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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 72

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I couldn’t explain the kind of joy I felt when I heard Jenny agreed to help us

“Are you for real?” Jason asked
I turned to look at him

“Better don’t start” Jenny said instead rolling her eyes

“Why all of a sudden?” Jason asked

I wondered if that was how they used to be, when they were together

“Jason can you just stop?” Jenny asked, I guessed, she was getting pissed off already
Jason didn’t reply her again and everywhere became calm

“So can you now explain everything to me now?” Jenny asked turning to face me

“Let’s sit down first” I said
She looked around the house before walking to the chair, we dropped at the front of the house
Meant for the visitors

“According to my Uncle, he said that we need to seal up that BROKEN TOMBSTONE in order to get David free from the demon but before that, we will need like five people to go for the journey” I explained

“Apart from me and you, who else is among the five?”

“Jason, Victor and David” I replied


“In that condition?” Jenny asked surprisedly

“We need to get the remaining four, then the book or my Uncle will tell us how to go with it” I replied

“So what about the book?” She asked

“Am still with it” I replied

“So can I have it?” She asked

“My Uncle said that I will place it to your order that day” I replied
I thought she would use it for some days before the appointed day but my Uncle said otherwise

“So, where is David now?” She asked
That question was suspicious

“The book will tell us that day” I replied

“Okay then, when the day comes, you can let me know” Jenny said standing up

“I will be on my way now” she added and left

“Why are you suddenly silent?” I asked referring to Jason who hasn’t said anything since Jenny attacked him earlier

“Am just observing Jenny, she isn’t what she looks like” Jason replied
From the way she acted, could tell that Jason’s thought was right

“My Uncle said that the book will make everyone to comply till the end, that’s why am not scared” I replied

Jason decided to leave because there was no much thing left

Just as I finished locking the gate, I turned and behold the demon standing right there

“You are not even scared of appearing here” I said looking at her

“Am just here to know how the journey was”

“I will soon tell you that we aren’t in the same world” I replied

“Are you sure that you will live to see that day?”

“We don’t have much to say now, you have failed me as a friend” I said

“Who told you that demon and human can be friends?” She asked

“You accepted to be” I responded

“Anyways, I don’t have your time” I concluded and walked pass her

“Better stop at the spot you are because it might be too late to go back” she said
I ignored her and walked in

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The next thing that was in my mind was the leaf


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I contacted COP Kelly immediately I left Dorothy’s house

His first question was if I had gotten the information about where David was

I told him exactly what Dorothy told me

It was disappointing but I couldn’t do anything either


….. Victor POV ❣️

Sonia was making things difficult for me

The following day, I went to school very early and expected to see her but there was no sign of her

Soon, her friend, Caro arrived

I waited patiently for her to come inside

It was too early that there was no much student in the class

Caro walked straight to her seat and I didn’t hesitate to meet her

“Hey” I said still standing


“Can I sit?” I asked

“Sure” she replied
I sat down and waited a little for the question to gather all
It was true that they were friends but I don’t feel good speaking with Caro

“Sonia isn’t in school and she is not picking up as well, do you know if she is fine?” I asked

“I will advise you to leave Sonia”

“Why did you say so?” I asked

“Sonia can’t love you sincerely”

“Am just advising you” she added

I knew that it wasn’t a good idea asking her but I didn’t expect it to be that worst

“Okay, thanks” I said standing up
Maybe I would try going to her house early that day to avoid bumping into her mother

“Just advising you” Caro said
I didn’t bother replying that as I walked straight to my seat

I had to maintain till the end of the class

After dismissal, I drove straight to Sonia’s house

I horned while the gateman opened the gate

I drove straight into the compound and parked

Just as I got down from my car, the entrance door got opened and a guy with just singlet and boxer walked out from there
He looked older

I haven’t seen him before but I had to maintain
I closed the door and walked over to the balcony which was where he was

“Hey dude” I said waving, with a smile on my face

“Welcome, please how may we help you?” He asked

“Actually, my name is Victor, I am Sonia’s friend, so am here to check on her” I introduced myself

“Oh, actually, Sonia in question doesn’t talk like before, I guess she is going under heartbreak” he said
I was surprised hearing that

“I hope you aren’t responsible for it?” He added asking
My heart skipped a beat, I don’t know why

“No o, I don’t even know that such thing is going on”

“Please do you know what happened and don’t be annoyed, who are you?” I asked

“Am Fred by name, Sonia’s cousin, am just surprised seeing you her in that condition, I know her very well as a strong woman, she hasn’t been in love before, I wondered what really happened” he replied
It was kinda relief but I would like to know what really happened

