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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 82

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I would say that eating to my satisfaction was an understatement comparing to the condition of my stomach at that moment

I used out of hunger to eat myself to almost death

We had to sat on the floor because there was no bench or something that we could sit on

“I really don’t want to go out from here anymore” Bonny said as he lay flat on the floor

He was still happy even though he was in great pain
He already told me that the pain was gone but his finger couldn’t be returned

Talking about the arrow that caught him, the wound wasn’t healing
It just looks so fresh like it just happened

But his finger has stopped bleeding

I guessed, we made a mistake

We would have used that same water on his stomach

“Maybe we should carry them” Victor responded

“It just looks as if it is just coming down from the fire, I don’t think it will remain the way if we carry it” Jason said

“But we can still eat tomorrow morning before we continue” Bonny responded
He might be lover of food

“Must we wait until tomorrow before we will be able to open the next door?” I asked referring to Jenny who wasn’t far from me

“That’s what the book said” she replied

“But we are close to the door already” David said
Seems like he was also worried as I was

“This door you are looking at” Jenny said pointing at the door before us

“Is not close, I will say that it is close but far” Jenny replied

“How do you mean?” David asked

“The more you move, the more it will be shifting” Jenny replied

“You can never reach it till tomorrow” she added

“Looks like a movie to me” David said

“It is better like that because I never planned to leave here any moment” Bonny said while we laughed

“But we won’t stay here forever” Victor said

“Maybe I drop here, after all am not among those chosen ones” Bonny said
He was just funny

He never acted funny back then when we were still close
Almost in a relationship

“Maybe that’s why you are taking all this pain” Jenny said

She was already spoiling the mood

Even Jason was forced to look at her with anger

“I don’t care, I just want to make sure that Dor-Dor is safe” Bonny responded
I just had to smile


….. Jenny POV ❣️

I was trying my best to act cool with them because I needed them to trust me
So that I could use the opportunity to do my stuff

The conversation was still flowing even after I almost spoil it

Everybody were really engaging in the conversation but a message that bumped into my phone, drew my attention

It was COP Kelly

I wondered what he could be doing at that hour in the night

“Is there anyone close to you?” His message reads

I looked around and everybody was far from where I was
Except Dorothy but she won’t be able to see the message

“No” I sent

“How long have you known David?” His message came with another question

“Just met him in the school, in the final year” I sent

“Do you know who his real father is?” He asked

“I don’t even any of his parents”

“Any problem?” I sent

“There are lots of things about him and I want to confirm” he sent

“Don’t let him get closer to Jason because Jason is very soft and would fall to stand with him” his message reads

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“How many days is left?” He asked

“Tomorrow will be making it the fourth day and it will be left with a day” I replied

“Don’t forget to give me update because I won’t let him escape” he sent

“Never will I allow him, he needs to be judged” I sent

“Court can’t judge him” he replied

“Why? He has killed lots of people” I sent

“It was a control of nature and no one is to be blamed about it” he responded

I turned to look at David and he was seriously laughing what so ever they were talking about

His face changed when his eyes caught mine
I had to withdraw my face

“I just want to get him down first and I will claim that he wanted to attack you” COP Kelly sent

“I mean to kill him immediately you guys comes out from the building” he added

“Then don’t miss target” I sent

Just then, I heard some noise from the background

I had to check what was going on and I discovered that the food were just disappearing

“What the fuck is wrong with this people!!” Bonny shouted

The whole food was already gone

“Am not yet satisfied” he added

A light shown on the wall
We turned to look at it

It was boldly written



“Jenny, does it mean that the food will come back tomorrow?” Bonny asked looking at me
I had to check the book but it was blank

“The book is blank, so am not sure” I replied

“Am not sleeping anything” Bonny said
I couldn’t stop smiling to his acting

“Better take me with you” he added and I was forced to laugh


…. Sonia POV ❣️

The following morning, my Mom left so early as usual but Fred was still sleeping

I went to his room to meet him myself

I had to use a hard knock on his door to wake him up

It didn’t get up to 30secs when he opened the door

“So, I can’t rest for you again?” He asked but I knew that he was joking

“I don’t know how many days it left for him, am just worried” I responded

“Am coming” he said and closed the door

After some minutes, he opened the door again

“Let’s go” he said and walked ahead of me while I followed from behind

“Hope you know how risky this is?” He asked

“Am the one taking the risk not you, so don’t worry” I responded

“Am involve in this game, so don’t say that” he said

“So what are you planning to do, after this?”

“As in, will you still stay here?” I asked

“If I should travel back, she will suspect me and also come to our house” he replied
And that was right anyway

We got to the room where the documents were kept

It was locked

“Don’t worry” Fred said bringing out a key from his pocket

“I took it yesterday because I noticed that the room is always locked” he added while I smiled

He was really smart

He opened it and we entered

“21061999” he said as he pressed the button on the cupboard

It opened

“Wait, what’s the password again?” I asked

“21061999” he responded

“Wow, that’s my birthday” I said
She used my birthday for the lock

We took the file and started searching for the passport

We were able to see it

“Go and get your luggages” Fred said

“Sure” I responded collecting the passport from him

I rushed to my room and walked out immediately with my bag
Just a little bag

He was sitting on a couch in the sitting room when I walked out

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“Didn’t you pack?” He asked when he saw me

