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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 74

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Jason was indeed something else

I wanted to go after him knowing fully well that where ever he was going to, must be useful to what I wanted to know
But the doctor needed someone to give update at that moment

I had to wait behind

The doctor later informed me that Mr Luke would be alright even though that he was yet to open his eyes

“But he will have to wake up before evening time, the injury wasn’t much, he fainted out of fear” he had said

“Guess he didn’t expect the attack” he added

“Who would?” I asked

“It looks like a vampire claw” he said

“You really tried by bringing him here on time” he added

Speaking with me, my mind ran to what Doc Sammy told me about the other doctor being transferred

“Please can I ask you something?” I asked, making him to turn
And stopping him from walking out

“Sure” he replied

“I heard that you were people transferred? But why are you still working here?” I asked

“From where did you get that information from?” He returned the question

“It will be better if you just answer mine first” I said
Looking at me, it could tell him that I wasn’t an ordinary person

“Anyways, we got transferred after four years and this is just the second year” he replied

I couldn’t tell if doc Sammy was lying because I forgot to ask him which time they did the transfer

“Okay, I just want to confirm” I said smiling

“I hope there’s no problem?”

“Oh, not at all” I replied

“I will be back in the evening time” I added before leaving

I could notice that the Doc was looking at me but I didn’t bother turning back

I had to leave, maybe I should visit sammy again
But looking at time, if I should go to his hospital, I might not come back on time

I went straight to my office
Maybe more idea could come

It was getting to evening time when I rushed back to the hospital

I met with the doctor who told me that Mr Luke was awake

It was a good news anyway

I walked straight to his ward
His eyes were wide open

He raised up his head when he noticed that someone opened the door

“How are you feeling now?” I asked walking closer to his bed

“Better” he replied looking at my back
He looks like someone who is looking for something

“You didn’t come with Jason?” He asked

“You would have asked if he is aware of what is going on” I said instead
I wanted to see his next talk

“Is he not aware? I thought he held me up?” He asked

“He was, but he left when I wanted to confront him”

“About what?” He asked
Guessed he was surprised
I had to sit down first

“The monster that attacked you was the same boy we are talking about”

“Even if Jason couldn’t betray him, it doesn’t show that he knows about this” he said

“You got it wrong” I tried explaining

“Don’t worry, let’s just talk about another thing”

“I wish I could see him today” he added

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was an unknown number when I checked it

“Hello” I said

“This is Doc Sammy” the caller said
I had to push up from where I was leaning my back
It was actually perfect

“Do you have anything to say?” I asked just for Mr Luke not to know what was happening

“I want to tell you about the doctor you asked me about” he replied

“And also the hospital he was transferred into” he added

That was all I wanted to hear

“Where?” I asked opening my eyes wide

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“It is already late, so let’s meet tomorrow at Rocky Restaurant” he replied

“Your favorite” he added and hung up

That was where I normally meet up with people, when ever I want to deal with serious business because the place is somehow in a hidden area

The area was not far
He could possibly be there

“I need to go and look for Jason, to inform him” I said trying to look for a way to go out


…..Doc Henry POV ❣️

Wondering on why I suddenly got transferred?

After hearing from Doc Sammy about Mrs Paul being in the hospital, I told him not to let her leave the hospital again, that’s because I saw from the news that the monster was David, who was her son

Also, hearing that COP Kelly was trying so hard to get him, I thought maybe he has gotten idea that David was Paul’s son

I convinced DOC sammy about it

He agreed and we switched over

I was in my office thinking on how to plan, concerning Mr Luke

I guess it was the right time to expose Mr Luke even though I wasn’t with any evidence but I would try everything possible

I remembered when Paul said about Mr Williams telling him about some things he saw that would be used against Mr Luke

Another problem was on how to get to Mr Williams

“I will try anything possible, my normal anthem” I said and smiled to myself

I stood up and walked out of my office

I almost bumped into Jason because of the way I was hurrying

“Good evening doctor” he greeted

“Oh Jason, are you here to see your mother?” I asked
Even though he told me that she wasn’t

“David mother not mine” he replied as if he was a little bit angry

“I know but I heard what happened, I think you should just see her as one, because she told me about a monster killing your own mother”

“She do talk a lot about you” I added

Mrs Paul didn’t tell me anything but I heard about it already

I had to use that word to melt his heart

“She is also a good woman, I must confess” Jason said while I smiled

“I will see you later, I have somewhere to go now” I said

He nodded while I walked towards the car park

I drove straight to the location where Mr Williams was living
According to Paul

I got there but the whole place looks like somewhere no one was living

As in the area was dry

It also looks dangerous as well

Luckily, I met someone passing by
A lady
She looks quite older than me

“Excuse me please” I said
She looked at me somehow and meant to walk out

“Please I think am lost” I added

“That’s how you people does” she said

“What are you talking about, am new around here, what is going on?” I asked

“This area is the most dangerous area here”

“Lots of stealing was confirmed here” she added

“Am actually looking for Mr Williams house” I said skipping what she was talking about

“Mr Williams? Did you see him?” She asked

“No, is he missing?” I returned the question

“For the past 21yrs, he was confirmed missing, I also heard that he was kidnapped and he was gone since then” she replied

If he could possibly be missing till now, that means he must be dead

“So since then, he haven’t returned?” I asked

I drove straight back to the hospital

On the way, I saw a long time co worker

He was in front of his normal restaurant looking around

I guessed, he was looking for someone

“Almighty Kelly” I said to myself and smiled

I just wished we didn’t encounter ourselves before the exposition


…. Jason POV ❣️

I really stayed longer than before

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I didn’t feel like going anymore

