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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 80

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was already day two
We still have additional three more days to go with

I woke up before the rest

My right hand side was David and he was sleeping peacefully
I guessed, he never slept like that ever since he was totally possessed

Others were sleeping in different directions

I stood up and went to sit on the bench

Staying inside that building was no difference from being outside

For those that uses phone, they said that network was good

I began to think on how things will be

The door which was what we were supposed to open next

My Uncle didn’t tell me anything about it and I knew that Jenny wasn’t ready to do so

I wasn’t ready to loose anyone yet

As I was still in thought, Jenny’s phone began to ring

I wanted to ignore it but remembering how she normally operate it and also what Jason said about not trusting her
I decided to check who the caller was

Just as I got closer to her, she opened her eyes

“What?” She asked knowing that I was actually coming for her phone


“Ooohh, who is disturbing this peaceful sleep with that phone?” David asked rolling himself on the clothes which was spread on the floor

Silent took over everywhere
Jenny couldn’t take off her eyes from me

I swallowed my saliva and withdrew back

I turned to walk to where I was sitting
I saw Jason looking at us

“We get to move guys!” Victor shouted after some minutes
David was still sleeping

I couldn’t stop smiling when ever I looked at him

Others were awake except him

“David” Jason called, tapping him well

“This is sleep, you don’t wake people from it” David said while everyone laughed except no other person but Jenny

“You better stand up there because we are only helping you” Jenny said and that made David to sat down

“I haven’t slept for days” David said as he stood up

“But you been sleeping before I arrived” Victor said

“That’s not sleep, it is knocking out” David replied

“Thanks to Dorothy” he added while we laughed again

“Dor-Dor, not Dorothy” Bonny said smiling

“We don’t have time guys” Jenny said as she took the book
Interrupting everyone

“Let’s have breakfast first” Jason suggested

I walked to the bag where we parked the snacks and drinks
I started sharing it, to the reach of everyone

“Are we suppose to be eating snacks for the rest of four days?” Jenny asked

“Carrying food will be waste because we don’t have light to warm it” I replied

“Unbelievable” she said before looking away

After some minutes, we were done and good to go

It was lighter because everyone has to carry something

Jason helped Bonny to walk

We got to the door and stopped as we waited for Jenny to say what next
It was a very big door, just like the entrance one

“Better say everything that will happen after opening this one” Jason said


….. Jenny POV ❣️

I had to maintain my cool self when Jason made that statement

I opened the book and waited for what it would write

Everything appeared once

“David, touch that button” I said, according to what I saw there
They all looked at me first

“It won’t just open like that” I added before David touched it
It was just a black button

Just as he touched it, the door made a move and it started making a hole with different colors

Before me was a black color
Before David was a deep blue color
Before Dorothy was pink color
Before Jason was light blue color
Before Victor was yellow color

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Only Bonny had nothing before him

“Everyone needs to stand on his or her own” I said as was written

“Can you?” Jason asked, referring to Bonny

“Yes, I can stand for Dor-Dor” Bonny replied

“Can you just stop playing around” Dorothy said almost laughing
I was just watching David who couldn’t take off his eyes from them

I just had to smile

“Let’s stretch out our hands” I instructed as everyone did so

diamonds appeared on our hands
in color of what show before us, respectively

“Put it inside the hole, but we have to do it together” I instructed and we did it

The door began to open, gently

When it was done opening, before us was another river and three canoes ????

The book burnt the already used parts

I had to read what appeared next

“This river is dangerous” I read

“You don’t make mistake of touching it when you get inside the canoe but once we get inside the canoe, everyone will become thirsty and it will require a drop of blood to stop it” I added

“We have waters in the bottle” Dorothy said

“It will dry them all” I replied
And that was what I saw

“We can adapt to it because it is close” Jason said

“This river is just as the same thing as the one before the entrance, close to eye but far to reach” I responded and that was true

“The drop of blood is just someone’s finger, that is, the person have to put it inside the water and it will gone forever” I added as everyone gasped

“Too dangerous” David said but I didn’t say anything

“Those canoes contains only two people each, it was supposed to be that I will ride one but we are already six, instead of five” I said
I needed space tho

“I will stay with Dor-Dor” Bonny said

“Eeh” David didn’t know when it comes out from his mouth

“I think, it is time to settle differences, so am going with Victor” Bonny said
It was then left with me and David

“Oh no” I said as I rushed to the canoe but it didn’t make any move

I checked the book again and it can’t move without us being completed



…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

After when my car was back in order, I paid the mechanic and drove off

It would be fun because another work was about to start

I got to my office and began to trace that plate number

After some minutes,
I was able to get a little clue about it

It was a special plate number of a hospital

Talking about the hospital, it was one of the poorest hospital in the town

I wondered how he got himself there because his qualifications was beyond that

I once saw Jason driving along that side but I couldn’t figure out what he was actually doing there

It was useful

I thought for a while before running out of my office

I got inside the car and drove off to the hospital

It wasn’t really far

In some minutes, I was there

I thought for a while before stepping out of my car

I asked the nurses about him and they asked me to wait for him because he was attending to a patient

I waited for close to 30mins before he walked out

“Yes, doctor, he is there” one of the nurses said, pointing at me
I guessed he asked them if someone was looking for him

