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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 101

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Hundred_and_One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jason POV ❣️

Just as I heard what the man said, I already knew that it was COP Kelly’s handwork

The man hung up immediately after giving his warning

I couldn’t think straight because all my mind was just wondering what my real mother would be going through
In the hand of the kidnapper

“Are you guys going to get moved?” Our Dad asked and we turned to look at him

“Are you trying to say that it might be a fake?” David asked

“I don’t think they can just kidnap her like that, what about her driver?” He asked

“Let’s try her line first” David said operating his phone

He dialed her number and places on the loud speaker

Unfortunately, her line was switched off

He called her driver but he wasn’t picking up

“Can I have your phone?” Our Dad asked, referring to David

He stretched it out to him

“Interesting” he said

“You didn’t think of changing your number” he added
His smile was bitter

“What are you talking about?” David asked
I was also confused

“It is Mr Lee, Mr Luke’s favorite and deadly killer” our Dad replied

“What are we going to do now?” I asked

“I guess, you guys didn’t receive all from me” he said instead

“Do you have system, David?” He asked

“Yes* David replied

“I need it, to track down this number’s location” he said

David rushed inside and we followed him
But we stopped in the sitting room

He later came out with his laptop

Our Dad started checking out something in it
He first of all downloaded the tracking app and everything needed for it

He tried what so ever he knew

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work, I guess he switched it off” he said

“Let’s wait till evening, it might not be her” he added

“I recognized her voice” David said

“Let’s just wait, I will have to keep this laptop with me” our Dad said and took the laptop with him

My heart was burning inside

I was only thinking about what I would tell Mr Luke

We went outside when we heard sound of a car driving inside the compound

It was her car

The driver rushed out from it
Straight to where we were standing

“Is ma’am home?” He asked
That was when it was clear that she was really kidnapped

“No, that’s why I was calling you”

“Why didn’t you pick up?” David asked
I was only thinking about my next step

“I was scared, so I had to come home directly” the driver replied

“When did she leave the company?” David asked

“This afternoon, with an old man, I tried to interfere but she asked me not to worry” the driver replied

I didn’t wait to hear any other things

I rushed to where I parked my car

Nothing else was in my mind but on how to attack Mr Luke


…. Mrs Florida Paul POV ❣️

I think I wasn’t with my rightful sense when all those things were happening

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I couldn’t believe that I got tricked

But I still wished I could contact David and ask him not to withdraw the case

Mr Lee sat before me with a wicked smile

“Is this your house or something?” I asked looking around
If it happens to be his house, there will surely be a way that I could be found

“Here is meant for people like you, our victim” he replied

“Sorry I have to do all this things” he added

“I thought you said that you are my husband’s old time friend?” I asked

“The only truth is that I know Mr Paul but not as a friend” he replied

“Why did you lie at the first place?”

“Because of this, I needed to do everything possible to win your trust” he replied

“Just try everything possible to convince David, the next time I call him”

“So that he will withdraw that case” he added

“I will never do that”

“Mr Luke and Officer Kelly must surely face the court” I responded

“You seems to have much confidence” he said

“I trust my son” I replied

“Don’t push me, I might hit you” he said


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

That evening, I was only thinking on how to make things easier for me

I needed a way to push David really hard

I learned that he was just a kind of hard person who doesn’t shake anyhow

I was with my plan diary when Mr Luke’s call came in

I had to pick it up

“Did you really kidnap David’s mother?” That was his first statement

I forgot to tell him about that earlier

“Yes, that is the only way to get David” I replied

.”Jason is already forming in anger here and I was confused when he made mention of that” he said

“Maybe we should face the law and let go of this, am sorry that you didn’t have a heir yet” he added

If only he knows that Jason wasn’t his son, he wouldn’t have made such decision

“Don’t tell me that you are giving up already?” I asked

“Not really but I don’t want Jason to hate me more, he is the only one I have now” he replied

“Don’t worry, everything will fall back to normal, I have a greater plan” I said

“If you say so, I will be expecting update by tomorrow, we need to act fast, court is already waiting for us” he said and hung up

I waved it off and called Mr Lee

“How is the situation?” I asked

“Not bad” he replied

“I want you to make it to look so real, as in making a makeup on Mrs Florida Paul, make it in a way that it will be as if she has gotten lots of beating” I said

“Make it to look so harsh, then send it to David” I added

“Sure” he responded before I hung up


….. David POV ❣️

It was already night but my Mom was yet to come back

I was becoming more scared

I couldn’t sleep

I kept walking from one edge of my room to the other

I took my phone and tried calling the so called Mr Lee but his line was still switched off

