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Married To A Prince. Episode 12

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Episode 12

I descended the stairs and walked out,towards the nearest lift down ton the sitting room, when I heard hushed voices, coming out from my mums room

can’t believe mum is talking to her self or probably she’s on call

I made to walk past when I heard my name
what the hell !
why are they mentioning my name?

I tip toed towards mums room door, which was slightly open and peeped in to see mum massaging dads leg
I wonder how their love keep blooming even at old age

I stood for a while and decided to leave since they both kept mute
I was about retreating when I heard mum speak up

“what if kyle didn’t get his bride on time?
are we gonna leave the throne vacant?
according to our culture, your tenure Is almost over” mum said and dad brought his legs down from mums thigh, where she had been massaging them

“if he isn’t ready to look for her, then sky will succeed me in his place” dad said and I punched the air happily

that can’t happen my lord!
it’s against our culture” mum said and I frowned

I had always known she never liked me

“then I won’t mind breaking it for the first time”dad said and I smiled.
dad is a man of his words

I really need to do something and it has to be fast

mum scoffed and stood up,moving to sit far away from dad

“do you want me to walk out of your room?” dad asker and mum frowned

“I never shove you in,in the first place.
so the door is widely open,use it when you feel like” mum said walking into another room in her suit

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I quickly moved away before someone comes in and find me here

I walked towards the swimming pool and sat on the edge,with my legs deep inside the water

I picked up my phone and pulled a call across to one of my side Chick

#hello sugar plum# her loud voice came from the receiver and I rolled my eyes

#we’ve talked about this kira,am a prince
a king in waiting so you should learn to address me as such#i said and could feel her smile

#am sorry my prince.
should i come over after work?#she asked and I rolled my eyes again

#Nope! i will send for you when i need you,
for now, i need something from you I spoke into the receiver

#okay my Prince!
anything for my baby#she said and I frowned
#can you get me the phone number of Rana, kyle ex girlfriend # I said and heard her gasp

#no…no i don’t have it#she said and I frowned
#you are kyles secretary kira, so stop acting like you don’t have her number! #i said and she kept shut

#her phone number isn’t in my cell phone, it’s in Prince Kyles private document and I can’t intrude into it
am sorry# she said and I scoffed

why’s everybody scared of him but aren’t scared of me huh?

#meet me In the club tonight and watch out for an alert am crediting your account immediately you send the number# I said

#hmm my prince#she was trying to say when i Interpolated
#do as i say #i yelled and hung up

the water was warm on my feet
I should have come with my swimming suit

my phone beeped and I checked it
all they want is money and s*x, nothing more

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I pulled a call across to the number she had sent.
if only I can get her agreeing to this, then my plan would work out fine

who’s on the line please#her angelic voice flower out from the receiver.
my brother is a woman magnet and that’s one of the reason he must step down for me, by hook or by croak

#this is Prince sky on the line,I wanna know what transpired between you and my brother?#i asked and she gasp on hearing my name

#hmm…my Prince, we dated for a month and he suddenly started snubbing me, next he broke up with me# she said snivelling
#do you love my brother?# I asked
#yes I do# she rushed

#do you think he loves you back?# I asked
# I really don’t know, but he can’t resist my body and he kept saying am good in bed # she said and I smiled


#have got a job for you#

the door to my office flung open,and Rana walked in, looking hot as ever

what’s she doing here?
am f**king done with her and she knows it, so why’s she here?

“hey!” she called placing her bag on one of the couch in my office.

she walked to the bar in my office,decanted a wine into a glass cup and drank it all in one gulp

the rana I know isn’t bold
so what has come over her?

“hey! you don’t just barge into my office and gulp down my drinks like you brought one here!” I yelled as she walked towards me, her b**bs transparent in the clothe she had wore, her skirt are as low as her hips

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she’s hot as ever
I couldn’t take my eyes off her
I felt so hot
she’s pretty good in bed though, but I don’t want any Lady around me

I just wanna s*x them and leave.
I don’t wanna stick to a crazy ass lady, all my life

“what are you doing here Rana?” I asked immediately she sat on my desk, with her legs parted slightly, revealing her pink goodies

“stop pretending like you don’t want me” she said and I smirked

“I told you to stay away from me
didn’t i?” I asked in what looks like a whisper

“yeah you did!
lets pretend this never happened.
I just came for another hot round
after that we will part ways, like we haven’t met before” she said biting her bottom lips, pulling off her crop top

the sight of her body alone turns me on,
and I flung her over the desk, getting on her
I think am fed up
mum isn’t home
Nita isn’t home
and my first friend just left me with some stupid proposal

I think I need to go out into the world, and make real friends
real female friends
I can’t cheat on my prince kyle
though I haven’t seen him but I won’t stop loving him in my heart.

I walked towards the exit door and turned the door knob

holy molly!!!
it opened!!
it opened!

I suddenly became scared
what if danger awaits me?

am beginning to get scared

i looked left and right
no maid in sight

this is an opportunity, I will never miss, I opened the door and ran out.
dashing into the woods….