“It is not that am going to stay there forever” I responded

“If you say so” he said standing up

Even though I wasn’t sure of where I was going but I was sure that once I meet his parents, we would surely find him

We drove with my car to the airport

We got the emergency ticket that would leave that afternoon


….. Mr Lee POV ❣️

Talking about my own life

I have been the most dangerous killer of our years

I have done lots of things for politicians and even those that supposed to be referred as the law

It was certain that you don’t have to trust anyone in this life
COP Kelly’s life can testify that

That morning, I dressed up with my normal dressing
It was a special mission and I needed to do it on my own

I looked at the picture again before driving out of the house with my driver
I had bought some items, so that it would look as if I was visiting someone

COP Kelly said that he saw the picture of the woman in the file doc Henry was holding, when he met him

That means the woman must be in that hospital

We drove straight to the hospital

I got down and checked out the hospital from outside

The nurses were busy
I walked in with the fruits I had with me

When I was out of the sight of the nurses,
I checked the first ward but it was a man who looks as if he was burnt

It was disgusting
I closed the door and checked the next one

I continued like that, and luckily, I was able to see her at the very end of the passage
She looked just exactly as she was, in the picture

“Mrs Paul” I called pretending to know her

She was lost
I could tell, from her look

I smiled as I closed the door from behind

I had known Mr Paul from that very time we did something for COP Kelly
21years ago but I didn’t know when he got married because he left the country then and never returned

“Do I know you?” She asked sitting properly on the bed

“I am Mr Paul old time friend” I lied

“Sorry I couldn’t attend his burial” I added because I heard from COP Kelly that he was dead

“Really,? But he hasn’t introduced you to me before” she said

“Yes because ever since I travelled, I lost contact with him” I lied again

“Please take” I said handing over those things I bought and I sat down on a chair close to her bed

“Thanks for coming” she appreciated

At least, I got her trust

“I came back three days ago to see you guys but I discovered that no one was at home”

“I asked around and they told me that you are in this hospital, hope you are getting better?” I asked

“Yes, I am fine but I don’t know why the doctor insisted that I should stay” she replied

“Maybe your inner body isn’t that heal yet” I said

“So, how is your son?” I asked

“I guess, he is fine even though I haven’t seen him for weeks” she replied

“Really? What could have been the problem?”

“I can’t tell” she replied

“So what is his name again?” I asked

“David” she replied

“I thought you would give him Paul’s name” I said smiling
To know if she would tell me that David wasn’t Paul’s son

“Even his Dad didn’t suggest that, I just wish he is still alive because he was growing up to look like me, I even told him that David resemble me” she said smiling

“I wish to meet him, I even though that you got married to another man when he died?” I indirectly asked because COP Kelly said that doc Henry said so

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“How can I marry like that, he just died this year” she replied

It was getting confused but I have gotten what I wanted to hear


…. Doc Henry POV ❣️

I was in my office checking some files concerning Mrs Paul health

I had to look for something that I could use as a reason for holding her down but her system was already back to normal

I remembered that I had a patient to check on, that morning

So I took his file and walked out of my office

The man was opposite Mrs Paul’s ward

Just as I walked out of the room when I was done, I saw someone walking out of Mrs Paul’s ward

He was wearing a face cap that covers his face a little

I looked at him very well, to know if I could get the picture of the man but I couldn’t figure out who he would be

I remembered that COP Kelly was in this hospital because of Mrs Paul

I gasped and rushed inside her ward
She was just taking out some fruits from a bag

“Doc Henry” she called when she saw me

“The man that just left, do you know him?” I asked

“I haven’t seen him before but he said that he was my husband’s old time friend” she replied

That could possibly be COP Kelly’s plan

If he was able to know that Mrs Paul was in my hospital, that means she is no longer safe

I rushed out of the ward and met with the nurses at the reception

I asked about him but they said that they don’t know about him

That he just came in and walked to the patient arena

I wondered how they could be that careless

I rushed to the computer room because the man was already gone

I asked them to check the man through the camera
But unfortunately, his face couldn’t show

I knew that COP Kelly must be behind it


….. David POV ❣️

That morning, the food returned back

Bonny was so happy to see it, likewise everyone

We took our breakfast before heading to the next stage

Although we took some food with us because we were tired of the so called snacks

The same process, we opened the door

“Oh my God!” Dorothy said

“Reptiles” Jason said

Snakes, scorpions, centipede and lots of them were there but it seem like they were sleeping

The space they made for us wasn’t much

“They are sleeping but they will wake up if they hear any noise” Jenny said

“So, we need to walk gently” she added

“Is there any sacrifice?” I asked

“None of us will survive if they ever wake up but if any of us will be able to get to that end” she said pointing at the next door

“Then, the reptiles will disappear” she added

“This will be tough” Jason said

“Can it be possible when Bonny is not feeling that well?” Victor asked

“He just have to be himself unless we will all die” Jenny replied

“Dor-Dor, I will stand for you” Bonny said

“Just stop playing around and act well, this is the last one” Dorothy responded to him

We were still talking about that when Jason began to walk

He was walking majestically and was dodging some of them that was blocking the road

We had to follow him immediately

We haven’t gone halfway when Bonny fell down, hitting one of the snakes

“Oh my God, they are awake!” Bonny shouted