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Married To A Millionaire. Episode 17

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????♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (17) Seventeen♥️
Cassandra ♥️
The ride home was quiet and long and I still couldn’t believe Shawn stood up for me. He even kissed me and it felt really good. I looked out of the car and noticed we were following another route and I was tempted to ask but I bit my tongue and curiosity in.

Who knows he might find my question annoying. Soon,we pulled into the parking lot of a very beautiful penthouse and we alighted the car.

“Jack,we don’t want to be disturbed.” Shawn finally spoke, sounding a bit Stern as he made his way into the building. I followed behind, taking my time to admire the art works on the walls. I bet they must cost a fortune.

He slid a master key and opened the door before opening it wide for me to walk in. I almost gasped in awe but clamped my mouth shut when I saw a baby playpen sitting at the center of the living room.

I turned to look at Shawn but his eyes were casted upon the playpen and anger was visible on his face. “Colline_? Colline_?” He called and I wondered who this person could be.

Soon,a petite girl came running out of nowhere with a scared face. She moved the playpen out of the way and proceeded to kneel but Shawn’s voice stopped her.

“Stop it colline, where’s your mom?” He asked as she looked towards the door. “Oh she went out?” He asked and she nodded.

“Cassandra meet colline my daughters nanny. Her mom Mrs Pamela will be here soon they live here and they also take good care of Sara.” He said and I sighed before nodding.

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“Good to meet you colline.” I said, waving as she smiled. Then and there,I knew she was dumb. It pained my heart cause she was so beautiful, just too beautiful.

“They’ll be moving in with us once we’re married,I don’t want them far from my nose.” He said and Immediately I knew they meant a lot to him.

He walked towards a door and opened it gently before motioning for me to follow him. We walked into the world of toys and dolls and in the middle of the bed laid a sleeping beauty.

She was so small yet so beautiful. Her little chest rose and fell with every breath she takes. “She’s beautiful.” I said lowly, blinking back the tears as I remembered her sickness. Such a pretty little girl.

“Yes,looks just like my mom that’s why her second name’s little Fiona.” He said and I saw the love for his mom in his eyes. I saw a different Shawn,a broken Shawn.

He turned away from me, probably trying to hide his vulnerability but immediately,I placed my hands on his back and turned him around to face me.

“You can tell me anything you know? I’ll gladly listen and be a shoulder to lean on.” I said as his eyes darkened. Just the same look he had on this morning before attempting to kiss me.

I heard a low groan and the next minute,he was whisking me off my feet and taking me to the nearest wall where he slammed me forcefully and crashed his lips against mine.

I don’t know how much time passed but I knew I didn’t want to stop kissing her. She was so responsive to the kiss, moaning, trembling gasping and kissing me back.

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Suddenly we were both lost in the frenzied moment to even realize Sara could wake up any moment.

My hands trailed up to her breasts, groping one from the fabric of her crop top as a loud moan escaped her lips,I bit her lips hard and she began to trembled hard in my arms as a low moan escaped her lips,in no time her juice was flowing down her legs.

I was baffled cause I’ve never seen a female whose turn on is her breast but I guess I’ve seen on in my girlfriend. Yes,my girlfriend.
When she stopped trembling,I allowed her to slid down and stand on her own but her legs had suddenly gone rubbery so I had to hold her and lead her to a soft cushion.

“Stay right here while I tell colline to prepare dinner. We ain’t going home today.” I said and walked out of the room.

This is our first make out and I admit she’s really hot for a first timer.

“Colline could you fix something for us to eat?” I asked, walking into the kitchen as I met Mrs Pamela whisking some eggs as she smiled.

“Colline is in her bedroom doing her assignments from school, thanks for all you’re doing for us, for your help.” She said as I smiled.

“You don’t need to mention it, I’d do it over and over again if possible.” I replied, looking at the older lady with love.

Colline is just twenty,very young but her own father,my employee molested her at age fifteen till she was eighteen. She suddenly went dumb and I had to fight for her,seek justice right now the scumbag is in jail,at least she’s back from rehab I just hope she gets her voice back.

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Mariah ????
“Miss Fiona_?” I called, walking into her bedroom as she turned to look at me. She had tears in her eyes and it was puffy and swollen,pure evidence that she’d been crying.

“What’s wrong miss,huh my bad mom, what’s wrong?” I asked as more tears rolled out of her eyes.

“Can I hug you?” She asked and I nodded, throwing my bag pack on the couch and running to embrace her. How come we both had the same thing on mind? I thought to myself as she parted my back.

When we finally withdrew,she led me to her bed and sat me down. “Look at me Mariah,no matter the difference between your mom and I,am still a mother to you, do you get it? Huh?” She asked and I nodded before smiling.

“You’re also a mother to me,yes you are.” I whispered and rose up. “Why are you crying?” I asked, wiping the tears away from her face.

“I had a daughter. Once but she died even before she was born. I was attacked by bad men,they took her away and now I miss her.” She said, crying as I hugged her again.

“Then am right here, I’ll be that daughter.” I replied as her arms tightened around me.