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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 100

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Hundred????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

Just as David left with Jason, I began to feel bored again

If not for being responsible, I supposed to have been outside
Chilling with my friends

I went to my room and lays down

I took my book but I couldn’t read

I dropped it and rolled over on the bed

I just wished they were living close

I thought I should resume school then

It wasn’t far from the exam tho

I began to think how my life has been

Boredom was really something else

I suddenly began to think about my own life

The day I was brought to life

With lots of miracles that happened that day

In my three months, I was already behaving strange

Looking at a direction where no one was

Sometimes, I do talk with them
With a serious look

They thought it was just because I was a child
It might be common

But at the age of 3, I saw one in the living room

As in he just appeared and was asking me to help him

I asked him how

Just as I asked him dat, my Mom who was just coming in

She asked me who I was talking with

I started pointing at him but she said that no one was there

They thought I was mad that they took me to the hospital

After checking me out, the doctor said that I was normal

That very day, my Uncle visited us

He discovered that I had the gift of seeing ghosts

He announced it to everyone

They were just wondering

The following year, he took me with him because he also has the gift

I was still in thought when my Uncle knocked at the door and I went to open it

He dressed as if he was travelling

“What’s going on?” I asked looking at his outfit

“I want to visit your parents” he replied

“You should have told me earlier so that I could get prepared” I said

“Am not planning to take you along” he responded

“Why?” I asked

“David needs someone that he will see when he comes here” he replied
I just did my face somehow

“Just tell him not to withdraw that case because I know very well that COP Kelly will try everything possible to stop him”

“But tell him not to give in” he added

“So when will you be back?” I asked
I really want to know

“I might come back before weekend because the journey isn’t dat far, I might get there by tomorrow”

“And we needed to talk, then before I would come back” he replied

“In case if David ask you where I went to, just tell him that I was going to get the solid evidence” he added

“Sure, I will but I will miss you” I said

“It is not like am leaving forever, just calm down” he replied while I smiled

That means I would be lonely until he comes back

I was talking about how lonely I was

He was trying to add another one


….. Victor POV ❣️

Just look as if I was out of the story

No, here I am ????

After when I explained to them everything, Sonia and her mother was the first to leave the country

My parents wanted me to stay back but I insisted that I should travel to Switzerland because of my exam

After some days, they later that I could travel

I visited David and Jason then at David’s house

It looks like they have been very busy those days because they were making plans when I got there

I informed them about my journey

They wished me well before I left that day

So now, I was already in Switzerland

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I visited the company

They welcomed me really well

They were happy to see me again

Later in the day, I went to Sonia’s house

I horned and the gateman opened the gate

I saw Sonia mother’s car at the parking spot but I had to hold myself well

I parked and went inside

The sitting room was empty

I just kept calm, finding my voice

“Who is here?” I asked
The first person I saw was Sonia

Out of joy, she rushed to hug me

I had to receive it

“I thought you might not come back again” she said

“Not when I was missing you” I replied

“I had to try everything possible to come here” I added

“Am too happy today” she said

“Is your mother around? I saw her car outside?” I asked

“Oh yeah” she replied
Just as that word come out from her mouth, her mother shown up from the upstairs

“Victor” she called after I greeted her
She was seriously smiling as she walked to the sitting room

“Sonia you didn’t try, you didn’t even ask him to sit down” she said

“Over happiness” Sonia responded while I smiled
Her mother gestured me to sit

“Sonia, get him something to drink and eat” Sonia’s mother said
Sonia stood up and rushed inside

“So how are your parents?”

“They are good, thanks for asking”I replied

“From now henceforth, you are free to visit us, anytime” she said

“I didn’t know that she was your mother, we were very close during our life then” she added

It was really good
I didn’t plan to ask her how they got separated

Sonia came out with what she went to get and positioned them before me

We looked at each other and smiled

“What about Fred, is he not around?” I asked

“Oh, he has gone back to his town, for school” Sonia replied


…. Mr Luke POV ❣️

I began to think about what COP Kelly said

I couldn’t tell what his plans was really

He only asked me to report to the court

Maybe after that, he would then tell me his plan

That morning, I sat down before the house as I waited for COP Kelly because he said that he would visit

I didn’t know what Jason has in mind that he still came back to the house to sleep for that night

Just as I thought about him, he walked out from the house
With a going out outfit

“Where to?” I asked

“I just want to see someone” he replied

“Can we have a few minutes together?” I asked

“Sure” he replied and sat down on a seat I kept for COP Kelly

“Remember that I was going to visit someone” he said
I understand that he meant
I should be fast

“Have I ever wronged you?” I asked him

“You started behaving strange after pranking me about not being your real father” I added

“Anyway, Yes, but indirectly” I replied
I didn’t want to think any other things apart from what we were discussing

“How? ” I asked

“My friends, and relatives, remember you never thought me of good things” he replied

It was true that I didn’t time for him

I thought that money would be able to solve everything for him

“I will make it up to you, just help your Dad because am sure that it was your signature” I said regarding to the letter he brought

“It is too late to amend the past, if you can see, it contains two cases, drug trafficking and possession of unrightful position” he replied

I wondered how he got to know that my position wasn’t actually mine

“Am out of time, see you in the evening” he said and stood up immediately

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I didn’t know what to think about

