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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 78

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Jenny POV ❣️

I never expected what happened

I wanted it to be David but fate was against it

Tears formed in my eyes all of a sudden

At least, I was human being
I could still get feeling

“Bonny please don’t die” Dorothy cried squatting before Bonny

“Dor-Dor” Bonny stammered

“Yes Bon-Bon” Dorothy said still crying

“Reme…mber wh..at I told y..ou” Bonny stammered

“In ….the…e….bo…at” he added


“Yes, I remember” Dorothy cried

“But please don’t go”

“Am just happy that the arrow didn’t get David because it was actually coming to his direction” Bonny said as he managed to smile

Just then, the book I was holding caught fire

“Oh my God!” I screamed throwing it away

It burnt only the page where things were written
Everyone of us were surprised looking at it

Immediately that particular page got burnt, it sparks before the fire stopped

“Strange” I said looking up and my first look, caught Jason

He seems so serious
He was burning inside with anger

“Why are you so wicked?” He asked

“What are you talking about?” I asked because I needed to get his point

“You kept pretending but I already knew you” he said as he rushed to where I was
He looks like he was ready to punch me

“Jason please” Dorothy said rushing to hold him


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

Jason was determined and I could see it

If I should let it happen, it will surely destroy what we were about to do

“Are you trying to tell me that you didn’t see this in that book?” Jason asked with anger but I didn’t let go of him

I blocked him totally

“Jason please, we are just starting” I said

“If she is going to be hiding something like this from us, then there is no point to have her with us” Jason said
He was really angry

“Maybe, it is fate” I responded

“Even if it didn’t catch him, it will still get one of us, it is the fate” Jenny said

“At least, you would have told us” Jason said

“I didn’t see it on time” Jenny tried lying

“Jenny, please” I said as silent took over everywhere

“Jason, just let it go” Bonny managed to say
I turned towards his direction

David roared immediately but he was still weak

“Oh my God” I said as I rushed to where our bags were

Just as I picked the liquid stuff (DS liquid), another bottle fell down

I looked at it closely and it looks like the other drink that I normally give my Uncle ever since he was attacked
It has (SD liquid) on it

(DS means Demon Sleep while SD means Sustaining Death)

I didn’t know how it get inside the bag but I just found it there

“He is opening his eyes” I heard Jason said
I picked it up and diverted to where David was lying

I gave him his own drop and he fell back to sleep

I turned to Bonny and gave him a drop from the other bottle (SD)

Bonny breaths out

I began to think of it

My Uncle said that we are supposed to be five people, maybe that was why the arrow caught Bonny

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But Victor didn’t show up yet


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was able to track down their location and drove as fast as I could

When I got to the location, I got down from my car looking around the area

I turned to the river side and saw them before a building
The door was opened but they aren’t making any move like someone who wants to go in

“Not too fast baby” I said smiling

I looked around for any available boat but I couldn’t find any

The other policeman was also with me

“Do you know this place, as have you been here before?” I asked him

“Not at all, am just surprised seeing them here” he replied

“We need to get a boat” I said looking around

“Sure, I will try asking around” he said

“Okay, I will wait here” I responded before he left

I focused on where Jason and co, was

It was only three people standing there, which was Jason, David and Dorothy
But where could David be?

“It is really strange how they got there” I heard a voice saying from behind

I turned to behold an old man standing there starring at them

“How do you mean?” I asked walking closer to him

“No one has ever cross that river before” he replied

“Anyone who tried it, end up sinking in the river” he added

I wondered if he was trying to deceive me

He shook his head and walked away

The policeman later arrived with a big truck, carrying a canoe

He parked and they helped us take down the canoe
I meant the driver and one of his boy

The policeman paid them and they drove off

I couldn’t take off what the old man said from my mind

“We are good to go” my fellow policeman said while I nodded
I first of all looked around for the man but I couldn’t see him anywhere I around

We pushed the canoe inside the river but not all of the body was inside

“You can go in, so that I can push it, for you to control it” the other policeman suggested and I remembered what that old man said about sinking

“Don’t worry, I like exercise” I lied

“You can get in so that I will push it” I added


“Yes” I replied
He nodded and got inside the canoe and I began to push it

Just as the whole body get into the water, it moved with a great speed
The next thing was for it to sink

The policeman shouted for help but it was already late

Gasping was understatement to what I did

I stepped back a little

I looked at Jason and co
They were still there

I pulled my gun and shot directly to them

The bullet got to the center of the river and a hand bumped out from the river, talking the bullet and withdrew back to the river

I couldn’t believe it

It was just unbelievable, I thought it was a dream

I took my phone to text Jenny


…. Jason POV ❣️

After some minutes, Bonny was already breathing normal

The drink really worked

As we were just watching him when the door began to make noise

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“What?” I asked as if it will reply me

