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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 79

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Seventy-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I returned to my house because it was already evening and the first mission has failed

According to Jenny’s text message, she said that they had to spend up to four days inside the building

It was a long day to go

It was really strange on how things that happened earlier became possible

How could a hand come out from a river to collect a bullet

The same river sank our boat

Another thing was that upon everything I did there, they didn’t hear me, talk more of looking at my direction

There must be something wrong with that river
But what connection could they have with it that they were able to cross it

Lots of thoughts were running around my mind
I couldn’t stop thinking

I just wished there could be a way for me to get in there

I remembered that Mr Luke was still sick, due to the attack

I had to visit him

When I arrived, he was just walking around the compound without any top on

The bandage was still new, which means that he just changed it

He turned to look at me, when I drove in

“Brother” I called getting down from the car

“I thought you wouldn’t come” he said as I walked closer to him

“Work isn’t easy” I responded
He nodded and continued walking

“I have a good news for you” he said while I wondered what could that be as I walked from behind

“Am willing to hear it” I replied

“Take” he said giving me some panel

“I don’t want work to be hard for you, so I put tracking device on Jason’s car” he said while I smiled collecting it

He didn’t know that it was useless because I have known that already but I had to comply

“Wow, I didn’t know that he was going today” I said looking at the panel very well as if I was observing it

“Don’t be surprised to hear this” he said
It was already useless because his first surprise wasn’t cool for me

“What could that be?” I asked

“Jenny’s phone” he said bringing it out from his pocket and handed it over to me

“Jason gave it to the driver, so that she couldn’t contact you” he added
It wasn’t really useless because it would make me to think on that

Maybe the driver might know how they managed to cross the river

“The driver told you that?” I asked

“Yes, he thought that Jason asked him to keep it in this house for him, so he decided to give it to me” he replied

“Wow, you are really smart” I said

“Have you forgotten back then, we planned everything” he responded

“It is just that we don’t want to work as a detective” he added while I smiled

“It is in our blood” I responded

“But I have one more thing that is disturbing me” he said

“What could that be?”

“About Jason, is he really my son?”

“Why is he different from me?” He asked

I never expected this

“I guess, he is just being influence by his friends” I replied

I wouldn’t want us to go deep in that topic

Who I needed to see to see was doctor Henry

…. Jason POV ❣️

It was a relief seeing Victor in our mist

“Am I late guys?” He asked again because everyone were just surprised seeing him

“Not at all my paddy” Bonny said from where he was lying

“Bonny” Victor said as he rushed to where he was
The arrow has been removed, long time ago

“What happened?” Victor asked looking at him

“They said that it is fate” Bonny replied

“Which fate?”

“I don’t know”
We were just watching them as if they were making a show

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Victor stood up and turned to face us

“Is he going to die?” Victor asked no one in particular

“I think he won’t die because there is something my Uncle told me about” Dorothy replied

“Once he takes it, he will be able to live for four days” Dorothy added

“So, who is the leader here? As in how do we know what to do and when to do it?” Victor asked

“This book” Jenny replied showing him the book

“It tells us what to do” she added

“, I have seen that book before but I couldn’t read it, except the part that bears my fate” Victor said

“So do you still have it with you?” Dorothy asked

“Not at all, it disappeared immediately I got ready for this” Victor replied

“but according to the book, is he going to die?” He added asking

“I couldn’t see anything related to that” Jenny replied

“Don’t worry, he won’t die” Dorothy said

“I believe you Dor-Dor” Bonny said

“Am still worried about how you get in here” Jenny said
Switching the conversation


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

Immediately Jenny switched the conversation, I just waved it off knowing that she isn’t what I thought she was

“Am just like a spirit” Victor said while everybody laughed

“Be serious” Jenny said

“Actually, Mr Patrick has taught me a lot, he knows about this whole thing and also gave me some clue”

“He said that this place isn’t somewhere ordinary,

“So when ever you get in here, you automatically become something else”

“He said that once you guys opened it, it won’t be hard for me to open it after when it must have closed, that’s why I didn’t bother meeting up with you guys earlier” he explained while I nodded
I felt bad for Mr Patrick and Victor will have to face he’s

“That’s really interesting” Jenny said
I didn’t know why Jason hasn’t said anything

“Is like an forgetting something” Victor

“What?” I asked


“That’s him” I responded pointing at David

“Him? Why is he looking like a beast?” Victor asked

“That’s what the demon turned him into” I replied

“That means, he is possessed now?” He asked


“But why is he not making any move?” Victor asked

“I gave him something that would keep him like this until we reach there” I replied

“I hope you know that he can’t do this in this situation?” Victor asked

“Yes, I have been hoping for your arrival” Dorothy replied

“Do you have the dessolving one?” He asked


“Bring it” he said

“What?! He will eat us all!” Jenny shouted
I ignored her and went to the bag

“Don’t be afraid, am here” Victor said
I brought it out and walked to where David was lying

“Am not going to be here” Jenny said rushing to the other edge

“Are you ready?” I asked referring to Victor who was just watching

“Yes” he responded
I took one shot of the drink and dropped it into David’s mouth

The drink was fast in working, because he made a move with roar, accompanying it

He jumped up but Victor was fast enough to hold him on his shoulder

I could see the demon screaming as she bumped out from David body
Another two demons appeared from nowhere but the power in Victor’s body, pushed them away

I couldn’t believe it

She screamed as she disappeared

I couldn’t stop smiling, to see David back to his normal body


….. David POV ❣️

It was just like a miracle as I watched the demon disappeared immediately she got out from my body

I felt weak and fell down

“David!” Dorothy shouted as she rushed to me

She managed to raise me up

My stomach was really hurting me

“Dorothy” I called with a low voice

“Thank God you are back” she said

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“Won’t she come back again?” I asked, to be sure

