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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 81

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. David POV ❣️

It was quite unbelievable how Jenny suddenly became different person

I got to understand that some people aren’t what they seem to be

Jason intentionally put us in the same canoe, so that we could get time to talk
But who could discuss something with a dry throat
I was very thirsty and never knew when it would be over
Things were just incredible

I was still looking for a better way to start up a conversation with her, when I noticed that the dried water bottle has been filled up with water

“Wow” I said, bringing it up and I didn’t hesitate to drink because I was damn thirsty

Jenny did the same

“Someone must have done that” Jenny said immediately she dropped the bottle after taking some water

I remembered that Jenny told us earlier on how to escape that stage

I began to look around, from Jason’s canoe to Dorothy
I saw that it was Bonny because his hand was still in the river

“Hey, Bonny!!” I shouted
Jenny turned towards that direction

“They can’t hear you” Jenny said as she returned her face
She didn’t show any remorse

“Why?” I asked
I guess, it was the perfect time to move into what I have been holding

“This river is dangerous than the previous one, no matter how close you are to the person, he or she won’t hear you unless you are on the same canoe” she replied
I looked at Bonny again
One of his finger was already gone, and blood couldn’t stop flowing out from there
Dorothy took a cloth and wrapped it around Bonny’s hand but the blood was too much

“Must he suffer all?” I asked but who could reply

“Maybe his past” Jenny said


“But Did I offend you unknowingly?” I asked, just to see if she could tell me her mind

“What do you think?” She asked back

“I thought you loved me”

“Come off it, David”

“I can’t be in love with a monster” she added while I smiled

Ladies and their level of thinking

“As if, it was my fault” I said

“Maybe your family have something to do with the demon” she responded
It was insultive and I wouldn’t try asking any further questions


….. Jason POV ❣️

Not too long after what happened, we arrived at the end of the river
The next door was just right before us

Me, David and Victor rushed to carry Bonny down from the canoe
He was groaning in pain

Meanwhile Dorothy and Jenny helped with taking down what we had in the canoe

“You still suffering from the arrow shot, why do you have to add this?” I asked really angry

“Everyone was thirsty, is this what I get in return for what I did?” Bonny returned the question
It was unanswerable tho

“Take” Jenny said from my back
I turned and saw her with a cup, containing some water

“It will lessen the pain and stop the blood from flowing” she added

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I collected it and poured it on the wound
It really worked

“Wow” Bonny said because he felt relief

“But you can’t get your finger back” Jenny said
It was rude of her but I ignored her

“Assuming he didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have gotten here by now” Jenny added
I checked my phone and it was already evening

“What? We have spent this hours on the river?” I asked surprisedly
I couldn’t believe it

“It might seem faster but it is the same with normal time” Jenny replied

“So what’s next Jenny?” Dorothy asked

“The same thing, the door will be open by tomorrow” Jenny replied

“Do we have to sleep on the river?” Victor asked because there was no space

“I don’t know about that” Jenny replied

I took David’s hand and went a little bit far from there

“Do you want to wound me?” He asked, just as I let go of his hand

“We aren’t suppose to be talking but I have to be cool for now” I said

“Were you able to speak with Jenny?” I asked

“She is completely something else” he replied looking at their direction

“Did she tell you anything?”

“Why do you care to know?” He returned the question

“Stop being difficult here, I intentionally put you guys together”

“I thought as much” he responded

Just as I was about to say something, the river started making some noise

We all turned towards that direction

All of a sudden, the river disappeared and everywhere became dry

It changed to the previous place where we slept

I thought, it answered Victor’s question


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Even after what Doc Henry said, I still doubt him

I had to look for a way to get the information I needed

The following day, I went to see Mr Lee who was the one that handled Mr Williams

Before I could get to meet him, I was searched by his men to confirm if I was armless

“COP Kelly of all people” Mr Lee said when he saw me

“Please have a seat” he added

“Long time” I said smiling

“The last time we talked, was 20 years ago” he said

“We always talk whenever we have work” I responded

“Are you here to arrest me?” He asked while I smiled

“Am here for something more important than arrest” I replied

“What can I offer you then?” He asked

“Don’t worry, am okay” I replied

“If you say so, so what do we have today?” He asked

I brought out Mrs Paul’s picture, the one I was able to get

“I need you to do something about this woman” I said giving it to him

“Do you want her dead or?” He asked

“I don’t want her dead but I want to know her way about” I replied

“I also want to know more information about her but that will be left for me” I added

“If that’s the case, consider it done” he replied

“But do you have any suspect, as in where you think that she might be?” He asked

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“I met with her personal doctor but he claims not to know where she is” I replied

“Where is he staying?”


