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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 84

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Victor POV ❣️

I felt for Dorothy when she fell down crying
Even though I didn’t know how she got the information because she has no phone with her

And seeing the situation, I wouldn’t want to try asking her
David was busy consoling her

“Even my mind went off there” Jason said
That means, he must be aware of what she was talking about

“Did you get a message or what?” I asked referring to Jason

“No, I knew about her Uncle’s situation and according to her, this same medicine she gave to Bonny, that is the same medicine she is giving to her Uncle and the medicine last only for four days before the person will die” Jason replied
Since we were in the fourth day, I don’t think it would be late

The only thing was to convince Jenny
Maybe we could open the door

I held Jenny’s hand

“Come with me” I said taking her to a place, a little bit far from where we were

She complied with me

“This is our first time of talking, since I left”; I said without smiling

“You know, you never checked on me” she responded

“Is that why you changed?” I asked

“So you are for them?” She returned the question

“If am against them, I wouldn’t be here” I replied

“David has taken lots of souls, he deserves to die” she said while I smiled

“You think? You don’t have to blame him because he was not himself, he can’t even control it when it enters him” I tried convincing her

“You are really forgetting something, why didn’t he kill Dorothy, he killed Zita, the woman you love” she said

“I know but talking about why he didn’t kill Dorothy, you should ask yourself that also, why haven’t he killed you?”

“Dorothy is just lucky because she do see the demon before it possessed him” I added

“I still can’t forgive him, he almost killed me” she said
She hasn’t said that before
So why all of a sudden
That means she was lying

“Just try to help situation, you can punish him later but let’s save the world” I said

“If we don’t seal this with teamwork, the demon will have the chance to enter into the world entirely and none of us will be able to survive it” I added

“I will comply” she replied

“And also, about the arrow that hits Bonny, do you know what it means?” I asked

“How do you mean?” She returned the question

“I want to know if it contains something inside because Bonny is not behaving normal” I replied


….. David POV ❣️

The floor wasn’t bad but I still had to take Dorothy up from there

I took her to the bench and made her to sit

I guessed, Jason was becoming tired, because he went far from us and sat as he bent his head in thought

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“Am just confused here because I don’t really get it” I said
She looked at me with tears in her eyes

“Am supposed to be the one taking care of her” Bonny said as he pushed me from the side
I almost forgot how our last encounter was

Because of Dorothy

I waved it off and walked away a little bit

Just then, I felt the wind storm coming

“She is still alive?” I asked widening my eyes

“Spirit can’t die because she has died before” I heard her said before appearing

I turned to check on Victor but he was out of sight

“Long time” the demon said smiling

“Don’t go far with her” Dorothy said and I turned to look at her
Pity was what I felt for her

“Why are you talking to David when am here” Bonny said
It was becoming too much, I guess

“That’s how he will keep behaving” the demon said, making me to turn to him

“How do you mean?” I asked

“The arrow is poisonous but what Dorothy gave him couldn’t let him die, so it has to affect his head unless he dies” she replied

“Too bad because I don’t want to loose anyone here” I said
Sincerely speaking

“That can’t be possible, someone must be used for sacrifice, or else, you can’t seal it” she replied

“Why is he talking to himself?” I heard Bonny asking

“You have taken enough souls, why can’t you stop?” I asked almost crying

“Don’t cry David, she doesn’t deserve your tears” Dorothy said from behind
I had to clean my tears

“Why is he talking to himself and he is also crying” that’s Bonny saying

“Can you just keep calm for now?” Dorothy requested of him

“She proves stubborn but she can’t change it” the demon said

“The worst part is that he is not even the one that will be used” the demon added

“Just stop it” I said trying to be strong

“I am here to ask for some favor, anyway” she said but I didn’t reply

“Am not yet done with my mission, Mr Luke is still alive and I need to get him down” she added
I turned to look at Jason but was still on that sitting position

“Allow the law to do the rest, just go and rest” I said turning back to her

“This is my last request”

“I thought you have power, why are you telling me?” I asked

“I can’t posses anyone peacefully except you, I only ended up killing them” she said

“Why is it that am different, it is not like am your son” I said

“Yes but that same magnet that do connect two different people together is behind this” she replied
It was really funny