Everything was just turning upside down

Just as he drove off, I called COP Kelly

His voice wasn’t clear but he said that he was almost close

Few minutes later, he drove in and parked

“Worst kept happening” he said walking closer to where I was
He sat just at that same position Jason was

“Did something happen?” I asked

He told me how he got a call from Louvre
Saying that his other company was burnt

That shows that someone was after us


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

We just needed to plan and act fast

There was only one way to stop what was about to happen

“We need to go now” I said standing up

“Are you serious, how can we just do that?” Mr Luke asked

“I have a plan but that will be after reporting” I replied

“You know, court aren’t easy area, they might act more than we can think” I added

“I was told before weekend” he said

“Yes and today is already Thursday, they will really do beyond our expectations because they have given us the chance” I replied

“So, do you think we can still come out from this afternoon reporting?” He asked

“I know that you are already becoming weak but that same person who sue us to court, will be the one to withdraw it” I replied

“Trust me” I added

“If you say so” he responded and stood up

“The car” he shouted at his driver
He already knows what he meant

I went to wait for him in my own car while he went inside

He later came out with the envelope

“Why don’t we take mine?” He requested

“No, I think it will be wise to drive on our separate cars because from there, I will be going somewhere else” I replied
He shrugged and entered

I did the same and drove out first
And they followed from behind

We got to location and did the supposed

When we were done,
They told us to wait for the court call

we walked outside

“I will be going then” I said

“You seems not worried even after loosing two companies which are the only ones you have” he said while I managed to smile

“We have a greater problem ahead, so I don’t have to think about that part for now” I replied

“I am only trying to be a man” I added

“I trust you right from time when we were small” he said and I smiled again

“I assure you that we will escape this” I said while he nodded

“David must be the brain” I added before leaving
I got to my car and drove off

I had called the line that called me about the company

I told him not to call me again because everything was already useless


….Mr Lee POV ❣️

In my domain

I was on top of the roof where enough breeze would cool off your mind as I took down my cigarettes when one of my men told me that someone was looking for me

I was told that it was COP Kelly

I smiled because I knew that something must have happened

I asked them to bring him up

“COP Kelly” I called when he gets to the top

I gestured him to sit down

I offered him a cigarette but he rejected it

“Am here for very important business that needs to be carried out before weekend” he said

“Tomorrow is already Friday” I replied

“I know, just do it today or tomorrow” he said

“But I am yet to know the mission” I indirectly asked

The following day, I drove straight to Mrs Paul’s company
I wore my nose mask because I don’t want when it gets to action, I will be struggling for it

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I asked for her office and I was directed

I got inside after when she ordered me in

She was surprised when she saw me

“You” she said smiling

“Yes, long time” I replied

“Your friend is…..” She wanted to say something but I guess that she hides it

“What?” I asked

“Nothing, don’t worry” she said

“Okay, there is something that Mr Paul told me to show you” I lied

“When?” She asked

“When we last met before I travelled and come back, only to hear that bad news” I replied faking a sad face

“So where is it and what is it all about?” I asked

“His said that it was a secret, he only shows me the place but I haven’t checked, to know what it could be” I lied

“Must it be now?” She asked

“I want to travel by tomorrow, it is not even far, just close to this company, as in it is related to this company stuff” I lied

I could tell that she believed that

“He said that he was just scared, so he kept it there” I added

“This thing that he didn’t tell me, even up till now” she said

My mind ran to a distance

“What?” I asked because it looks like he was still alive

“Nothing” she replied

“Okay, let me call my driver to prepare the vehicle” she added

“Oh, we won’t keep long, so we can just manage my car” I suggested

“Okay, let me round up” she said and did two or three things before she exhaled

“Am done” she said
I nodded

She took some files as we walked out of the office

She dropped those files to her secretary

“Tina company will come for it” she said to the secretary before we walked out

We walked straight to my car and I unlocked it
In order not to make it look suspicious, I let her open her own side of the door while I did mine

We got in and I drove off

“I don’t even know how I got to trust people easily” she said on our way

“That’s life” I replied

Still on my nose mask, I locked the whole doors
While I increased the speed

“What are you doing?” she asked in confusion
I ignored her and turned on a teargas


….. David POV ❣️

I was with Jason and my Dad in the balcony taking about how our next target would be

Jason told us that the lawyer said that he would rush everything, so that they won’t have any chance to bribe anyone

Or escape it

“You guys shouldn’t underestimate COP Kelly” Faith added her own idea

I had to believe her because she has seen lots of things then

“The family lawyer is just like doc Henry, he won’t betray us” my Dad said

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was unknown number

I picked it and the next thing I heard was a deep voice

“David” he called myself

“Please who is on the line?” I asked

“You will like to hear this” the man said
I could tell that he gave the phone to someone because he asked the person to talk

But the person didn’t

He gave the person a slap that the person turned out to be a female voice

“David” she cried

I recognized it immediately

“Mom!!!” I shouted jumping up from where I was sitting

My Dad and Jason did the same
Even Faith

I placed it on the loud speaker

“Mom” I called again

“I have only one thing for you to do” the man said

“Withdraw that case of Mr Luke and Officer Kelly” he said