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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 85

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

As much as we wait, many thoughts couldn’t stop rushing up and down my mind

My Uncle said that Jason has a mark on his shoulder, the same thing as David

Thinking about it, it means a lot

We were all lying on the floor as we waited for the following day

I would say that everyone was sleeping because everywhere was very quiet

It was good, because I could use the opportunity to think

As I was thinking, I saw someone standing up from the floor

I maintained my stay and waited to know what the person was up to

The person walked a little bit far from where we were and everywhere returned to as quiet as it was

I raised up my head to check who could that be
It was Jason

It looks like he was thinking

I thought it would be better if I meet him there
We could share our problems

I looked at David who wasn’t far from me
He was sleeping quietly

I smiled before standing up

I walked closer to Jason and called him by his name, but he seems not hearing it

So I decided to tap him on his shoulder
He shakes with fear

“You almost scared me” he said when he saw that it was me

“Am sorry, but I have been calling you but you seem to be lost in thought” I responded and sat beside him

Really funny?

If it was Jason of before, I dare not near him
Let alone sitting on the same seat with him

“What are you thinking?” I asked since I was the one who came to him

“About my family” he replied
I felt for him
He has lost his mother and beloved sister

I just had to find a way to protect David because I knew that Jason might strike once we seal the Tomb

“Sorry for the lost” I tried consoling him

“I never had a good time with my family, my Mom was always someone else, she never liked me” I said

“My father is the only one that tried so hard to show me love, my sister Tessy always wanted to have up to one month together with us but her business was her first” he added
It was really a boring family

David’s life was even better
He was the only child but his way at school shows that he was still living happy

“Too bad, but you still have that one that always care” I said trying to brighten his mindset

“Yes, I know” he replied trying so hard to smile

“So, what about David?” I asked
I wanted to know his view

“How do you mean?” He returned the question

“What are planning to do about him, concerning the killings?” I asked

“I don’t think my father will spare him” he replied
Knowing how rich his father was, I was getting scared

“I think there is something else about David” I said

“What could that be?” He asked

“David have that same mark you have on your shoulder but his own is on his chest” I replied

“What could that mean?” He asked

“I think you guys are brothers and his mother is the only one who can tell about this” I replied

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“How possible?”
He began to think


…..Mr Luke POV ❣️

The following day, I was in my house when Officer Dan’s call came in

I picked it up and he told me to come to a hotel in our town
Which means he was living around, instead of his normal town

I got dressed up and headed there

I asked for his room number and went there straight

He opened the door immediately I knocked

“So this is where you live now?” I asked walking in
He closed the door from behind

“Well, I have to stay close, for a proper checking out” he replied
I sat down on a chair that was close to the table, inside the room

“Wow, is not that easy to work like you guys” I said

“I was able to discover somethings” he said as he opened his closet and took out a file

“Sorry, I didn’t offer you something but I don’t have that in my agenda” he said

“Don’t worry, am good” I replied
What I really want was the result and nothing more

“He is working with this man” he said giving me one of the pictures in the little file
From the picture, it is Mr Lee

“What could they be up to?” I asked

“I can’t tell but I also followed Mr Lee to a hospital and am sure that their plans is related to the hospital” he replied

I wondered what they could have to do with the hospital

I needed to check more on that

Or better still, meet COP Kelly and ask him about that


…… Jason POV ❣️

I couldn’t take off what Dorothy told me from my heart

I slept throughout the night thinking about that

Talking about that, it was somehow true

How can we have that same mark?

I knew that we were destined to seal the Tomb but does that mean that we will have the same mark on ourselves?

I used to think that it might be because we were destined for this, that’s why my heart became soft

Everyone was already awake because it was morning

No one ate the previous night because it was snacks

But that morning, we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do because hunger was already destroying our stomachs

We shared the snacks and drinks which is not chilled

We had no other option

Bonny seems to be angry with Dorothy because he doesn’t talk to her like before

Dorothy in the other hand didn’t do as if she noticed it

I think, ladies are fond of that


….. Faith POV ❣️

That morning, which was the appointed day

I was in my residence with the other demon
As we waited for the queen mother

“Do you wish to become normal human being?” That demon asked
It was funny, so I smiled

“I only don’t want to loose Jason, he seems to be a different person now and I love him more on that” I replied

Talking about being a human instead of a ghost

I would choose being human because I admire their lives

They got to do some certain things
Travelling from one place to another

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Having fun
Making new friends

I do think about that
I just wished I could have time to be with me that I will call friends rather than being with this two old women