“Can I see her now?” I asked

“No, she refused opening her door, I will try and find out what happened, just come back tomorrow or so” he replied

“I want to trust you” I said

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“Sure you can” he replied
There was nothing much left, I had to go


. … Sonia POV ❣️

I was badly missing Victor but still, I couldn’t pick up his call nor call back

I kept scrolling through the pictures in my phone
Caro forward it to me earlier

I dropped my phone on the bed and opened my cupboard
I took out his picture and hang it on a wall with a pin

I stood at the other edge of the room and used a small knife that was in my room

“Why me Victor” I said
I threw the knife towards the picture
It hits it and fell on the floor

I walked closer to where the knife fell and picked it up
My door got opened without knocking and I had to turn around
It was Fred standing there

Fred was my cousin
He loves and normally visit us during December period but this time around, they gave them vacation because of some misunderstanding in their area
He had to use the opportunity to visit us

He was also fun to be with

“You gotta be crazy, you don’t knock” I said as if I was angry

“If I should seek for you to order me in, I know you will ask me to go back” he said closing the door from behind

“So, I have to make it this way” he added

“Am a lady for Christ sake” I said

“I know, I came in peace” he responded and sat on a chair in my room
I couldn’t sit tho

“I thought you said that you were going out?” I asked because he said that earlier

“As I was getting prepared, one guy like that drove in”

On hearing that, my mind ran to Victor

“Is he still there?” I asked

“He’s gone” he replied
I felt disappointed

“Why is it that men remain the same?” I asked as I finally sat on the bed

“How do you mean?” He asked
I collected my phone that I had dropped on the bed

I unlocked it and the first thing that appeared was those pictures
I stretched it out to him

He stood up because his chair was a little bit far from the bed

Soon, he started laughing

“So he is your boyfriend?” He asked

“Not really, but about to” I replied

“So, you think that he is cheating?” He asked and burst out laughing

“Is Mom even aware of this relationship?” He asked

“Stop joking around” I said with a serious face

“You ladies are just something else” he said still scrolling through those pictures

“Check very well, the lady in this picture looks helpless” he added

“Caro saw everything” I said

“So, she was the one who took this picture?”

“She must be up to something”


….. David POV ❣️

I sat in my cave thinking about how my life has been

Dorothy doesn’t come like before
Ever since she asked me about where Victor went to after leaving the school

I was really feeling lonely and depressed

I walked around my cave

“We are almost done” the demon said

I was already tired but I couldn’t say it out because my voice seems gone

I could only roar

“We have the last hunting left” she added

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I roared before jumping towards the main land


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

I couldn’t go to work anymore because of the invisible attackers

I don’t really know who was after my life

I don’t go out either and my house looks safer because they haven’t attacked me at home

But staying at home wasn’t best because I couldn’t hide secret
I was really suspicious of Jason

.I didn’t know what his plans were

COP Kelly told me that he has a plan and would like us to meet

He was coming to visit me but Jason seems not going anywhere as usual

There was some certain things that are meant to keep away from children
And COP Kelly didn’t tell me what was actually the plan

So I didn’t know if it was something that would let any third party

In order to make it possible for Jason not to be aware of that

I changed into something simple and walked out of the house

I told my gateman that I was going on a simple stroll

There was no point telling him but should in case someone comes for me

Not too far from the gate, I saw incredible
A monster with bloods running down his mouth

My eyes didn’t go there when I walked out

Out of fear, I turned to run but he was fast enough to jump right before me


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Lots of things to do

I decided to tell Mr Luke about David being Paul’s son so that he would be able to contact his other gangs to help in checking on David’s whereabout

I wouldn’t want to tell him before coming because he might make mistakes in action before I arrive

I drove straight to his house

Just as I was getting closer, I sighted someone bending over to the other person who was already on the floor

The one on top doesn’t really look like human being

His stature looks like that of monster David

I was getting closer and closer as I got the clear view of it

Mr Luke was the one on the floor

I held and instant blake bringing out my gun

The monster seems like he noticed that and shifted his ear to my direction

I wouldn’t miss any opportunity


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was getting closer to afternoon

I had to leave for market

I took a cab direct to the market

In few minutes, I was done with what I wanted to use that afternoon

I took another cab back home

As we were going, I noticed a car following us because it took every direction we passed

I knew that no one will be able to harm me when I got to my area
Knowing how helpful they were when it comes to anything like that

We alighted before our gate and the car parked behind ours

I breath out before getting down

I paid the cab driver and he drove off

I stylishly went to the gate as I used my mind to calculate the movement of the other car

It got opened and I guessed, someone stepped down

I turned to look at the person
Unbelievable, it was foolish friend

“Dor-Dor, long time” Bonny said smiling