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Crush Girl. Chapter 47

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 47

Mary’s POV

I was stunned at Arthur’s reaction to Prince. He did not even rebuke Prince , instead, he was being polite.

“Mary, you need to be very careful in the future.”Arthur said. ” The worst could have happened to your friend.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. “Prince said he would give Pearl two weeks suspension, can you please help reverse that?” I asked.

“I can’t, let your friend suffer your foolishness. That would be enough lesson for you girls to stop acting irrationally.” Arthur said

“But she’s my friend, why are you treating Prince like a god? Why can’t you fight him, he’s cruel and you know it?” I said bitterly.

Arthur stood, his face darkened, “I’ve never seen anyone talk to me this way, you are taking your presence here for granted?” He walked away.

“Diana, can’t Arthur help my friend?” I asked.

“You are not wise, I really wish you are wise.” Diana said and walked away.

I turned to Pear who was only watching us conversing, “I’m so sorry, Pearl. I don’t know why Arthur does not want to help you.”

“It’s fine, I’ve learnt my lesson.” Pearl stood at once, I led her outside and escorted her till she get a cab that transported her to her home.

On arriving inside, I met Joan, she was carrying a tray that contained a drink

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“Young master needs to take his drug.” She said and began to walk towards a room.

I become concerned at once and began to follow her, “Is he sick?”

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“Do healthy people take drug?” Joan asked without looking at my face.

“What’s the nature of his sickness?” I asked.

“If Arthur didn’t tell you, who am I to tell you?” She walked even faster and finally got to the entrance of the room.

Diana who was standing at the entrance of the room collected the tray from Joan and walked inside.

Joan began to walk back to where I paused at, “Aren’t you permitted to go in there?”

“I’m not.” She answered briefly.

“Oh! Tell me what happen to the father of my baby, I deserve to know?” I asked.

“Since he’s the father of your baby, you can ask him yourself.” Joan answered.

“Why are you acting this way to me? You use to me kind, Joan.”I said and Joan paused, she turned to me.

“Whenever you insult Arthur, you insult Diana and I too. It saddens me that you did not even understand Arthur, I wish you are wise.”She said and walked away.