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Married To A Millionaire. Episode 26

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♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (26) Twenty_Six♥️
By this time,i wasn’t scared for myself anymore. I was becoming scared for Shawn. What if something bad happens to him out there? What if__’ I trailed off in thought as Mrs Felicia’s call came through my phone.

I snatched the phone from the table and picked the call Immediately. “I hope you are safe,we all are.” She said lowly as I nodded.

“Yeah am safe. Keep Sara safe okay?” I said as the door opened to reveal Fiona. She had an apologetic look on her face as she walked up to me.

I hung the call before giving her my full attention. “Am really sorry your party had to be ruined, it’s__”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. Am just worried about him, he’s out there making sure am safe. I__i” I trailed off as a sob raked my body.

She moved and in two strides,she was standing in front of me with her arms around me. “You really love him don’t you?” She asked and before I could process her question,I blurted out a ‘yes’.

“Then believe he’ll come home safely and uninjured. You do know he enrolled in martial arts don’t you?” She asked as I nodded negatively.

She furrowed her brows, knitting them in a thight way before her features relaxed. “Oh…he hardly tells people that part of himself but am sure he’d let you know sooner or later.” She said assuringly before moving away from me.
Shawn ????
“What the hell! You let them go?” I asked, yelling at the delirious guards as they moved backwards.

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“We’re__ we’re sorry sir.” They said as I groaned. “Get lost!”

I moved towards the waiting van and got in. Thankfully, Miranda would be taken to the prison once her wounds are healed then I’d be charging her for attempted murder.

I couldn’t help but think what would have happened if Dora hadn’t saved her daughter.
I alighted the van and walked calmly into the house, I’ll bring Mrs Pamela,colline and Sara in tomorrow. Tonite,I need to sleep knowing Cassandra is safe.

The lights were off when I walked in but I already knew my way around the house so I didn’t have a problem locating the stairs.

I pushed the door in and noticed Cassandra shriek in fear but a radiant smile lit her face the moment she noticed I was the one.

“You’re back__? You’re safe__?” She asked and I nodded, making my way towards her as I swept her off her feet.

“Am good baby,am okay.” I whispered soothingly, kissing her cheeks as she relaxed in my arms.

I carried her into the bathroom before placing her in the tub. “What are you doing?” She asked when I reached for her zipper.

“I wanna bath you, make you forget the events of tonight and make you feel so good.” I said as she flushed hard.

“Being in your arns is all I need.” She replied before standing on tip toe to kiss me soundly on the lips.

Miranda ????
I woke up to a beeping monitor beside me. My head was banging with so much force that i tried touching my head but the excruciating pain from my hands reminded me of the ordeal i faced earlier on.

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But who shot and stabbed me? I just hope i can find a way of getting out of this place before they take me to jail.

The door opened and a uniformed nurse walked in with her notepad in hand. “How are you feeling ma’am?” She asked but I only scoffed.

“Am foxed. Get me outta here.” I snapped and Immediately two police officers walked in.

My mouth hung open as they scrutinized me. “It seems she’s gained enough strength,tell the chief we’d be arriving first thing tomorrow morning.” He said as I howled in pain.

“No__ no you__ you can’t take me, you can’t.” I said, trying to reason with them but another nurse walked in and walked up to me with a syringe containing a white substance.

She forcefully pierced my arm,injecting the content as I slumped.