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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 83

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…..Mr Luke POV ❣️

Even a blind man can smell when something is going on around him

I was beginning to be suspicious about COP Kelly

I could sense that there was something else about him

If I could remember, Jason’s birthday was wondering me

My thoughts were hitting two points

COP Kelly might be Jason’s father because he always try protecting anything that might be a blockage to him

But another thing was that my wife hated Jason
Even though she didn’t tell him that, but her attitude speaks a lot about that

COP Kelly might be best in detective but there was always another person that can still do better

That morning, I had to visit another city in Paris
One of the cities that has the most active detectors ever

Officer Dan was a policeman of his early 40’s but he has done lots of things concerning his career and he was always perfect with it

Lots of cases were won because of him

He never failed in his ship

I had to meet him personally because the job is just like a betraying mission
Seeing him working against his fellow policeman but I still had to make it possible
Because money stop nonsense
Money can do lots of things

I was directed to his office so that we could get time to discuss very well

I knocked on his door and he ordered me in after 20secs

“Oh, Mr Luke” he called standing up
I was somehow surprised because I haven’t met him before

I was only hearing about him

“You know me?” I asked

“Of course, who doesn’t know you? Chantelle clothing company, world wide” he replied while I smiled

That company has done lots of good to me ????

“Keep the company, please sit down” he added while I sat

“You aren’t bad either, Officer Dan” I responded

“You even know my name” he said

“How can I locate you without knowing your name and even your records can tell lots about you” I replied
At least, it was a sweet statement

“Interesting, what could have brought you here?” He asked
Of course, I was there for something
I wouldn’t come there, just to raise him

“I have a job that I will like you to handle for me” I responded

“I will be really glad, working with you for the first time” he said

“That means you have accepted?” I asked to be sure

“Of course” he replied

“Do you know COP Kelly?”

“Oh, I have heard about him and he was really good in his position” he replied
That was a flame but it was our work

“I just want you to do something for me” I said

“What could that be?” He asked

“I want you to watch his movement for me” I replied

“How can you even think that? A policeman spying on another one” he asked
I wouldn’t want to show up my money because he might misunderstand me

“I am having some doubt about him and it is concerning my son, as in I want to know where he normally go” I replied

“How can I be following him every single day?” He asked

“We just need to make plans, maybe I can invite him and ask him some questions concerning that, he might end up going to that same area” I replied

“Wrong” he said while I looked at him in surprised

“Things like that can’t be found in such way” he added

“How do you mean?”

“What are you really suspecting about your son and him?” He asked

“I want to know if my son, Jason is really my son” I replied

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“Interesting” he said


…. Jason POV ❣️

I was just determined to get to the ending, when I heard something that sounds like someone has fallen

The next thing was Bonny’s voice, shouting that the reptiles has woken up

I didn’t think of looking back because it would only delay time

I wasn’t far from the end and I could see that the ones before me were already waiting for me

I decided to run
I dodged the first snake that almost bite me

I ran as fast as I could

I had to jump, since it was no longer far

Just as I landed at the edge, I turned to check on others

Some of the snakes has already tied around Bonny’s body but they were not making any move

Another one was already targeting Dorothy
Likewise David

None was even looking at Victor
Let alone ready to bite

Jenny wasn’t yet into the line
Which means she ran back

The whole reptiles were just as if they were muted

“They aren’t making any move” Dorothy said even though she was still scared

David brought his face closer to the one that was about to bite him

He touched it and it turned into a dust

“Wow” Bonny said using his strength to tear those ones tying around him

They all started hitting them
One after the other and they kept turning into dusts

Victor walked up to me scratching his head

“Am just suspecting something” he said
I thought he was talking about Jenny

“What is that?” I asked

“I think that arrow isn’t ordinary because Bonny wasn’t acting so childish before” he replied

“What are you suggesting?” I asked understanding what he was saying

“Am just confused but don’t we need to ask Jenny more about that arrow, it might be written in that book” he suggested

It makes sense but Jenny would have told us before

“Am just worried, I don’t think she can tell us” I replied

“Don’t forget that we were closer then, I will use that chance” he said
It might be true but Jenny wasn’t who she was


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was in my office when someone knocked on the door

I ordered the person in

It was no other person than Mr Lee

“Mr Lee” I called and gestured him to sit down

“You should have called instead of coming here” I said

“I like face to face business” he replied

“Am also like that” I said

“So, what is the update?” I asked

“David is Mr Paul’s true son” he replied

I began to think about it

That means Doc Henry lied to me about Mrs Paul getting married after when Mr Paul died

“We need to convince her, so that we can get more information because am just confused, I think I need to search her house for some important documents” I said

“Doc Henry really know more about this family because I noticed that he is trying his best to protect her” Mr Lee said

“You can meet him because he doesn’t know you” I suggested

“I suggest we should kidnap Mrs Paul first, she might be hiding more things” Mr Lee suggested

“If we ever kidnap her, Doc Henry will suspect me and it will be very risky because Doc Henry know my past” I responded

“Then, let’s kidnap him too and kill him, if possible” Mr Lee suggested
It was great even though I needed to get some things from him first

If we kidnap him, I don’t really know him well
He could possibly have someone that might be aware of what happened in-between us


….. Sonia POV ❣️

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It wasn’t too long to get to Paris

I didn’t know where to start but I wouldn’t give up

I first of all, met with the receptionists and asked him about how many town that was in that city

