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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 73

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

I saw my Dad walking out of the compound
I decided to follow him, knowing that he was trying to avoid me, just for me not to know what him and COP Kelly was planning on

I waited for him to go out before I rushed downstairs

“What’s going on?” The gateman asked when he saw me at the gate

“Where is my Dad going to?” I asked back

“He said that he was going on a stroll” he replied

“That’s what am also after” I replied

“Okay, just that am surprised” he said while I killed it with a smile

I opened the gate to go out but I couldn’t believe what I saw

David on his new transformation

His claw was already inside my father’s stomach

The gate I opened, drew lots of attention

COP Kelly, who was pointing towards David
Then David, who looked surprised

I turned towards COP Kelly again and he shot directly at David without wasting time
But David was fast enough because he jumped out of the direction before the bullet get closer

I couldn’t believe how he jumped, from his spot to the nearby bush

COP Kelly shot and ran after him

Meanwhile our gateman rushed out and pushed me, so that he could see what was happening

“Master” he said but I had rushed towards where my Dad was lying with his stomach pushing out some bloods

“Dad, please don’t leave me” I said holding him up

“Let’s carry him first” the gateman suggested
By then, COP Kelly was already back
I knew that he wouldn’t be able to meet up with David, that’s why I cared less about it

“This is also your fault” COP Kelly said squatting before my Dad

“This isn’t time for that!” I shouted trying to carry up the body

COP Kelly and the gateman helped me and we carried him to where COP Kelly parked his car

The gateman who seems to have a free hand, opened the door and we managed to put my father in
At the passengers side

I entered there also while COP Kelly entered the driver side


….. Bonny POV ❣️

It was a thing of joy to see Dor-Dor again

I couldn’t stop smiling

“So you still have the mind to follow me to my house?”

“I come in peace” I responded raising up my hands

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“It is better you don’t show up here again” she warned

“How can you say that, I was the one you came all the way to Switzerland to look for” I said as Victor advised

Even though I didn’t know what it actually was, I just had to comply


“You were at Switzerland?” She asked while I smiled
I think, the game was moving smooth

“Yes of course” I replied still smiling

“Stop flattering yourself, I went there to check on someone very important” she said
That word was heartbreaking but I had to maintain

“Who could that be?” I asked
Caring to know

“Better don’t ask because I won’t tell you” she said instead

“Anyways, as you can see, am just coming back from the market”

“So, better go back to where you are coming from” she added as she opened the gate

I didn’t know if I should persuaded or not

I watched her walk inside the house

I breaths out heavily before turning

I placed Victor on call

I needed to know the truth
I entered the car and ignited the engine

I called but no answer
He picked when I tried it the second time

“Can you simply explain to me what is really going on?” I asked forming anger, as if he was close

“You can just tell me what happened before asking for that” he said instead
I explained to him what just happened

“How do you expect her to believe you when you guys aren’t in good terms before you travelled”

“What are you trying to say?”

“The things you need to do is to keep pushing, use your intelligence” he replied

“So why don’t you tell me why she visited, because I need to plan on how things will be, following that reason” I said

“I want to surprise you, just keep telling me how you guys are going” he said

I thought the next person I supposed to meet was Jason or Sam and Andy


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

We drove into the hospital and the nurses rushed towards our direction when they saw that the case wasn’t as it seems to be

They rolled Mr Luke with the rolling table and rushed him into a room

Mr Luke wasn’t supposed to die because we just need to plan on how to get rid of David first

If not, there would be danger afterwards

We were stopped on the way because we won’t go inside the ward yet

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Jason sat down on an available seat
I couldn’t sit down due to thinking

“Have you seen it?”

“That same boy you are saving, tried killing your Dad” I added

“Let’s not talk about this here, my father need to recover first” Jason said as if he was pissed off

Secondly was David’s mother

I needed to know where Jason kept her

I have checked very well around the hospitals in the town but I couldn’t find her

“So where exactly are you hiding his mother?”

“You are really unbelievable, how can you be picking up a family like that?” He returned the question

“David’s mother has nothing to do with this, why are you after her as well?” He asked again

“She must have known something about this and kept it to herself, am doing my work Jason” I tried remembering him

“Well, unfortunately, I can’t tell” he replied

I wouldn’t blame him because Mr Luke was the reason

“Where is David?”

“Were you not the one that ran after him?” He returned the question

“Where is he staying? Where is he living?” I asked

“I don’t even know, please I need to think” Jason said as he stood up and left the place

Still incredible, why would he be like that even after what happened to his father


…. Jason POV ❣️

I didn’t want anything that would stress my mind at that moment

If I should think about what COP Kelly was trying to say, I would go against my decision

The only thing left was for us to go and seal the Tomb before any other things

I was driving to the hospital when a careless driver drove and held an instant blake right before me

I had to do the same, without second thought

He parked right there
I angrily stepped down from my car

“Hey, you stupid driver!!” I shouted
I was determined to give him a punch with anger singing through my veins
I walked to where he parked, following driver’s side

“It is your favorite stupid driver” he said as he opened the door, coming down from his car

“Bonny” I surprisedly called

Few minutes later, we were in a restaurant chatting about what has been happening so far

“So you mean David killed Sam and Andy?” He asked

“Yes, am surprised seeing you, I thought he must have come for you” I said remembering that he was the plan maker who did everything

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“Immediately Dorothy broke up with me, I decided to go far away” he responded

“But what about Sam and Andy parents, as in what did they do?” He asked

“Police took in charge of it, it was a monster that devoured them” I replied

“So where have you been?” I asked just to skip any further questions concerning that

“Thanks to Victor, he gave me shelter” he replied

“So when is Victor coming?” I asked

“He won’t be coming, he was actually the one that sent me here”
It was surprised hearing that
Why would he

“Why?” I asked to confirm it

“He said that I should just come and tell Dorothy that I was the one she came for” he replied

That statement alone was something else

“Who did she went to look for?” I asked because I was confused

“I don’t even know, he didn’t tell me” he replied

It was confusing


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

After dinner, I went to my Uncle’s room

I needed more information to know how to do about things without Victor

His eyes were closed when I got in

“Uncle” I called and he made a move

“Dorothy” he responded

“Am just worried, I need to ask you some things” I said sitting close to him

“What’s that?” He asked

“I want to know how the BROKEN TOMBSTONE began and what it stand for?” I asked

“I was the one who broke the Tomb” he replied
It was surprising

“So what is it for and why must we seal it?” I asked

“It is through it that demons do come into the living, freely” he replied while I gasped

“Why then did you break it?” I asked

“That was when I wanted to save your father” he replied

“So must we need Victor to seal it?” I asked

“Without him, the demon won’t leave David and if the demon doesn’t leave him, he won’t be able to seal the Tomb”

“He needs to be free from that” he added


“Secondly, demons would be disturbing and killing you guys before you people would get there” he said

“But what could be his fate that he doesn’t want to help us?” I asked

“He might be the one who is destined to die” he replied
I couldn’t help it but to gasped

“Who would want to die?” I asked myself