Diana ran to me “Run.” We both ran out of the house, she lead me to a beautiful house and said, “This is Arthur’s house. Are you crazy?”

“I…” I stuttered.

“You entered into a lion’s den, idiot.” Diana scolded and we both walked inside, I saw Mary with her big belly seated before Arthur.

Mary stood at once and ran to hug me, “Did he hurt you? I’m so sorry.”

“As you can see my clothes, he was close to raP-ing me, all thanks to Diana.” I said.

“Thank you Diana.” Mary said but Diana only shook her head angrily and walked away.

Arthur stood, “Mary, when will you learn to trust me?”

“I’m so sorry.” Mary pleaded. Arthur walked away without saying any more word.

“We f—Ked up, ” I said and sunk to the chair.

Mary also sat beside me, “You weren’t even close to getting the marriage document, isn’t it?”

“At all, that beast is so smart, he already suspected that we were up to something. I felt like if we can use someone that is not related with us, it might work. He already knew I’m related to you, that was why he suspected easily.” I said.

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“No, let’s not play such dangerous game again. I’ll just trust Arthur. I’m sure he would not allow another man marry to mother of his own child.” She said.

“Indeed.” I said and relaxed. The room was so cool and cold. It’s obvious there were many air conditioner present.

“Can I get you a drink?” Mary asked.

“Get me solid food and a drink, I’m weak.” I said and she nodded.

She walked away and came back withh a 5Alive, “Joan is cooking already, take this.”

I collected the drink from her and began to drink, while waiting for the food, the door pushed open forcefully and on turning, we saw Prince.

“Arthur!” Mary screamed at once.

“Diana.” I shouted in fright.