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was morning and the third day

I woke up and stretched my body

David was still sleeping
Even Bonny

After some minutes, they were all awake

No one even ask about breakfast because everyone was already tired of everyday snacks ????

“Hope we can now pass the third gate?” Jason asked, referring to Jenny

“Yes” she replied

“What about breakfast?” I asked

“Leave that one aside, maybe when we go in there” Victor replied

“Am even tired of this snacks of a thing” Jenny said

“Let’s open it then” David added

“Dor-Dor, I will take the breakfast for you” Bonny said while I smiled

He was too silly

I gave him some share while
We all waited for Jenny’s information

After some minutes, we all gathered before the door and Jenny began to read

We have to wait for explanation because no one was understanding what she was reading

“No stress” she finally said

She instructed Jason and David to hold a button which was on the door

Just as they did it, the door made a sound and a light shown from a hole

She asked me to use a diamond stone that was lying there to put inside the hole

I did it and the door finally opened

“Must we go on a long process?” David asked
It was clear that he was getting tired

Just as we walked inside the next room, the door closed and everywhere became dark

“What’s going on?!” Jason shouted

“Are we under attack?” Victor asked

“Dor-Dor, hold my hand” Bonny said
He was always sounding different and somehow stupid

The light later returned
To our greatest surprise, lots of food were all over the room

“Wow” David said

“Am damn hungry men” Victor said as he rushed to one of his favorite

“Wait” Jason said, making Victor to stop

“Jenny, is there anything the book is saying about this food?” Jason asked looking at Jenny

Jenny opened the book

She smiled after some time

“It is safe” she responded

“Wow” Jason said with lots of happiness

“Thank God I didn’t take that snacks” David said while we all laughed


…. Sonia POV ❣️

I have been looking for a better reason to give my Mom
Concerning on how to get my documents

Lots of ideas but none were going to be useful

I was still thinking when someone knocked at my door

I checked the time and it was still afternoon

I was sure that my Mom wasn’t supposed to come back by that time

I walked to the door and opened it

It was Fred

“Have you been crying?” He asked

“If only it will take away the heartbreak” I responded as I left the door open and walked back to my bed

“That’s why we are different from you guys” he said closing the door from behind

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“We always think twice, that’s why we don’t normally make mistake of letting go of what we have” he added

“What could I have done?”

“I thought they said that men do believe what they saw while women believe what they heard”

“But here, you believed what you saw” he added

“Can you just stop blaming me?”

“I have every right to do so”

“It is even useless opening the door for you”

“You think, it might be useful”

“Just accept the fact that Caro is not a good friend” he said but I kept quiet

“So have you come up with a plan?” He asked
That was when he was sounding useful

“No, am just confused”; I replied

“I have an idea” he said while I turned to look at him

“Sit down first” I said

“Sounding to be caring” he responded and sat on a chair that was in my room

“So, what is the plan?” I asked

“Wait, what you need is the password for the cupboard where she keeps the documents, right?” He asked

“Yes” I replied

“Okay then, I want to meet your Mom and tell her that about renewal of passport because mine will expire by next week” he said

“I will suggest her to give me yours, for the same thing and I will use the opportunity to check it” he added
I guess, it makes sense

“It will be good” I responded smiling


…. Fred POV ❣️

It was very risky but I believe Victor

I wouldn’t want him dead and I will like to see Caro being in shame

In the evening time, when Sonia’s mother has arrived

I comported myself before meeting with her

She was in the sitting room, busy with her work and I decided to wait

“You can say what you want” Sonia’s mother said

“It is about my passport”

“It will expire by next week and I want to go for the renewal, I don’t know if I can go with Sonia’s own”

“As in it might be among” I added

“Am not sure of that but I will see to that” she replied
It wasn’t helping

“Okay, I will go for it by tomorrow morning” I said before leaving

As I walked to my room, another thought came into my mind

I sneaked to the room and places a camera in a position where it could capture what she might operate

I had to wait the whole night for it

I was already feeling sleepy when she walked into the room

She walked straight to the computerized cupboard and inputs the password

I was able to write it down

She opened it and brought out the file where she kept it

After some checking out, she dropped it back and locked it

I nodded before going to bed

The following day, when she has left for work, Sonia met me and asked for updates

“When are you planning to leave?” I asked

“Even if it will be possible today, am ready” she replied
She was serious