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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 71

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Caro (Sonia’s friend) POV ❣️

I was in a restaurant, taking down my lunch when I sighted unexpected

Victor walking hand to hand with a new face instead of Sonia

I had already told Sonia that no man is different

In order to prove it to Sonia, I needed a solid evidence

I took my phone and took a better picture of them

Every single movement they made

I never liked Victor and Sonia being together and the opportunity was what I got

After the pictures, I called Sonia and told her to wait for me
Even though she wanted to go out but due to our friendship, she had to wait for me

Just as Victor left, I did the same thing and drove straight to Sonia’s house

She was almost done with what she was cooking when I arrived

“Hope this won’t cause you more harm” I had said

“I know how to cook, so there is nothing to be worried about” she responded
I guessed, she didn’t get what I meant

“You better start changing your mind because I don’t want you to get hurt”

“What are you talking about because am confused” she said as she turned off the gas cooker

“You are done, cooking, right?” I asked

“Yes, about to go” she replied removing her apron

“I will advise you not to” I said

“You can’t be serious, he must be seriously starving and I wonder why he haven’t called” she said bringing out her phone from the apron before hanging it on a hook

“He can’t be starving” I responded

“How do you mean?” She asked
I wanted to say something but she cuts it short

“Oh my God, I missed his call” she screamed not too loud
She wanted to call him back but I collected her phone from her

“What are you doing?”

“Take a look” I responded as I walked closer to her
showing her the pictures that I took earlier

“What the hell?”

“Who is she?” She asked as she turned, looking at me

“Maybe her main lady” I replied
Tears was already running down
I expected that tho
I never liked Victor in the first place

“I suspected that earlier” I added leaning on a wall

“Give me my phone, let me call him” she said stretching out her hand for it but I drew my hand backward

“It will only cause you more heartbreak” I replied

She burst out crying

I held her close to me and took her to the sitting room

She managed to sit down and I dropped the phone on the small desk in the middle of the sitting room

“Why would he do that to me?”
I sat close to her

“I always told you that all men are the same, scammers, scum”

“But why now that he started showing interest in me?” She cried

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“That’s the worst part, I guess, he started acting like that, so that it will hurt you very much”

“That’s why I suggested you should add charm into his food” I added

“I want real love not otherwise” she cried

Her phone started ringing

She stood up and collected it
I had to check it and it was the same Victor

“Don’t pick it in this mood” I said

Tears weren’t having mercy with the way it flow down her cheek


…. Bonny POV ❣️

Dorothy was gone before we got there

We asked the restaurant attendance and they reported that she left after some minutes when Victor leaves

It was really sad because I was seriously missing her

It was true that I did something bad after the break up

Or could it be the reason why she came?

We got back into the car and drove off

“She said that she came to see you” Victor said

It was a thing of joy

“She must have missed me” I responded

“Yes, she couldn’t stay without you”

“I thought as much”

“So when are you going to visit her?” He asked

“And also, use the opportunity to visit your parents as well” he added

How can I visit people who doesn’t really care about me
My parents were just like Jason’s mother, even though they were wealthy, but it wasn’t useful being their son

The most useless suggestion

“I can’t go there again if you give me that suggestion”

“Okay, fine but will you still visit her?”

Talking about her only, do give me joy but I wasn’t financially stable

“I will support your movement” Victor said
I had to turn to his direction

Could it be that he was reading my mind?



“Thanks a lot” I appreciated
It was great hearing that

“Sonia isn’t picking my call” Victor complained, after pressing something on his phone

“You mean that your girlfriend?” I asked

“I haven’t proposed to her yet”


“Am actually arranging a surprise for her very soon” he replied

Another part of him, was being romantic

“That’s by the way, I want you to do something for me” he said

“Go on”

“Dorothy didn’t actually come here for you, she needed something else” he said

“I don’t understand” I said

“When you meet her, just tell her that you were the one she was looking for” he replied

“You are funny dude, but you said that she didn’t come to see me?” I asked
The guy seems to have taken something high


….. Victor POV ❣️

I was seriously worried about Sonia

She refused picking my call and I don’t know why

Thank God we used Bonny’s car
I wondered what would be my fate
out of worry, I might meet with accident