“Jenny, check your book” Dorothy said
Jenny picked it up

Something appeared before the page and she began to read it

“The door will close in some minutes”she said

“Dorothy take those bags in, let me help Bonny in first” I instructed and Dorothy complied

Bonny was still awake, so taking him won’t be hard

I first of all took him inside before coming out for David

“I will need help here, Jenny” I said

By then, the door was already coming closer

She looked at me for a while

“The door is shutting down!” I shouted

Dorothy was still busy with those bags because it seems heavy, carrying them together

The door was closing slowly, slowly
As it was getting more closer, Jenny decided to help

“I just hate him” Jenny said but I ignored her

It was almost closed when we rushed in

I turned and saw Dorothy rushing in with the remaining one

Luckily, she got in before it closes

Jenny’s book began to burn again


….. Sonia POV ❣️

I couldn’t be myself ever since Victor left

I kept visiting his house, hoping to see him one day

Even the letter he dropped, I haven’t gotten the mind to open it

I just wanted to meet him face to face because it would be better to talk face to face

I sat down in my room regretting my actions
That decision was the worst mistake I have ever made

My door got opened and Fred walked in

“Is he here?” I asked standing up from where I was sitting

“Victor is gone” he replied while tears dropped as I returned to my bed

“Have you read the letter?” He asked

“No, I don’t have the mind” I replied

“Why are you always childish?” He asked
I knew that he was getting pissed off but he won’t understand

“Don’t try insulting me now”

“Am not insulting you but it is getting too much” I replied

“I don’t want to cry yet” I added

“It will be better if you read it now and cry once”

“You won’t understand”

He waited for some time before walking to the bed

“I understand you, you claim to be hard but your heart is soft” he said

He was right

“Do you know if he just wants to give you tip on where he is now” he added

“Could it be?” I asked

“Yes because I saw him before he left even though I couldn’t meet up with him, he was really down” he replied

“I just hope he forgive me”

“Just avoid bad friends like Caro” he said

“Just put her aside, she is the only friend I can trust” I said trying to protect her

“Maybe, anyway where is the letter?” He asked

“In the closet” I replied pointing at it

He got up and went to the closet
He shifted my clothes and saw it lying there

“Wow, you carefully kept it, even with a love shape on it” he said making me to smile by force

“You don’t know when to play” I said almost laughing

“At least, you laughed” he said opening the envelope

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I stretched out my hand to collect it

“No, I will read it for you” he responded while I smiled and withdrew my hand


“I thought this love will take us to a long way

I always woke up thinking about you

I don’t know if I would be in this level without you

You really made me who I am

But seeing how things are turning into, I don’t really know what our future will be

The girl you saw me with, was my classmate who visited for a help

I declined it because I need to plan on how to change the fate

I was destined to die for others but I couldn’t leave you

But with what you did, I was made to realize that destiny can’t be changed

Just take care of yourself and know that I truly love you

Maybe I should join my first love


I couldn’t believe what I heard

Victor was actually going down for someone else

“Oh no, not Victor” I cried standing up

“It is already late, the only thing is to know where he came from” Fred said

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know that


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was already night, 9pm
As in through our phone but everywhere was still bright even though everywhere was sealed up

Every angle has this beautiful light coming out from them

“Let’s take some rest” Jenny suggested

“Am tired already” Jason responded

There was a door somehow far from where we were

We sat down on a bench that was inside the building

We lay David on one bench and I sat next to him, his head on my laps

He was snoring quietly

Jason was with Bonny in different bench
Bonny was lying down but was awake
Only Jenny sat on a different one as she was busy with whatever she was doing with her phone

“This is second heaven” Jason said looking around

“I don’t want to leave here again” Bonny said as we laughed

“This place is really bright” I said

“So, should we not finish the journey?” I added and we laughed again

We were still laughing when I saw a demon flying from a far

“Oh my God” I said standing up but I gently placed David’s head on the bench

I don’t know if there would be any way out from this one

“What’s that?” Jason asked standing up as well

“A demon is coming from that direction” I replied pointing at that door which was where the demon was coming from

“Demon?!” Jenny asked really scared

“Jenny check the book, maybe there might be a solution” Jason said

Immediately Jenny picked up the book, every light went off

“Oh my God!!” Jenny screamed

Everywhere was totally dark and I couldn’t tell if the demon was closed or not but I could hear her voice laughing

All of a sudden, her voice began to fade

The next thing was a torch light

Other lights came back to their position

I couldn’t believe who I was seeing
He was the one with the torch lighter

It was Victor

“Victor” Jenny called

“Hope am not late guys?” He asked
I couldn’t stop smiling even though I felt bad for him