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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 75

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…..Doc Sammy POV ❣️

It was still early when COP Kelly’s call came in

I smiled knowing what it was for
I had already given a day off for myself

The town was somehow far
So, going and coming back will surely be a long journey
I planned booking a room there but later waved it off when I remembered what Doc Henry said concerning COP Kelly

“COP Kelly” I said immediately I picked it up

“We are supposed to meet today” he said while I smiled

“Yes, am already on my way” I replied
Meanwhile I was still on the bed

“Okay, just called to remind you” he said

“No problem, I will call you when I get there” I responded as the call went down

When they said that corruption was really, I don’t have to doubt it because this was a good evidence

I got down from the bed and headed to the bathroom

I washed my face and brushed my teeth

“Lazy Sammy” I said to myself laughing

Since morning, I have been on bed just because I wouldn’t be going to work that day

I walked to the kitchen and do a little warming of my food

I ate and rested for some time before going for preparation

I took my bath and dressed up

“He will surely try to bribe me” I said as I laughed again

I locked everywhere before driving out

After some hours, I was already in the town

I called him and informed him about my arrival

He told me that he was already there

“Wow, so serious” I said immediately I hung up

I got to the location and parked

I called COP Kelly again and he told me where he was

At his VIP position

“You are really fast” I said as I sat opposite him

“Some things are meant to be serious for” he responded

“So tell me, where is he?” He asked

“Well talking about doc Henry” I said sitting properly

“He went on a live” I lied

“Where is he currently staying, as in his live?” COP Kelly asked

“UK” I lied

“No problem, just give me his address and forget the rest” he said bending down

He raised up his head and the next thing was an envelope
He shifted it to me

“Are you thinking about bribing me?” I asked in pretence

“Don’t just act, I know that you won’t tell me anything without getting something back” he said while I smiled

I thought for a while
If I should collect the money and give him a fake address, he might come back for me later

That would surely put my life in danger

“I can show you that everyone aren’t the same” I said pushing the big envelope back to him


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

The game isn’t what it was showing

The doctor look stubborn than I expected

I was beginning to doubt him

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Firstly was that he was transferred
I confirmed that, they weren’t transferred

Now he is on live

I wondered which one I should believe

“What are planning?” I asked

“You said that you aren’t the same, still you lied” I added


“Don’t you remember telling me that he was transferred?” I asked while he smiled

“I was just scared that I had to lie” he said

“After speaking with him, I decided to tell you the truth” he added

I couldn’t believe this Sammy of a doctor

I knew that if Mrs Paul was alive and doc Henry heard that I was the one looking for him, he would surely ask him not to tell me

“So what are you planning?” I asked

“We have to meet again for that information” he said and stood up

“Why then did you come here?” I asked not believing that kind human being

“I have another business here but I wanted to see what you wanna say”

Unbelievable, Doc Sammy was just confusing

“You really a confused human being” I said getting pissed off


…. Jason POV ❣️

The next day supposed to be the day for our journey

I wondered we were supposed to go there

Talking about Mrs Paul, I wondered how she would be doing until we comes back

I went to the hospital that morning and had to skip that day school

I also needed to inform her, so that she would be aware of it

As usual, we chatted for some minutes

“I think am gonna miss you” I said trying to drive to that direction

“What is the problem?” She asked noticing that everything wasn’t alright

“I won’t be able to come here again for five days” I replied

“Why? Did something happen to David?” She asked really scared

“No, I will be going on a trip with my father” I lied

At least, everything needs to be secret until it is done

“If something has happened to David, just tell me” she said

“How could you even think of that?”

“David is fine, just that he can’t go around for now” I added

“So when will I be able to see him?” She asked

“Immediately I come back” I replied

“That means David isn’t fine, am his mother, why can’t you tell me the truth?”