Maybe I should say yes, to know if there is a way she could make it possible

“Are you confused?” She asked
I have been thinking, so I might not have heard her

“I want to be a human being but I don’t know how it would be, about not having a parent” I replied

“You think that you don’t have a parent?” She asked smiling

“Is the queen mother, my mother?” I asked back

“No” she replied

“So who are my parents?” I asked
Maybe she knows more about me

“When you get to the land of living, just tell him that you are Lucy’s daughter” she said

“Who will I meet and how can I meet him?” I asked

“He is your father” she replied

“Where and how will I meet him?” I asked

“Before I leave you, I will drop you a note” she replied
I seem not understanding everything

I wish she could just give me the whole information

“Don’t worry, it won’t be hard” she added

“But how can I live with them when I am not human?” I asked

“I can see your future, I don’t know it will happen but I know that you will get a human body forever like others” she replied

I wanted to ask her something when the queen mother appeared

“They are about to open the main door and if we don’t act fast, we will loose everything” the queen mother said walking closer to us

“How do we stop them because Victor’s power can’t be compared with Mr Patrick?” I asked

Assuming it was Victor that came earlier, we wouldn’t be able to kill him

“Only you can stand him and you need Jason to help you” she replied

“How can we do that?” I asked

“Jason is already in love with you, so he will help you” she replied

“Do you think he will betray them?” I asked

“The love am seeing on Jason, he can do anything for you” she replied

“So I should kill him?” I asked

“Don’t miss any chance and opportunity” she said
Maybe I will tell Jason to kill him because I can’t near him

“I thought you said that Jenny can still break the Tomb again?” I asked

“Yes but that might take years and we don’t need to stay that long and we won’t be able to be in contact with her” she replied

“I don’t really know” she added

“Are you guys coming with me?” I asked

“Your target is Victor” the queen mother said

“Lucy, our target is Dorothy and David, they need to be stopped” she added

I was nodding when something crossed my mind

That was who the demon said that was my mother

I turned to look at her but she used her finger to cross her mouth

That secret must be really important


….. David POV ❣️

We were good to go

I noticed that Jason has been looking at me since morning

Maybe he was hating me the more

I heard from Dorothy that his mother and his sister was among those I killed when I was possessed

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Whenever I looked back at him, he always return his face

“This is the final stage guys” Jenny said as we all walked closer to the door

“So, we all will go home after today?” Bonny asked

“Definitely” Jenny replied

“I can’t wait to see my bitches, because who I love, is loving someone else” Bonny said
Of course, I understand what he was talking about

“Shall we, guys?” Jenny asked

“We are ready” Jason replied
I turned and caught him watching me but he withdrew it

“Stress is not in this door” Jenny said

“Four people is needed, Victor, Dorothy, Jason and David should stand before the door, Victor at the end side, from the left” Jenny added
We did

“Victor, the red eye” she added and Victor held the red eye on the door

“To calms the spirits down” Jenny said

The door rotated and balanced well

There was three holes on the present surface

“Jason, David and Dorothy, stretch out your hands” Jenny said
We did

A blue colored stone appeared on my hand
A pink colored one appeared on Dorothy’s hand
While a Green colored one appeared on Jason’s hand

“Place them on the holes before you” she instructed

We got closer and I put mine first before others

The door started shaking and still stand
We all turned to look at Jenny

“We will have to repeat it but note” Jenny said

“You guys will put it at the same time” she added

We went through the same strategy

The door started shaking again
We had to step backwards

After shaking, it sank

“Wow” Bonny said running inside

“Bonny!” I shouted and looked at Jenny

“It is not dangerous” she replied

I returned my head to look at the room again

It was very big and was well decorated

Jason and Victor walked in after Bonny

Dorothy looked at me before walking in


Jenny POV ❣️

It was the last stage and David needed to go down either by me or by COP Kelly

They were all walking in while I brought out my phone and texted COP Kelly

He was still in the house meanwhile we were almost done

“Jenny” David called while I looked up
He was still standing there

“Hope you are no longer angry with me?” He asked

“Let’s seal the Tomb first” I said as I walked passed him

Every other person was checking out the room

At the end was something that looks like an alter

At the right hand side on that end was something like pulpit
The same thing was at the left side

I stopped at a spot checking out the whole thing

David walked and stood beside me

I turned to look at him when I saw a very big hole beside him

If someone was to fall inside it, he won’t be able to survive it
I looked at the book but it wasn’t saying something about it

I looked up at David and he turned to look at me

I smiled and he returned the smile

“I have forgiven you” I said hitting him with my shoulder

He wasn’t expecting it
So he lost control