January 28, 2022

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Crush Girl. Chapter 48

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 48

Mary’s POV

But why did they all believed that I’m foolish. Just because I tried to help myself. Imagine how Arthur was behaving weakly before his brother. He can’t even rebuke him or fight him.

How can he help me, how can he help me find the marriage document and burn it. I’m scared, I do not want to marry Prince, I’m not ripe enough for marriage.

I sat on my bed and placed my pillow on my lap, I was in deep thought.

I heard a knock on the door, “Come in please.”

Diana appeared, her face were still stern as if she was still angry of how I spoke to Arthur.

“Arthur wants to see you.”She said.

” Oh! I’ll join him soon.” I said, I felt like my dressing wasn’t decent enough, I wanted to bath and looked the best.

“You did not know his room, I’ll have to lead you there.” Diana said.

“Okay…but can you spare me some time?” I asked.

“To change? Of course not. You can do that when you get to his room. Arthur needs to see you now.” Diana said, it was like a matter of urgency so I agreed.

I stood and followed her, she led me to the backyard of the house, after which we hopped inside an elevator that took us upstairs, we then walked in and appeared at a large bedroom.

It was very beautiful, I turned but couldn’t find Diana anymore, she must have left.

I took few steps to the middle of the room, I haven’t seen Arthur yet. But the beauty of the room was so adorable.

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“Mary!” A wall opened and Arthur walked out, I watched as the wall closed back. The f—k! Did he just come out of a wall?

“Is there a room in there?” I asked surprisingly.

“Yes, have your sit.” He gestured and I sat.

He then came to sit beside me, “Do you still hold grudges against me for rap-ing you?”

“I do.” I answered. I do not know if I’ll be able to forgive him.

“Hmm.” He placed his hand on my belly and then suddenly on my chest. “How do you feel?”

My heart skipped and I looked at his face at once.

“Your be*st are firm and lovely.” He said.

What! I couldn’t utter any word but looked at his face. He carresed my br*ast gently.