“As long as am here, she won’t” Victor replied

“Victor” I called

“Thank you” I added
My stomach made a dangerous noise that Dorothy heard it

“You are really hungry, you need to sit” Dorothy said as she helped me to stand up
She sat me down on one of the bench and went over to where they kept the bags

Jason was standing, without saying anything, I didn’t know if he was still angry with me or not
Jenny was at the other end of the building but was walking closer to us

Bonny was lying down on another bench
He has a wound on his stomach but I needed to get down something first

Soon, Dorothy walked back to me with a food

“Is like I felt it, that’s why I reserved this food” she said

“What left there are snacks” she added

“Thanks” I responded collecting the food but my hands were strong enough to hold the plate

“Your hands aren’t strong yet, Don’t worry, I will feed you” Dorothy said collecting the food back

I was just looking at her as she took one full spoon and raised it up before my face

“Am not a baby” I tried playing

“Is like this hunger isn’t serious yet” she said looking at the plate and tried taking down her hand
But I held it and pushed the food into my mouth

“So irritating” Jenny said and hissed
I wondered what was going on
She walked to a different bench and sat
Victor and Jason who has been standing, sat as well

“Is there any problem?” I asked Dorothy

“No, just that she is tired” Dorothy replied
I shrugged and continued eating

“Seems like you have forgiven me” I said as if I asked

“I have told you, unless Zita become happy where ever she is” she replied

I remembered her again

It was really sad that she was gone

“But….” I meant to say but she cuts me short

“Just keep calm and eat up, you aren’t stable yet” she said while I managed to force out a smile


…..Victor POV ❣️

Still at that spot
After some minutes, everyone was already sleeping except me

They spread some clothes on the floor and thick bedsheets for all of them

I stood up from the floor and went to sit on the bench

I couldn’t take off my mind from Sonia

I hoped she was fine

I thought that the reason why she suddenly became like that was because of what fate has for me

I thought, they needed me to be with Zita

Since it becomes like that, I decided to accept the fate

Even though I have decided to do that but in a surprising way earlier

I began to calculate how it would go

It was already day one, remaining four days

I wished there could be a way to meet my parents once more

Even though I visited them before joining Dorothy, but I was already missing them

They aren’t aware of what was actually going on

I only told them that I was traveling and will be back if the trip ends

That was all I could think at that moment

I was lost in thought that I didn’t notice when someone sat beside me

I got back to life when he tapped me

It was almighty Jason

“Still awake” he said but I ignored him

“Are you still angry with me?” He asked
I wasn’t really angry because I have known what really happened

“Am not, I would have punched you immediately I came here” I replied returned my look to the front

“I guess, Dorothy must have told you what really happened” he said

“Let’s forget about the past and focus on the future” I said even though he didn’t know how heavy my heart was

“Am just wondering why Andy and Sam aren’t here with you guys?” I indirectly asked because in our group, we normally go anywhere together

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“They are dead” Jason replied

“What?! What happened?” I asked surprisedly

“They were killed by David when we were trying to get the truth about him” he replied

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing

That means the killing was too much


…. Doc Henry POV ❣️

Things were just trying to be difficult for me
Since Mr Williams was gone, I have been trying so many ways to get any evidence that would be useful

Even Mrs Paul wasn’t aware of the things that have happened so far
As in she wasn’t aware of Mr Luke and Officer Kelly who turned to be COP Kelly

The following day, which made it two days since Jason didn’t show up in the hospital

I got a call from Doc Sammy who has been updating me concerning COP Kelly’s searching, for me

He told me how he lied to him about me going on live

It was very thoughtful of him

I was informed that my attention was needed in one of the rooms

So I had to rush
I walked out of my office and straight to the ward

In few minutes later, I was done
I was able to save the life

As I walked out of the ward, I sighted Mrs Paul walking towards the entrance

I wondered where she was going to

If she knew that I was trying to protect her with the lies I fed her with, she wouldn’t be risking it like that

I had to rush before she goes out or COP Kelly might possibly see her

“Mrs Paul” I called and she turned to look at me

“Oh doctor Henry” she responded

“Where are you going to?” I asked

“Jason hasn’t been here since yesterday and the food he bought for me, got finished last night”

“So I want to go and buy some food” she replied

“Oh no, you would have told me”

“Just go inside, I will get you something to eat” I said

“But am fit, I don’t know why you insisted that I remains here when my body is back to normal” she said

“You won’t understand, but trust me, you still need to stay here for some time” I responded

“I need to go now, please go inside” I added

I drove straight to the nearby restaurant


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was on my way to the office when my car tyre bumped into a sharp object that suddenly turned it into flat

The area was somehow lonely and wasn’t safe
From the look of things

I called my personal mechanic and gave him the direction of where I was

I gave him every single information concerning what happened to the car, so that he could come with everything necessary for it

I couldn’t kill myself, so I went inside the car and turned on the engine

I turned on the AC and before I knew it, I dozed off

In my dream, I saw Paul laughing at me

I don’t know what it meant

A knock on the windscreen woke me up

It was the mechanic

A car drove by and parked
Not too far from where I parked mine

Since the mechanic was there, I got nothing to fear about

I got down from my car and looked at the other car

The driver actually parked, just to urinate

I smiled to my fear

“Don’t worry sir, I will fix it now” the mechanic said

“No problem”I responded as I looked at where the other driver was
Just as I was about to return my face,
Something caught my eye

I couldn’t believe it

The driver was actually, doctor Henry that I had been looking for

But it was already late before he entered his car immediately and drove off

I just had to take down the plate number