Bonny dropped me at the company before returning to his house

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Two were troubling me

David and Sonia

Dorothy said that he has few days left for him but if I would save him, that means I have to loose mine

I had to plan things in another way

Sometimes, life doesn’t deserve to be as we planned

Secondly, Sonia
She has never for once, ignored my call
She always wish to stay in touch with me

I just hoped nothing bad happens to her

I walked in and asked one of the workers, if someone came to look for me, but his response was negative

I became more than worried
I was beginning to like her and I could do anything for her

I rushed what I had for the day in my office

I needed to visit Sonia

After work, I drove straight to Sonia’s house

I needed to know what really happened

I was getting closer to her house when I sighted another car parking outside, just right before the gate

I parked in a distance and took my time to check it out

Just as I noticed that it was Sonia’s mother, the gate got opened and she drove inside

I called Sonia again but no response


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day, I was already in Paris

Thanks to Victor’s money,
It went a long way to save me

I took a cab right from the airport to my house

I couldn’t wait to see my Uncle

I wondered the kind of condition he would be into

I got home
Everywhere was just as I left it

The gate wasn’t locked but it looks like no one has come there

The front door wasn’t locked also
I wondered what I was thinking, forgetting that everything in that house was at risk

My mind didn’t go there

I rushed to my Uncle’s room

He was on his bed, with normal posture

“Uncle” I called looking at him closely
He looks like someone that has no life left inside

I opened his cupboard and took the drink

I dropped one shot into his mouth
The drink slides inside

After some minutes, he opened his eyes

“You scared me” I said sitting on the bed

“You are back?”


“I haven’t been scared as I was” i added

it is not that he was looking scary but the scared I got can’t be compared with how I do feel anytime those demons appeared to me

“It is not even up to five days, so what’s the need for being scared?”

“It is too hard for me to believe this whole thing'”

“But you believe about the BROKEN TOMBSTONE?” He asked while I smiled

“Let’s not go to that now, how was it?” He asked

“The guy refused to come”

“You won’t blame him” he said

“What about the one who can read the book?” He asked

“The same thing” I replied

“That’s what the nature said” he said

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“How do you mean?” I asked because I was confused

“There is more I need to tell you” he added

“What and what?” I asked

He was about to reply that when we were interrupted by a knock on the gate

“Seems like someone used to come here when I left?” I asked
He didn’t reply

I waved it off and went to check, who was that


…. Jason POV ❣️

It was too bad for me that I didn’t think about Dorothy’s Uncle since she left

I forgot that he was attacked and couldn’t do anything

Since Dorothy left, this day was the day I remembered that he was in that condition

After visiting David’s mother, I drove straight to Dorothy’s house

I got there and the gate was open

I wondered how she would just leave everywhere like that

I first tried a luck by knocking
After some seconds, there was no response

I decided to go inside

I haven’t walked inside like that when I saw Dorothy walking out from the house

“You already back?” I asked with a surprise look

“Yes, quite good timing” she replied

“What about your Uncle?” I asked

“You can come inside” she said instead and turned to go inside

“How was it?” I asked walking from behind

“I couldn’t believe Victor” she said
I was surprised, wondering what must have happened

“How do you mean?” I asked

By then, we were already inside her Uncle’s room

He was looking at the ceiling

“Good afternoon sir” I greeted
He shifted his eyes from the ceiling to where I was

“You are welcome my son” he responded
Feeling loved from those am not related to

“Let’s go” Dorothy said as we walked out

“How long will he be like that?” I asked because I was worried

“According to him, as long as David remains as he is” Dorothy replied

“Then we need to act fast because he looks like he is going to die soon”

“Am also scared” she replied

“So how did you go with Victor?” I asked because that was also important

“He said that he won’t come, we shouldn’t disturb him” she replied

“Did you mention my name to him?” I asked because if he knows that I was among the team, he wouldn’t like to help again, concerning our last fight before he left

“I didn’t, but he might be aware of it because he made mention of something related to it” she replied

So Jenny and Victor will be our problem

Just then, someone walked in

We turned our eyes towards the gate

It was Jenny

“Jenny” Dorothy called

“Getting closer” Jenny said looking at both of us

“Anyways, am here to tell you guys that I will help you” she said

I looked at her in disbelief
If she really wants to help us, she must have another plan