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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 76

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

At school, earlier that day

I called a meeting for the two available people
According to my Uncle, from the day David was possessed
That was when his days started counting

And so far, it has clocked 12 days and was left with 8 days making it 20days in total

Since Victor wasn’t coming, we had to do it within our own power

No matter how

We concluded that the journey would be the next day

Even Bonny was there
Although he has nothing to offer

I got home and met with my Uncle
At least, I needed to tell him about our arrangement and he said that he also has some important things to tell me

He looked as if he was sleeping when I walked in

“Uncle” I called walking closer to him
He opened his eyes


“We are planning to go tomorrow” I said as I sat

“Good, like I said, I will tell you some certain things that the reader won’t” he said while I nodded

“Firstly is the front entrance” he paused

“It is very dangerous, once you guys open it, an arrow will fly out from there and it will surely hit someone before it could stop” he added

“What if it hit something else apart from human being?” I asked because I was scared

“In case if you don’t know, before the BROKEN TOMBSTONE will be sealed entirely, it will take about four human life before, one for Lucy, one for Gina and the other one for Mr Isaac”

“But you said four?” I asked

“Yes, the other man isn’t replacing anyone, he will have to go as a result of what he has committed” he replied

.”am confused here” I complained

“The man was a hand behind what happened 21yrs ago”

“So why is it taking life of others?” I asked

“Spirit heart isn’t the same as ours” he replied
It was really confusing

“So, if the arrow hit one of us, will the tamer still die?” I asked to know if it was at that spot that Victor was destined to die

“Victor is already destined to die, so he would surely be among those three” he replied

“So, since he is not coming with us, how will it go?” I asked

“Maybe before the Tomb disappeared, he will also disappeared, wherever he is” he replied

There was no other option

“So from here to that area will take you few hours, then you guys will take boat which will take you guys the remaining day to get to the Tomb because a big river separated the main land from the Tomb” he said

“That river replace the ocean Lucy was thrown into” he added

“Who is this Lucy?” I asked because I was confused

“You will get the full story later from David” he replied

“Okay, but that river, do people normally cross it, as in to see the Tomb?” I asked


“There was no other boat that can pass on it”

“lots of people have tried using different boats but they ended up getting drown” he added

The river must be really strong

“So how can we get the boat, that we will use?” I asked

“Once you guys get there, all of you will have to stand before the river and a boat will appear” he replied

“About the arrow” I tried bringing it up

“You just have to comply with the reader, only her have the right to tell you guys about it and am sure that she won’t”

“Am telling you about the arrow because am not going with you guys and if you should tell others, that means you will be the one that the arrow will get or better still, don’t go”

“That means the arrow will have to find you here?” I asked really worried.

“No, it will be among you guys”

“And if it has to be you, the BROKEN TOMBSTONE will disappear and relocate to another area and that would cause another problem”

.”because it has to be until another 10yrs, which means that the demons will still be moving around the world, tormenting souls” he explained

“That means one of us will have to die before the gate?” I asked

“Definitely or might live till you guys reach the main Tomb” he replied

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“Another thing is that the book will automatically become blank” he said, confusing me more

“Each place you people get to, the reader will have to open the book and activities that will be carried out that place, will appear on the page, once you guys are done, that particular page will vanish” he added

This is too supernatural

“So how do we go about the Tomb without the other guy?” I asked

“Can we go with the leaf?”

.”you can’t, the leaf will only work on the river because you guys will have to experience lots of attack from the ones living in the river” he replied

“So if we go with the leaf, the ones in the river won’t attack us?” I asked, to confirm

“Yes” he replied

“So, it will take us a full day to get to the Tomb itself?”

“Yes, and four days in the Tomb fighting the demons, with additional one day to see the Tomb, as in sealing it” he replied

Calculating it, we will be able to do it because the days left was eight days and the calculation was six days

Talking about that, the six days will be something because my Uncle could only stay for four days without the drink

“Am worried” I said changing my expression

“About what?”