It was just few but I knew that it would be very difficult to find

Assuming his line was still available, I would have tried calling him or tracking his location
I used the name of their company at Switzerland to know if it would be easier for me to find

Everywhere I went to, they always said that such company doesn’t exist in their town

I didn’t need to go deep into any town

I always ask those that I first met

I got tired and went to cool off my brain

I wondered when it would be over

As I was cooling off my mind with some food, a guy came and sat before me

He couldn’t stop smiling but I wasn’t in the mood to smile back
even though I might need his help at that point

“Hello pretty” he said licking his tongue

“Hi, handsome” I responded smiling
I think it is just an to every lady
Whenever you want to ask something from a stranger
Especially guy, just try putting on a smiling face

“Do you mind if we chat a little?” He asked

“Sure, but do you know this company?” I asked showing him the company card

“Oh no, I once saw that company in net, but I can’t remember which country in particular” he replied

It was even useless tho

“Not that” I heard a female voice said
I don’t know why but the voice drew my attention and I saw a woman at her 30’s

I wanted to return my face when my mind went so far

I remembered when Victor shows me his parents picture

“Victor’s mother” I said standing up immediately

She was almost closed to her car and I needed to run as fast as I could that I almost bumped into someone

I guessed, she noticed it because she stopped and stood there

“Good afternoon Ma” I greeted breathing heavily

“Good afternoon, why are you running like this?” She asked

“It is about Victor” I replied still trying to hold my breath
She smiled

“Oh, so sorry dear, I don’t know you but Victor travelled” she said
He even lied to them

“To where?” I asked

“Italy” she replied
I wondered if it was Italy that the sacrifice will take place

“Really?” I asked

“Yes, one of our company is there” she replied

“I don’t think he is in Italy”; I said

“I think, Victor’s life is in danger” I added

“What do you mean?” She asked

“He dropped a letter concerning something about dying for someone” I paused

“Can you try calling the manager in the company at Italy?” I asked

“Let me get home first because he has gone to Switzerland like this, so why will this be different?” She asked opening the door

“Anyways, thanks for the information” she added

“Please ma’am, can I come with you, I come all the way from Switzerland and I don’t have anywhere to stay” I requested while she began to look at me


….. Fred POV ❣️

That afternoon, I was still looking for a better way to settle what would happen
Once Sonia’s mother comes back

Lots of thoughts were running around my mind

I walked from my room to another room

From Sonia’s room to the living room

Just then, I heard a horn from the gate

I gasped because I was getting scared

I walked out to confirm if it was her
It was really her

She drove in and parked

I was just looking at her in confusion because she never came back from work in the afternoon time

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“Ma” I called looking at her as she got down from the car

“Yes dear, I forgot something” she said and walked pass me

I stood there for her to go and come out

After some minutes, she walked out with a file

“Ehee, I didn’t see Sonia, where is she?” She asked as she walked out

“Is she going with you?” I returned the question instead

“Not really but she is not supposed to go to school today because it is Saturday, and I didn’t see her” she said
I was beginning to fear

“Ermmmm” I stammered
I knew how tough she was and lying might be more dangerous

“What? Just say it before it is too late!” She almost shouted


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was still afternoon and the next door was just before us but we still couldn’t open it

We had to wait till the next day

“Dor-Dor, let’s play a little” Bonny said walking to me
His body was stronger but I don’t think his head was normal

Talking about him, he was becoming someone different

I still couldn’t love him again because the closeness we had before has been crashed when he tried acting selfish

Talking about love, it was complicated for me
I couldn’t tell what I felt

“Am not in the mood” I responded

“We aren’t going in there until tomorrow, so are you going to stay bore till then?” He asked

“Let’s just rest, we just came out from almost death” I said
So that he could think like human

“So, you are now avoiding me” he said as if he was crying
He turned and left

I didn’t try stopping him because my mood was down

“He is becoming worst” I heard Jason said

I began to think about my own life

How twisted it has been

Right from birth
I couldn’t open my eyes for almost one week

My parents were scared that even my sister refused to come closer to me

When I was told about that, I felt rejected
But my parents told me not to by showing me more love

When I was getting to 3 of age, I started seeing demons but they thought I was just joking

When I got to 8, it was becoming too much that they had to take me to a priest who confirmed that I had the gift of seeing ghosts and it won’t be stopped until it accomplished what it was meant for

My parents decided to send me to my Uncle because he also had the gift
But his own was special because he could summon them

As I was thinking about my Uncle, something stroke my mind

“Oh my God!” I screamed standing up from where I was sitting
With a great speed

Everyone was surprised seeing that reaction

“Did you see any demon?” David asked

“We need to open this door now” I said walking closer to the door

“But we can’t” Jenny replied

“Someone is dying” I said

“How do you mean?” Victor asked looking at me to Bonny who was just sitting because he was still confused

“The demon has left David’s body already, so he can’t die” Jason said
He didn’t understand

“This is the fourth day of this journey, right?” I asked

“Yes” David replied

“Let’s open this door please” I said already crying

“Jenny let’s try first” David said

“Yes, Jenny” Victor added to it

Jenny looked at him and shrugged

We stood before the door and waited for the book to lead

After some minutes, still we were waiting

“No message yet” Jenny said as tears couldn’t stop flowing down

“My Uncle is dead!!!!!” I screamed throwing myself on the floor