January 17, 2022

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Crush Girl. Chapter 46

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 46

Mary’s POV

Prince walked towards the couch that was before Pearl and I, he sat there majestically and crossed his legs.

“Why are you scared in your own house?” Prince asked, he took the drink the that Anna had dropped on the table and drank it.

Anna and I were so scared that we held unto our hands, we wondered why Arthur and Diana haven’t showed up.

“You sent your friend to my house to do what? I really want to know?” Prince asked.

I summoned courage and sat very well, “To tell you to stay away from me.”

He grinned, “But she could have told me that in school? Did she have to lie that I should teach her mathematics? Anyways, tell your friend not ever try me again.”

“She won’t. Can you leave now?” I asked.

“Mary, why did you hate me this much?”

“Oh! I shouldn’t hate someone that tried to ra-pe my friend? How pathetic!” I said.

“I wasn’t ready to rap-e her though, I only wanted to scare her.” Prince said

“It’s a lie, if Diana didn’t come at that time, you would have slì-de your forsaken d—K into my p—Y, such a cruel man.” Pearl said.

“For insulting me, I assure you two weeks suspension.” Prince said and Anna came to look at my face.

“Arthur would help.” I whispered into Anna’s ear but she didn’t believe it. Her face still held fear.

“I guess our conversation is over, can you now leave?” I questioned.

“Not yet, I need to see Diana and Arthur.” As if Arthur and Diana had been waiting for Prince to utter those words, they appeared.

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Arthur and Diana sat on the couch at left side of the living room.

“Brother, how have you been?” Arthur asked calmly.

“Not fine, your bodyguard barged into my house, broke my exorbitant door and beginn to fight with me for no reason. Is that right?” He asked.

“I apologize.” Arthur answered.

“Is she too big to apologize?” Prince asked.

Arthur then motioned to Diana.

“I’m sorry, sir.” Diana pleaded.

“Good. Now, let me give the last warning, don’t ever come to my house abruptly again. Remember I don’t come here anyhow. Was I the one that forced Anna to my house?” Prince said and stood. “Little brother, tell your bodyguard to take caution.”

“Yes , brother.”Arthur answered politely and Prince walked out.