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Married To A Millionaire. Episode 13-15

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♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????


????♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (13) Thirteen♥️
Cassandra ♥️
I picked the land line,then punched dad’s number into it waiting to hear his voice.” Hello, Jones residence.” I heard his voice as I smiled. Am glad I could hear his voice. “Dad?” I called and heard a sigh of relief escape his lips.

“Cassandra? Is that you?” He asked and I nodded as if he could see me. Tears pooled in my eyes at the mere feeling of missing him.

“Cassandra tell me,are you alright? Did he hurt you? Am such a bad father,i should have_”

“Dad, stop it. You didn’t do anything. Am okay and he didn’t treat me wrongly.” I replied as he sighed. “So how’s the house? His family?” He asked and i remembered the surprised look on Shawn’s parents face earlier on.

“Dad? Do you know_” the door opened and Shawn walked in, stopping me in midsentence.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,stay safe.” I whispered and disconnected the call. Shawn walked deeper into the bedroom, ignoring my presence before walking into the bathroom.

I heard the shower run for a while and in no time,he walked out of the bathroom in just his towel. I looked away and focused my eyes on my fingers but his toned chest had already gotten an effect on me.

I swallowed hard as dirty thoughts ran through my mind. What would it be like to run my hands over his chest? I thought for a while as our eyes locked.

I noticed him smile slightly and my face grew from embarrassment. He caught me? Caught me staring lustfully at him. I face palmed myself and he couldn’t hold the laughter anylonger.

“You like what you saw?” He asked, coming to join me on the bed. “I_ uhm.” A soft knock resounded on the door and he groaned before going to open it.

“Sir,miss Miranda is here, should_” a lady barged in and I recognized her immediately.

The lady who had Shawn’s d’ck down her throat inside his car. Her eyes zeroed on me and in no time,tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Miranda ????
I couldn’t hold the tears anylonger. I couldn’t believe that he’d really ditch me. “You left me for her? For your debtors daughter?” I asked and noticed his eyes turn darker.

I must have angered him cause in two strides,he backed me against the wall, pressing me tightly to it as I struggled to breath.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. I love her and there’s nothing you can do.” He replied as I gasped. “Shawn_ Shawn.” I called, trying to know if he was the Shawn I know.

“Get out. Now!” He said lowly but in a Stern voice as he turned to go back to the bed.

“That used to be my spot,it used to be mine.” I screamed as three guards ran in and pulled me out.

“Let go of me,you morons,let me go!” I yelled until they buckled me in my car and drove me out of the compound.

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Hannah ❤️
“Cassandra is a beautiful lady. About to get married to her suitor.” I said,not willing to let her know the reason behind it. Am also gonna tell Cassie and Chad to keep it a secret.

“I really wished I could turn back the hand of the clock,then I’d have done so. I regret leaving them.” Dora whispered as I sighed.

“It’s sad you know, growing up without a mom,I felt it too that’s why I stood in as a mom for her.” I replied as she squeezed my hands.

“Thanks Hannah. Am married now but I just wanna see my baby, where’s she?” Dora asked as I looked into her eyes.

“At the city,I don’t know the exact location but I’ll get it from Chad.” I replied as she furrowed her brows.

“He let’s you call him ‘Chad’?” She asked and I nodded.

“He really loves you then.” She whispered inaudibly as I gasped.

“Don’t think too much hunny, I’ll get going now sorry for scaring you.” She said and strolled out of the door and in no time I heard a car zoom away.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©️ Author Donna ™️
All rights reserved ®️
©️ Copyright 2020


♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (14) Fourteen♥️
I turned to look at Cassandra as soon as I locked the door. She must be wondering who that is but I don’t care. I can’t explain myself to her.

“Are_ are we sharing a bedroom?” She asked as I scoffed. “I thought your principal called you the best student? Are you so dumb?” I asked and she hung her head low. I rolled my eyes before climbing into bed with her.

“You didn’t have to insult me you know.” Her tiny voice rang through my ears as I turned to look at her. “Go to bed.” I whispered and turned off the light.
The next morning,when I woke up I heard the shower running so I assumed Cassandra was having her bath. Normally Miranda would have been the one in there and I’d have walked right in to join her but now? Am stuck with an highschool teenager. Probably an amateur in s*x.

I groaned and got out of bed, heading to my co_joined office. I needed to sort somethings out and if possible search for a new assistant.

I can’t have an assistant who only knows how to make moves towards my money.

Cassandra ♥️
By the time I got out of the shower and bathroom,Shawn was no where to be found. I bet he already woke up. I thought before peeling the towel off and strolling to the wardrobe.

I was humming to the beat of one of Ariana Grande’s song when the door suddenly opened. I gasped and turned to look at Shawn, thinking of the nearest place to hide and oh! My towel is still on the bed.

How do I get to it? I thought as his eyes lingered on my breasts before trailing to my V. “No, don’t! Don’t stare!” I screamed and noticed his throat work.

