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Married To A Millionaire. Episode 30-31

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♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (30) Thirty♥️
Cassandra ♥️
Hannah__? Talk to me.” I urged, grabbing both hands as she teared up again. Her lips wobbled as I hugged her. “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” I asked and she nodded.

A smile crept up my face cause I knew it’d definitely be dad’s child. My sibling. “I didn’t mean for it to happen__ i__ I just” she trailed off as I pulled her up.

“Hannah, there’s nothing to be scared or sorry about. It’s your baby,my dad’s bday.” I whispered as she nodded.
We walked back to the gathering as the fun of the night went on. I still can’t believe I’d be married by this time tomorrow. It looks surreal.

Martina ????
“Brianna tomorrow is the wedding and we can’t let that tramp into the house,not as an in law. She needs to be six feet down. I can’t let the daughter of Dora get the wealth.” I said as Brianna furrowed her brows.

“Mom__? I don’t get. Why do you hate Dora?” Brianna asked as I chuckled.

“Aren’t you my daughter? You should be smarter than this.” I said as she blinked rapidly.

“I don’t just get. Do you know Dora or__” I stood up and moved over to the window, looking down as the guys had fun with Shawn.

“He looks really happy.” I muttered as Brianna came to stand behind me. “And Dylan has been staring at his phone, smiling do you think he’s back with Jessica?” She asked as I shrugged.

“I don’t know. He’s my heir and that’s what I know.” I replied curtly.

“Dora and I worked in the same company for your father. He was married to Fiona.” I said bitterly, wishing I could erase that part from my memory.

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“So__?” She asked curiously as I turned to stare at her.

“He preferred her to me and she knew. She loved her boyfriend Chad, Cassandra’s father. Chad and your father are best of friends. Jerry wanted her to be his mistress and this brought a huge fight between both friends.” I explained as she nodded.

“She finally left both guys after giving birth. I still don’t know if Cassandra is your sister or not cause it was rumored that Dora and your father had a one night stand.” I said as she gasped, covering her mouth as she shook her head.

“That’s by gone. Everything has been arranged. Tomorrow she’ll be gone. That’s a promise….
Miranda ????
I stared at the magazine in front of me as I scoffed. She really thinks she can have Shawn to herself? I chuckled to myself, tearing off her picture as my prison inmate shook her head.

“You really don’t like her,huh?” Vera asked as I scoffed.

“I hate her. Detest her.” I spat and got some stares from some people. Well I’ve learnt to be a prisoner but not for long. Surely not for long.

“Number 244 you have a visitor.” The officer said as I scoffed.

I stood up and walked over to the visiting area with no one in mind.

My eyes scanned the place and it landed on one person. Shawn’s friend.

“Doctor Regina.” I called as she waved and smirked….

♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (31) Thirty-one♥️
Miranda ♥️
“Doctor Regina?” I called for the second time,to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating or making things up. She winked and came to sit in front of me.

“Yes, doctor Regina. Am glad your memory didn’t fail you.” She replied and I wondered what she wanted.

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Why’s she here? What does she want? I asked myself, looking deeply into her eyes as she brought out a file from her bag.

“Do you know Shawn has a daughter? Actually a test tube baby.” She said, pushing the files towards me as I looked at them skeptically. I didn’t want to make a rash decision so I waited for her to continue.

“Why are you telling me all these?” I asked, already reading into her act.

“Because we need to work together. Hand in hand.” She replied, toying with her manicured nails.

“And why should I believe you? Am stuck in here so there’s nothing left for me to do out there.” I replied and stood up on my feet.

“I’ll get you out of here,on one condition. I know all you want is Shawn’s money. I’ll get you out of here, you’ll finish Cassandra off, including his bastard.” She said evilly as I waited, turned to stare at her.

“Am not interested!” I snapped and walked back to my cell, probably leaving her angry.
Hannah ????
“5,4,3,2,1,0” we counted down till it was twelve on the dot before the huge gift box was pulled in. Cassandra’s face held joy, happiness and I was really glad.

I still can’t believe she’s gonna be married by morning. Little Cassie? Tears pooled in my eyes as I recalled how she’d struggled to grow as a normal child. As a child who’s not broken.

“Are you crying?” Fiona asked, nudging me as I declined. I don’t wanna ruin Cassandra’s party so I quickly excused myself again.

I checked my phone and was surprised to see Chad’s missed calls. But why’s he calling me? What does he want?

Ever since our night together,we haven’t spoken that much. Just the regular hi and hello.

He’s still in love with Dora and there’s nothing I can do about it.

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I contemplated on dialing back but it seems he read my thoughts cause his text came in next.

“Pick your calls Hannah. I deserve to know am gonna become a father again.” The phone fell from my hand as I shivered.

How did he know am pregnant? Gosh it’s screwed.

I bent carefully and picked the phone before dialing his line. “Why weren’t you picking?” He rasped as I rolled my eyes.

“I didn’t know you called. I just saw it.” I replied truthfully and heard him sigh.

“Is it true? I saw the text results besides your brothers just stormed Shawn’s party. They were ready to kick my a$$ thinking I denied the pregnancy.” He explained and I almost laughed.

“We’ll talk later. I have to go.” I disconnected the call and walked out of the restroom.
All of a sudden,the lights went dim as two slutty girls walked in, probably in bikinis or with nothing on. They sashayed their bodies towards me as I gulped hard.

“Who’s behind this?” I asked as Dylan Chuckled. Gosh! Should have known he’d do this.

So much for having a kid bro. “Come on,it’s your last night as a single catch. Enjoy it to the fullest.” Dylan yelled over the music as dad nodded.

Just then,a call came through my phone and I smiled at the caller.

“Baby are you enjoying your bachelorette party?” I asked and heard her sigh.

I bet she must be in her night dress already. Just thinking about it has me growing hard.

“Uhhm…what about you?” She asked as I smiled.

“Am good.” I replied as the line went quiet for sometime. “I called because am having a strange feeling. Like something bad is gonna happen again.” She said as I looked around.

“Sweetheart nothing will happen, I’ll triple the security if I have to. Tomorrow is ours….