.”about you, we will spend six days there meanwhile you drug will be active only four days” I replied

“You don’t have to worry, am only worried about you guys, just hoping you guys will be able to do that” he said instead

“Why can’t we tell someone to come and stay with you?” I suggested


“It will only endanger the person, I was supposed to die before now”

“I don’t want that suggestion because the demons might attack anyone that would come here to stay with me” he added

“We can still keep one of the leaf” I suggested

“The leaf is only four and all of you need it in other to cross the river, remember that Jason is already with one, David’s own was dropped by him that day he was completely possessed, leaving only two, which are for you and that reader” he replied

“So how can we do with the demons when we get inside the Tomb because you said that we can’t go inside the Tomb with the leaf and there are lots of demons inside there?” I asked

“That’s why the other guy is mostly needed” he replied

“But, don’t you think that the book might give us solution when they attack?” I asked

“I can’t tell” he replied but since the book was like that, it would definitely tell us

“And don’t give that reader the book until you guys get there” he added while I nodded

“Am still with it” I said

“Okay, so finally, about David”

“How can we take him in that condition?” I asked

“Check my cupboard” he said pointing at it

I rushed to it and opened it

“The bottle with red cover, bring it and the other one with the black cover” he said

I couldn’t believe that he has all those things there

I took them and walked back to where he was

“You have to look for a means to trick him, so that he will take the one with red cover”

“That red one will knock him out of life for 5hrs, so you guys need to be calculative because if he woke up before you get there, he might kill all of you except you because he is already in love” he said smiling

“Don’t start first” I said smiling as well

“When he gets knocked out, you guys will then carry him to the car that will take you there, Just be calculative, you have to be giving it to him after every five hours”

“The black one is meant to bring him back in just few minutes but that will be when you guys got to the Tomb itself” he added

“So will he be able to seal the Tomb in that condition?” I asked

“No, behind the Tomb, you guys will see something in a black and red bottle, give it to him and the demon will jump out from his body” he replied

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“But you have to be ready to engage on a fight with the strongest demon that has ever exist” he added

“Must it be me?” I asked

“Yes, because none of them can see demons except you and the other guy” he replied


…. Jason POV ❣️

I was in my room thinking about how the following day’s journey would go

It will surely going to be tough because I still don’t trust Jenny

Dorothy hasn’t yet told us how we are going to get David and there was no longer any killing from him lately

I just hope he was fine

Lots of thoughts was what I was battling with

I remembered that COP Kelly wants to get David and he was also working with Jenny

That means they could possibly want to use this opportunity to catch David before he could be free from the demon

“No, we need to stop them” I said to myself and got down from my bed

It was already evening but I still had to see Dorothy that evening before it would be too late

I drove straight to her house and alighted

I knocked at the gate and she came out not too long

“Jason, what are you doing here by this time?” She asked

“Let me in first” I said

She opened the gate and I walked in

I sat on the chair before the house

She locked the gate before walking to where I was

“What is the problem?” She asked

“How are we going, about tomorrow and David?” I asked, to start from there

“My Uncle gave me some drugs that will knock David out for five hours, so we can take him” she replied

“Have you told Jenny where David is?” I asked back

“Not yet” she replied

“Better, I have a plan” I said

“Which plan?”

“Have you forgotten that Jenny is working with COP Kelly?”

“I thought about that but I think that she can’t betray us now” she replied

“You trust easily, they will surely use this opportunity” I said trying to talk something into her mind

“So should we count her out?” She asked


.”what then can we do?” She asked

“Firstly, where exactly are we going?” I asked
To know how to make my planning

“My Uncle said that it is in the next Town and it will take us few hours to get there” she replied

“But the problem is who will drive” she added

“Don’t worry, what I need is the address and forget the rest” I said

“Okay” she responded

“So, I want us to make it this way” I started

“We will use my car for the journey, but I will bring two by tomorrow, I will drive one while Bonny drive the other one, we will go first and get David, then you, David and Bonny will leave but will wait for me at the George junction, while I will leave with the other car to meet Jenny”