Mrs Luke was really fun to be with

I always wished that my Mom was like that

My mind ran to my Dad

I wouldn’t want him to feel bad when he discovered that I wasn’t with him

“I think I have to go now” I said in the middle of the conversation

“So soon, so I will have to return to my lonely self” she said changing her face
I had to think of what to say

“I suppose to see David today because he is receiving treatment” I lied

Joy was all I could see on her face

“Really? Where is he?” She asked

“The doctor said that I shouldn’t tell you because your condition isn’t good yet” I lied again
Her expression changed again

“Don’t keep that look, he is fine” I said trying to cheer her up

“Okay, just tell him not to skip his meals, and he should try visiting me” she said

“He always talk about that, don’t worry, very soon, he will” I responded

I think we needed to do what was required, even if Victor wasn’t there

There must be a way out

I walked out of the room
I met that doctor again

I wondered what that was trying to show me

I guessed, it has something behind it

I drove straight to the hospital where my Dad was admitted

I met with the doctor, who asked me to go and see him because he was awake already

I pushed the door opened and saw my Dad lying flat on the bed with his eyes wide open

“Dad” I called walking closer

“I thought you wouldn’t come” he said

“It is not like you are not good like Mom” I responded and sat close to him

“How are you feeling?” I asked

“Better, I think it is time to kill that monster” he said while I smiled

I knew where he was driving to

“You will get to understand me very soon, Dad” I responded
Just then, the door got opened and COP Kelly walked in

My mind ran around

I wondered if he was following me

The bad one would be, if he finds out where David’s mother was

“Oh, Jason, you are here” he said looking at me as he closed the door from behind

“He is my father” I said instead

“So how was your going around?”

“Don’t just start” I said

He phone began to ring

He looked at it and declined it

I looked at him and smiled

I never trusted him that much but I wasn’t after him yet

After much irritating questions from COP Kelly, I had to leave them

I wondered if he was asking that on a purpose

I drove straight to Dorothy’s house

Maybe there would be another information

She was in the front entrance when I alighted before their gate

She didn’t hesitate to open the door for me but before I walked in, I noticed a car parking, not too far from Dorothy’s house

I stylishly looked around and looked towards that direction and saw that it was COP Kelly’s car

“What’s the problem?” Dorothy asked looking at me

“Don’t worry, am just checking around” I replied

.”it is already late, but you can come in” she said

“I don’t want to waste time, I just want to know when we are going for the thing because I don’t think we can stay any longer, unless David will be killed” I asked

“That’s exactly what am thinking but when we meet at school tomorrow, we will talk about it” she replied

.”so you will go to school tomorrow?”

..”yes, that’s the only way to connect everyone” she replied

“Try buying a phone” I advised

“Sure” she replied

“Okay then, till tomorrow” I said and waved at her before walking back to my car

I watched COP Kelly through my mirror and he was still there

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I was supposed to go and see Mrs Paul again but I had to leave it for that day

…. Jenny POV ❣️

It was another morning and there was no information from Dorothy

I didn’t know if she was just playing around about what she said

I dressed up for school and left

I was surprised when I saw Dorothy and Jason in the school

I swallowed the pride in me and waved at them

They also waved back

I sat down on my seat and began to arrange my books..

After some minutes, I observed someone standing behind me

I turned and saw Dorothy standing there

“Any information?” I asked even without asking her to sit

Rude right?

“We need to see at JAVS special room” she said

I looked back at where Jason was sitting but he was no longer there

I looked back at Dorothy

“Okay” I agreed and stood up

We walked out of the class, her taking the lead

We got to the room and Jason was already there

“I don’t have much time left” I said as a complain

“Actually, we are already planning on how to go there without Victor” Dorothy said

“So Victor was among?” I asked because I wasn’t aware


“What of Bonny because he was came back for this?” I asked

“He is not among but he said that he has something for us, that Victor sent him” Dorothy replied
I would have suggested about me going to where Victor was
Maybe I could convince him but I waved it off

“So when are we leaving?” I asked

“This week but I don’t know the particular day” Dorothy replied

“Then there is nothing left to hear” I said as I walked to the door

I thought there was something else
Maybe better information

I opened the door and walked away


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I watched Jenny walked out

“Am still thinking about something important again” Jason said while I turned to look at him

“What?” I asked

“Your Uncle, how will he be able to go with the drink that do make him live?” He asked but the drink could stay for four days before he will die

“Don’t worry, I don’t know how long the journey would be but the drink take four days before loosing power” I replied

..”seriously?” He asked

After school, I went straight home

As usual, my Uncle was lying flat with his eyes closed

“Uncle” I called and he opened his eyes

“Welcome Dorothy” he said

“Uncle, how many days will it take to reach that place where we will see the BROKEN TOMBSTONE?” I asked

“Five days but will take you a day to return” he replied

“Why?” I asked

“The place will be gone after that” he replied

“Then I need to call Dad to come and stay with you until we return because of your drink” I said standing up

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind giving my life for this to be done, meeting your parents will take two days and you don’t have much day left” he said

“So what about the other guy?” He asked

“He hasn’t come but I want us to go without him” I replied

“The demons won’t let you guys in” he

“But we have the leaf” I tried remembering him that

“The leaf can’t go in there and the demon will surely be a blockage to you guys, in there” he said

“Going to see him again is just like going to meet my parents, we have to try this on our own” I responded

“There is another thing I haven’t told you” he said

“What?” I asked

“That reader was told to be the wicked among you all, there are some things that she might not tell you guys and it will be dangerous” he replied

I wondered how we would cope with all this