“The truth is that David is fine, just trust me”


…. Victor POV ❣️

Unbelievable that Sonia still doesn’t want to answer me

Fred told me that he found out the reason

He showed me the picture of me and Dorothy walking hand to hand to a restaurant which was where I took her to
On that very day she came to meet me

I had to clean everything once and for all

Someone must have been behind everything
I wrote a letter, should in case she still doesn’t believe me

I kept it on top of the desk in the sitting room
I carried my bag and locked everywhere, keeping the keys where I normally does

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I needed to make it in a way that she would be shocked

I met with the gate man

“Are you traveling?” That was the first question he asked

“Yes, if Sonia comes here, just tell her to check something I kept for her in the living room” I said


“Just take care of yourself” I said and walked to my car
He opened the gate while I drove out

I drove straight to her house

I parked outside the gate and walked to the gate

The gateman knows me already, he opened the gate while I walked inside

I asked the gateman, who told me that Sonia was inside but Fred went out to get something

I got to her room and I could hear her voice
She was talking with someone
A female voice tho

“Sonia” I called knocking at her door

Everywhere became silent

“This might be my last time coming here” I said
Still no movement

I scratched my hair

“Sonia, just know that I love you and I will forever do”

“You made me to forget Zita but I guess that no one can replace her”

“You showed me true love and I believed in it”

“Why the sudden change?”

“The girl you saw me with, wasn’t who you think she is”

“I know that someone is behind this but please don’t let this come in between us”

Even after the preaching, no one opened the door

I exhale looking at the door

I pushed it but the door was locked from inside

“Goodbye Sonia, just take care of yourself” I added and walked out of the house

I got to my car and drove off


….. Fred POV ❣️

Knowing Sonia as a girl with a strong heart

The most stupid thing was that she didn’t try confirming from Victor first
She just concluded

Sometimes, I wondered how girls do think

They easily believe things they heard from those ones they trusted

I was just coming back from a stroll when I saw Victor rushing out from our house

I tried rushing to meet him but due to the distance, he got inside his car and drove off taking the other side of the road

He looked like someone who was traveling because he had a back bag hung on his back

“Sonia” I called rushing inside

I needed to meet Sonia then

She would only end up crying, if Victor was really travelling

Because she truly love him and was missing him

Just that she wanted to know how much Victor love him


….. Sonia POV ❣️

I had been in my room with Caro, throughout the time Victor was saying all those stuff

I wanted to go out then but Caro held me back

She said that I should wait for some time

“He might be trying to deceive you with those words” Caro had said when he talks about not coming back again

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After some minutes, I couldn’t hear anything from Victor

“Seems like he is no longer there?” I asked opening my eyes wide

I rushed to the door and unlocked it

Victor was really gone

I saw Fred rushing up

“Did you see Victor?” I asked feeling scared

“Why would you have taken it this long” he said instead

Caro walked out from my room and stood beside me

“I know that you are behind this” Victor said angrily
He pointed at Caro

He might go extra mile when he gets angry

“Was it really Victor?” I asked

“Yes but he is gone” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked rushing closer to Fred

“He dressed in a different way with some bags, I think he is traveling” he replied

“What?!” I asked not believing it

“Please Victor, don’t go” I said running to my room because I was just wearing a short and a top

“What do you gain now?” Fred screamed from outside

Caro, knowing how his anger was, she ran into the room

I took out a skirt and wore it
At least, the top was better

I turned and Fred was really burning inside

“I told you to know the kind of friends you keep” Fred said

“Let’s go first, please” I pleaded

“I don’t want to see you here when I come back” Fred said before turning

I didn’t bother to look at Caro again

We got outside and Fred drove off

“Why do you like keeping such friend?” Fred asked on our way

“She is part of the family” I replied

Caro wasn’t really part of the family but she was really important

She has helped me a lot in the past
In the school

We arrived at Victor’s house and I got down

I rushed to the gate
The gateman was already there
He opened the gate and I rushed in

“Victor isn’t around” the gateman said making me to turn back

“Where is he?” I asked walking back to him

“He travelled but he said that I should tell to go and see something in the living room” he replied

I turned to the house and rushed there

I took the key from where he do keep it

I opened it and the paper was just right before me

I took it and it was boldly written

I couldn’t open it
I had to read it later

“Any information” that was Fred’s voice from the back
I turned with tears in my eyes

“He is gone” I replied

My mind ran to checking him at the airport

“Let’s go to the airport” I suggested still crying

“Do you know which one he was going with?” Fred asked
I couldn’t control the tears that was rushing down

I wondered how long he would take