“My plan is to brainwash her when I got there, I will lie to her that the place where we are going, it won’t require gunshot, otherwise, we will all die because am sure that COP Kelly would surely come”

“And also that place, it requires only five of us to go to, in fact leave it for me” I said

“I will do my best and am sure that she will comply” I added

What I needed was just time to think about it


….. Jenny POV ❣️

COP Kelly had called me that evening to meet him at the restaurant

He always like face to face business
To avoid mistake

I drove straight to the restaurant and met him at his spot

“You already know why I called you here” he said while I smiled

“She hasn’t yet told me about where we could see David but the movement will be by tomorrow”

“I will just call you when we are with David” I added

“This is keeping long, am not comfortable anymore” he complained

“It is not like am comfortable as well but I don’t really know what to do” I responded

“I will be expecting your call” he said while I nodded

“Trust me” I replied


…. Bonny POV ❣️

The following morning, as Jason said
I dressed up and took a cab to his house

He made it in a way that will look as if we were going on driving competition

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Mr Luke was suspicious that he asked us what was happening

When Jason tried lying, he told him that he was already aware of it
That we were going to free David who he referred to as a monster

“We aren’t leaving until evening time, we only want to know who will drive us among the two of us” Jason has told his father

He was able to convince him before we drove off

He took the lead while I drove from behind

We drove straight to Dorothy’s house and parked

We both got down

“Are we really going to wait till evening?” I asked as we got closer to the gate

“You supposed know that I can’t tell my Dad the truth” he replied

“We are leaving already” he added

He knocked at the gate and we waited for Dorothy


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was the day

I couldn’t stop worrying about my Uncle but he insisted that I shouldn’t worry

“When you get David, try taking this side before going because this route is the easiest way” he had said

“Why don’t you tell me now?” I asked because I don’t know if it would be another problem coming here with David

“I want to be sure that you did it right” he said while I smiled nodding

Just then, someone began to knock at the gate

“Uncle please don’t die” I said almost crying

“Then you guys have to be fast in sealing up the Tomb” he said

I nodded

I walked out with some food stuffs

When I got out, it was Jason and Bonny

I smiled

I dropped the stuff on the floor and opened the gate

“Why all this food?” Bonny asked

“Am still angry with you, in case you don’t know”
Truly, I was still angry with him

“That’s by the way, we are to spend six days in this journey, so that’s why I brought this food stuffs and snacks” I added

“Six days?” Bonny asked

“Which car are we taking?” I asked referring to Jason
There was no point in replying Bonny

“This” he said and pressed something on the remote control he was holding
The boot automatically opened

I puts them inside it but the food in the front side for the lunch before we will get there
I locked the gate

“Let’s go” I said

“What about your Uncle?” Jason asked

“He said that he will be fine” I replied trying to keep a smiling face

I got inside the car and Jason did the same

Bonny got inside the other one and we drove off

“If we are going to stay up to that, how are we going to know?” Jason asked

“It is not really necessary but we can use our wrist watch” I said holding mine that was on my wrist

Soon, we got to the area and parked

I took out a meat and a cup of blood, then add drops of the red covered bottle

David doesn’t normally stay at that cave again but my Uncle gave me a trick to use

We got close to the cave

“You guys should stay here” I said while they complied

I walked more closer
I first of all dropped the cup containing blood and the drink

I walked back
A little bit far and threw up the meat

It landed not too far from the cave and the cup

We waited for some minutes

“Are you sure that he is still here?” Jason asked

“Let’s wait a little longer” I said
Just then, we heard David roaring as he jumped out from nowhere

“David” Bonny called

David roared and rushed the meat

He got it down immediately
Tears were just forming in my eyes

He raised his head inhaling which means he was perceiving something

He looked towards our direction and jumped a little bit before stopping
He looked down at the cup and held it up

He pushed everything inside his mouth and threw away the cup roaring again

“Are you sure this will work?” Jason asked

David looked at our direction and started jumping with a great speed

“Call his name” that was all that was coming inside my mind

What my Uncle told me before

“Oh my God, he is coming!” Bonny screamed and ran out from where we were hiding

Jason did the same