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I dropped it back

I couldn’t grab anything
But I was thinking

Not too long, a message bumped into my phone

I rushed to it

As I opened it, it was a picture of my Mom with a message attached to it

‘ Just the beginning’

“Oh my God!!!!” I shouted

My Mom was Lying helplessly on the floor

Her cheeks were already swollen
Bloods covered almost her eyes

I rushed out of my room with my phone

I rushed straight to my father’s room and knocked

He opened it almost immediately

“David” he called
I stretched out my phone to him
The picture facing him

“That same number sent it” I said

He took it and looked closely to it

The next thing was for him to smile

“Smart” he said
I was confused

“That’s just a makeup, how can a blood have a particular line it follows?” He asked

I looked closer to it
It looks real

“I don’t want to loose Mom” I said almost crying

“Jason didn’t get the opportunity to be with her since birth, I seriously don’t want her to die” I added

“Call the number” he said and walked back to his room
Leaving the door open

He opened my laptop

I called it but it was switched off


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

The following morning, I was outside, still getting everything in order when I heard a sound of a car

I lifted up my head and saw David coming out from his car

I smiled and went to open the gate for him

“Good morning” I greeted

“Good morning, hope you are fine?” He asked with a smile

“Yes, and you?” I asked as he walked in

“Am good” he replied

“Please come and sit” I said
He sat down on the bench before the house

“It is still early, hope everything is fine?” I asked because it was really early for visitation

“Not really”

“, is your Uncle around?” He asked

“Oh, no, he went to see my parents” I replied

“I want to know the thing he said that he has, I just want to fasten everything” he said

“Why all of a sudden?” I asked

“The court will call Mr Luke and Officer Kelly by Tuesday, two days to come and they are having my mother in there custody” he replied

“Your mother?” I asked with so much surprise

“Yes and their request is to withdraw the case” he replied

I didn’t know what else to say

If I should tell him not to, it would just look as if I didn’t care

“Am just confused” he added

“It is really bad, am speechless” I replied

“So when will he be coming back?” He asked

“Am sure that he will be back before then” I replied

“He said that I should tell you not to withdraw the case, no matter what” I added

“He said that he knew that Mr Luke and COP Kelly will surely come with so many strategy”


……Mr Luke POV ❣️

That afternoon, Jason was already out

I was just walking around when COP Kelly came

I had called him earlier to see me

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“This is becoming fun” he said

“What is really going on?” I asked

“Take a look at this” he said showing some pictures on his phone

It was a picture of a woman
Lying on the floor with so many wounds

“Who is she?” I asked

“Oh, I forgot that you haven’t seen her before” he said

“This is Mrs Paul” he added

“David’s mother?” I asked to be sure

“Yes” he replied

I couldn’t believe it

She was also beautiful


…. Bonny POV ❣️

Me, Jenny and Caro were with the queen mother

“This is just moving like we want” she said

“Now, David will have to withdraw the case” she added

“I noticed that the those two stars are getting bigger” Jenny said

“Yes, it is left with one more week for us to go back” the queen mother responded

I felt happy tho


…… David POV ❣️

I met with Jason and shows him everything that Mr Lee sent to me

“This is serious” he said

“I think we should meet with Mr Luke and have a talk with him” I suggested

“We might reach some agreement” I added

“It is left with two days before they will face the law” Jason said

“But a night is okay for them to eliminate our Mom” I replied

“So, what is really the plan now?” He asked

“Let’s meet him first” I said instead

We got to Mr Luke’s house

COP Kelly was also there
They were in the balcony

“See who we get here” COP Kelly said when we got down from the car

He was smiling

I knew that his mind was convincing him that he has won

“We are here for important business, Mr Luke” I said

“Really? Am ready” he responded

“What do you really want, just to get my Mom out of that place?” I asked

“Am just wondering why you haven’t report us” he said instead

“It doesn’t make sense because you people still have her and can take action at any time” I responded

“Better” he responded

“Just withdraw the case” he added

“Why don’t we try something else?” I asked

“You think that we are here for chat play?” COP Kelly asked

“I think you need to see this” he added and shifted his phone to me

It looks like a live show

My mother’s face was shown

The next thing was a guy walking up to her

My heart was just beating heavily

I didn’t know what he was up to

The next thing was him giving my Mom a punch on her face

Tears began to form in my eyes as
I gasped

He hits her again and took a rod from the floor

I knew what was next

“Your last chance” COP Kelly said

I was still looking at the video when another guy punched her again

My Mom screamed in pain and fell down

“Wait!!!!!” I shouted

They heard it because they stopped

“Jason, let’s withdraw the case unless Mom will die” I said holding Jason’s hand
I couldn’t think of any other thing
Jason was also crying