Just as he saw me, he was shocked but I had to use a smile to kill it

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“You can come in” he said as he headed to his office while I followed him

“Long time doctor Henry” I said, immediately I got inside his office

There was a file on his desk and that was the same file he walked out with

It looks suspicious because the face of whom I saw there was familiar

It looks like David’s mother face

“I thought we were done with our business?” He asked as he turned to face me
He noticed that I was looking at the file, he took it and dropped it below the desk
I had to maintain

“Even if we were done, I still have the choice of visiting my friend” I responded

“We aren’t friends, remember” he said

“That’s rude”

“What do you actually want because am sure that you are up to something?” He asked while I smiled

“Can’t we play a little before getting to the business?” I asked still smiling

“Am working, in case if you have forgotten” he said

“Am aware of it but I chose to play a little”

“You better go straight to the point because you don’t know who might be waiting for me” he said

“Okay” I responded

“About Mrs Paul” I added
I could see that he was shocked

“What about her?” He asked

“I paid you off to kill her and her unborn child but I just discovered that she is still alive”

“And I discovered that she still have a son with her”


….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

I was actually coming out from Mrs Paul ward when I heard that someone was looking for it

I already knew that he would come

So when he talked about Mrs Paul and David, I just needed to cook for a better lie for him

“Talking about Mrs Paul, I couldn’t kill her because she ran away” I started with my lies

“If you have seen her before, you could tell that her husband was no longer Paul”

“I suspected that, but what really happened?” He asked
I guessed the story was really cool

“I was able to kill her child but she ran away”

“Luckily for me, she didn’t see my face because she also came to me to adopt that son you are seeing or hearing about” I added

Isn’t that a sweet lie?

“So do you know where she is?” He asked

How could he even think of asking me that question

“No, and I didn’t bother asking for her because it might be dangerous” I lied
Meanwhile am with her already

I just wished Mrs Paul doesn’t come out at that point because that would be a great mistake

“Am confused here, what about Paul?” He asked

“Paul died out of heart attack, when he heard about the death of his son” I lied again

That was all I needed

“So Mrs Paul got married to the man you saw her with” I added

“The man is actually dead” he said


…. Victor POV ❣️

If I say that I didn’t notice something about Jenny, that means I was lying

Jenny has totally changed

The David she claims to love was the same David he was avoiding

We all got inside the canoe and it began to rode by itself

Lots of strange thing

The three canoes couldn’t come closer to themselves
Even when someone says something, you won’t be able to hear it unless you guys are in the same canoe

“Why do you make it this way, knowing that Jenny is now a change person?” I asked Jason

“She claims to love David, but she is against him now, so that’s why I said time to settle differences” he replied while I smiled

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“But why is she behaving like that?” I asked

“I got to notice that she isn’t who she appeared to be” he replied

“She must have been claiming” he added

“So, you think that by doing this, she might change her mind?” I asked

“I just want to try the luck” he replied

“You still don’t know Jenny that much , she can never change her mind, not just like that” I said because that was Jenny for you

“My own mind is for us to do this first, I still have much deal to go with David” he said

“What could it be, I thought it was because of Jenny that you wanted to deal with him?” I asked

“He has taken lots of souls from my family” he replied

“You are saying this as if it was his fault”

“Just imagine yourself in his shoes, he can’t even control it” I said

“Am damn thirsty here” he suddenly complained

“Everyone, I wondered how it got to dry the ones we have in the water bottle?” I asked


…. Bonny POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop looking at Dor-Dor, even though her mind wasn’t fully there

“Dor-Dor” I called as she looked at me

“You haven’t told me that you love me” I said smiling

“Just stop, thirsty is just killing me” she complained
I was also thirsty but a man will always be a man

“Maybe because you haven’t love me back” I teased

“your love wasn’t pure” she said

“It was, I don’t even know what I did wrong” I indirectly asked

“Why did you kidnap David?” She asked
That means she was aware of it

“He was acting strange and Jason needed to confirm it” I replied

“Maybe that’s why it became worst” she said

“But you were angry before then” I said because that was true
She broke up with me before I decided to kidnap David

“I was only testing you” she replied
I couldn’t believe that I missed that opportunity

I was dumbfounded immediately

“I can tell that David is really thirsty” Dorothy said and couldn’t take off her eyes from him

“It will only take one finger and nothing else” she added

“But it is not comfortable” I said

“I can’t stand to watch him like that, he might not survive it” she said as she meant to put her hand inside the river but I held her on time

“I can’t let you do this” I said
It is not that I was sure if I would make it alive or not but since my life was already half

“Just promise to be happy” I said holding her


….. Sonia POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop repeating that letter

It was very clear that Victor went to die for someone

I didn’t know if it was for the girl or not but I wanted to meet him

I met with his gateman for enquiry but he told me that he wasn’t aware of which country he came from

For that reason, I had to go there everyday, to know if I could see his mother one day

I would have gone to the company but how could I discuss such with them when his parents weren’t there

Fred has been very helpful tho

I was in my room thinking of what could possibly be my next plan when Fred arrived with a good news
Which was that he was able to get information about where Victor was

We arranged on how to go but the next thing was what to tell my Mom
Because I couldn’t leave without her knowing and she has my documents

Maybe I should try stealing it and disappear

I can apologize, after when I must have saved Victor