“You will never get chance then, just go back to where you are coming from” I said…

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“Or better still, don’t seal this Tomb yet, it will take me far and forever won’t be able to return” she said

“Dor-Dor, tell me who he is talking to” I heard Bonny requesting

“He is speaking with a demon” Dorothy replied

“What!!!” Bonny screamed
I turned and saw him on the floor

Jason in the other hand stood up

I guessed, Victor also heard it because he rushed out with Jenny, from where they were

He narrowed his eyes when he looked at my direction

I turned to look at the demon but she was gone

“What’s the problem?” Jason asked helping Bonny to stand up

“He was talking with a demon” Bonny replied

“What!? What!?” Jason and Jenny shouted at the same time

“Why was she here?” Victor asked

“She was only requesting for a break, for us not to seal it yet”


….. Sonia POV ❣️

We got to this mansion

Victor’s house was so big and beautiful

His mother got down and rushed in

I got down as well but was walking gently towards the entrance door when she opened it and began to open the diary she came out with

“Victor, don’t stress your mother like this” she said
I felt for her but I wondered why she didn’t store such number into her phone

“Here” she added and dialed the number

“Yes, Good evening” she said
I guessed, the person has picked up

“Is Victor done for today’s work?” She asked instead of going straight to the point

“What! But Victor left four days ago and supposed to be there before now” she said

“Oh my God! Victor” she said and hung up

“You must be really stressed out, you need to take some shower, I want to report this to the police station, they need to find him” she said

“I don’t mind going with you like this, am also worried” I replied

“I don’t know why I didn’t think that far then” she said and began to walk to the car
I followed her

We drove straight to a police station and made the report

They requested for better information and I also gave them the letter

They assured us that they will try their best to find out where exactly he was

I just hope we find them on time before it would be too late


….. Jenny POV ❣️

That night, as everyone was on their own

Some were sleeping
I was beginning to think of what Victor said

It would be nice if the law punish him but another thing was that

What if they won’t punish him the way I wanted and might probably free him at last

It has to be lots of thoughts

I began to calculate the results he has given us by killing

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I remembered when he told me about his father’s death

That means he was the one who killed him

He killed Zita and Tessy
Jason’s sister

He also killed Jason’s mother and almost killed his father

I guessed, he was after Jason’s family but still
Jason seems not to bother

He was still helping him

He also made the plan that makes him escape COP Kelly

I shook my head and took out my phone from my pocket
The next person was COP Kelly


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

The information I got from Mr Lee was really useful

It was clear that David was Mr Paul’s son but we need to find the birth certificate

My next plan was to use Mr Lee and get the certificate the following day
Or better still, kidnap her

I was still making the plan when a message bumped into my phone

I reluctantly took it and opened it
It was from Jenny

“Are you guys really prepared?” The question asked

“Am waiting for the last day and you need to message me”: I replied

“You don’t have to wait because it will be tomorrow” her message read again

I didn’t know because I wasn’t calculating it

That means it will definitely spoil my other plan

I became confused of which one to execute


….. Faith POV ❣️

That night, I was just watching them through my normal mirror

I couldn’t believe that I was going to loose Jason

They were sleeping peacefully and we couldn’t try going closer there just because of the new guy

He was the third person the queen mother was talking about

His power was too much
Assuming he was the one who came before instead of Mr Patrick, we won’t be able to kill him because only his presence take us far away

“Tomorrow is the appointed day” I heard the queen mother said as she appeared

“Am just confused” I said standing up

“Don’t be because we will attack them” she replied

“We can’t just stand the Victor of a guy, so how can we attack them?’ I asked

“Another time to use Jason, he has been waiting for weeks to see you and I know that he will loose control once he sees you” she replied

“Not bad”

“Will that Victor die?” I asked because I was curious to know

“He have to, because his power won’t let us be”

“If he dies, we won’t have any problem when returning” she added

“How are we going to return when they will seal the Tomb?” I asked

“Jenny will be the one to open it again” she responded

“Her mind is totally poisoned and she will be eager to know some certain things because the book will be telling her about the option of breaking the Tomb again”

“She is selfish and will definitely do that” she replied