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His eyes grew darker as he stalked towards me, looking into my eyes. Suddenly my throat went dry, working on it’s own. My insides suddenly quivered as he stood close to me,his head descending towards mine as I closed my eyes.

“Get dressed.” Was the next statement I heard before opening my eyes. He was already standing at the bathroom door with a Stern look and it made me wonder if he’s the same guy who almost kissed me or was I hallucinating?

I nodded and blinked rapidly before wrapping the duvet around myself and facing the wardrobe.

Daphne ????
I wonder what happened to Cassandra,am just gonna visit her after school. I concluded before walking down the stairs. I bet mom would be preparing breakfast am just gonna join her.

“Good morning Mom.” I greeted and wrapped my hands around her as dad chuckled. “Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?” She asked and I nodded.

“So I went on the search for your sister.” She started and immediately my excitement grew. I’ve been hearing from them that I have a sister,a big sister but I’ve never seen her.

“So_?” I asked and she sighed. “She’s about to get married and she lives in the city.” Mom replied as I nodded.

“So when do we get to meet her?” I asked and she turned to look at dad. “We’re still undergoing some investigations,but definitely by weekend.” Mom replied as I smiled.

????♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (15) Fifteen♥️
I was tempted to pull her flush against me and kiss the hell out of her lips but I withheld myself. I’ve never lost control over any lady in my entire life and she’d definitely not be the first lady I lose control over.

After bathing and dressing up,I walked out of the room, heading straight to the dinning to join my family for breakfast.

Martina’s head raised a bit as she noticed my presence and as I scanned the room,I was relieved that dad wasn’t in here. “Good morning Mom.” I greeted, walking round the table to kiss her cheeks as she smiled and sighed.

“Morning Shawn,I see Cassandra is dressed are you taking her out?” She asked and I nodded. “Am driving her to school.” I replied as Brianna gasped. She placed her fork on the plate and gave us her full attention.

“You mean she’s_” I raised my hands in objection and I believe she must have understood what I meant cause she clamped her mouth shut immediately.

“She’s not your concern.” I gave a Curt reply before standing up. “Let’s go.” I said to Cassandra before walking out.
“School?” I heard her ask as we made our way to the car. “Yes, school.” I replied shortly before Jerrick opened the car for us to get in. I drove for a while, going through the streets where she grew up until I got to her school.

Yeah I’ve decided not to change her school,that way she’ll be able to see her father and friends. As soon as we stepped out of the car, some students screamed while some rolled their eyes at Cassandra.

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It’s nothing new to me. Females are fond of making advances towards me so am used to it. “The driver would be here to pick you up, don’t stay late.” I instructed before turning around and walking back to my car.

Brianna ????
“Mom_?” I called, walking into the office as she raised her head from her laptop. “Anna what’s wrong?” She asked as I pouted and frowned my face. She knows how much I prefer Rian to Anna as a short name yet it doesn’t sink into her skull.

“Mom_? It’s Rian and by the way don’t you think there’s something fishy about Shawn’s supposed fiance and marriage?” I asked and she nodded.

“I thought so too. We have to find out why he settled for an highschool girl,I mean it’s weird.” Mom replied as I smirked.

“Good. Let’s get closer to the girl,we can use Mariah that way no one will suspect.” I replied, smiling to myself.

“Yeah, before I forget I met with attorney Lucas.” She said as my eyes met hers. Her throat worked and I knew something was off. “What did he say?” I asked, ready for the big blow.

“There’s no adjustment. The will goes to Shawn’s child.” She replied as I chuckled. “Shawn’s child? He doesn’t even have a child so why should the will be that way?” I asked clearly angry as she sighed.

“The more reason we have to know why he brought this girl in,who knows she might be pregnant.” Mom said as I gasped. No,no this can’t be.

“Am not gonna let it happen mom,we must fight for our right.”

Cassandra ♥️
“Oh my gosh, Sandy is that you.” I heard Daphne’s bubbly voice ask as she threw her hands around me. I wrapped my hands around her, kissing her neck as we both sighed.

“Why have you been absent? Had to write your tests for you and too bad you don’t have a phone.” She chatted on and on as we made our way to the class.

“Oh God it’s a long story.” I replied and she pouted before folding her hands. “Am all ears.”
“What! You’re getting married to Shawn Handel?” She screamed, gaining the attention of some people in the class.

“Shhh_ don’t cause a scene here.” I cautioned before she chuckled. “But girlie how did you two meet? Have you had s*x yet? Is he a good kisser? Is he good in bed?” She threw several questions at me as I gasped.

“Am not gonna give any reply whatsoever. Feed on your imaginations.” I replied, thinking about the moment Shawn and I had this morning.

Am certain he was tempted to kiss me but of course am just a baby factory and nothing more,can as well refer to myself as a surrogate but that reminds me.

His baby,where’s she and why doesn’t the family talk about her? I really need to know all these.