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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 86

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

That morning, I woke up to meet a message from Jenny

She texted that the final day was there

Meanwhile I had fixed on how to get Mrs Paul out of the hospital without Doc Henry noticing

But in some conditions, some certain things are really important than others

If I should plan on getting Mrs Paul out from the hospital and leave about David, I will definitely going to loose a greater things because David has a chance of knowing what really happened

Maybe he was aware already and would use the opportunity of Jason getting closer to him, to strike back

Mrs Paul wasn’t in the picture some years ago but I wasn’t sure if she was aware of what happened

I rushed to the bathroom and took an instant bath

I was done in few minutes time

I got dressed up and walked out of my room

Just as I got outside, I saw Benita coming from outside
Which means she went somewhere

“This early morning?” I asked, standing to take a good look at her

“Where are you coming from?” I asked

“That means you aren’t really caring because today isn’t the first day am going out like this” she said instead

“Really? So you haven’t been sleeping in this house?” I asked like I was getting angry

“I have, but I do go out very early and will come back on time but I haven’t met you while coming back” she replied

“So, where are you going to?” She asked
That was then I remembered that I was rushing for a very important thing

“I will see you when I come back” I said as I turned to open the door

“Hope everything is alright?” She asked
I had to ignore her because she won’t be of benefit in that
I got inside the car and ignited the engine

“Just take care of everywhere” I said before driving out

I could remember the location, so it didn’t take me time to get there

As I got there, I began to think about what happened on my first day being there

How the water reacted

I took my phone and texted Jenny, to know how far it has gone
In there


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I stopped at a spot when I heard David screamed

I turned immediately to see Jenny, as surprise was written on her face

She was shocked

Meanwhile, David was just floating on a pit beside her

“I don’t think, this is safe” I heard Jason said as he rushed to where David was
And drew him out from the surface

“Jenny” David called looking at her
I knew that it was her handwork

“You can’t fall inside it, no matter what” Jenny said

“I knew about it already and you do fear a lot, that’s why I decided to do it” she added smiling

“Better don’t start with that lie” Jason said as he walked back to his previous position

Jenny couldn’t say anything because she didn’t expect it

Meanwhile, David has walked passed her as well

“Are you sure that she will continue?” David asked me
I understand that he was talking about Jenny

“Why not” I replied

“The destiny is already leading us” I added while he nodded

We continued walking around the paradise that was on earth

“Why don’t we seal this Tomb now and go out of here?” David asked

“My Uncle said that we will discover some things here and also the sealing time will be in the afternoon, because that is when the ghosts will be roaming around” I replied

“But, is there any ghost in our midst now?” He asked while I smiled

“That is Victor’s power, no demon will be able to come closer, as far as he is here, although they can stay a little bit far but they can’t come close” I replied

“Wow, that’s interesting, I wish I have such power” he said

“Everyone has their own destiny and gifts, you don’t know what is required for him” I responded

“How do you mean?” He asked

“It is not far from us but you will have to see it” I replied

I was already feeling bad for Victor
I wished there could be another way

I even discussed it with him but he said that I shouldn’t worry

The room was very big
We walked from one edge to another

David at a spot and began to check on the surface
It looks exactly like the pit that Jenny tried pushing him inside

He used his hand to check if the gravity was working but his hand refused to go inside
The power kept pushing it out

I smiled and walked up to somewhere in the middle of the room

Before, I thought it was at the end but not knowing that it was in the middle

It looks like an alter, so walked to the top and turned to take a look at the whole room

It was bigger than I thought

Jenny was sitting on a bench and was busy with her phone

Only God knows what she was doing


…. Jenny POV ❣️

I became angry of what Jason said to me

It was true that I lied but I hated it when someone says that I am lying

COP Kelly told me that he was already outside

I forgot to tell him that it was in the afternoon that we were to seal the Tomb

But since he was there already, I had to keep it to myself

If am to make suggestion, I would say that it will be better if we could stop the idea of sealing the Tomb because the room was beyond imagination

I don’t think there will be a room more beautiful than it

In the whole wide world and the network in there was like a WiFi

Everything about it was perfect

I guessed, I should lay out my idea against the sealing of the Tomb

I thought for a better way to start the discussion

Dorothy was on the alter, checking out a little pulpit that was in the middle

David was just checking the wall that it’s color do change, every single seconds
Even the colors that I haven’t seen before
It was really beautiful

Bonny was lying flat on a space where lots of foods were littered
He kept taking two bites in every minute
He was just too foodie

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Jason was with Victor
I remembered that before Victor left the school, he had a fight with Jason but now, everything seems to be in the past

The way they were acting, you would doubt if they have ever fight

“I think, this place is a second heaven” I said as a method of drawing their attention

“Seriously” Bonny responded

“When are we sealing it?” David asked

“Afternoon although, It is almost time but am having a second thought” I replied

“What?” David asked

“I think we should leave it, maybe we will be coming here some time” I replied

“Am supporting you, imagine loosing all this things” Bonny responded
It was happy seeing someone who supports you

“I have to live here” Bonny added

“The idea isn’t that that bad but it is not good” Jason challenged

I knew that he was already against me
So I expected it, although I expected from Dorothy first

“Why? We have full rest here, you can’t even imagine on how things are going in here, our body never got bad, as in smelling due to not bathing, it just looks as if they are bathing us invisibly”

“Everywhere looks so bright even in the day and in the night, we got food to eat and lots of things, so tell me why?” I asked

“Don’t even think of it, have you forgotten the reason why we are here?” Dorothy asked

“Even those things we encountered on our way here, have you forgotten about it also?” Jason asked

Two against one
Bonny wasn’t saying anything
Maybe because of Dorothy

“Remember, we are only planning to save the world because this demons will continue taking souls” Victor said

If only he knows what his future was, he wouldn’t be saying that

“Let’s do it and forget this place” Victor added

He was the only one who could convince me, and since he supported them, I had to take it that way


…. Faith POV ❣️

The long awaited day has come

The queen mother and the other demon was present in my residence as we watched them through the big mirror there

They were discussing

“Don’t spare any single soul because this team is very dangerous to our benefits” the queen mother said looking at them with anger

“Faith, just look for a sweet, convincing word that can push Jason to kill Victor”

“If you are able to kill him, then we will be there to destroy the rest” she added

“We need to make the death of Dorothy, to be very painful” the other demon said

“I think so because she has done a lot of damages to us” I replied

“Her birth is the greatest mistake of this days” the queen mother added

“How do we make it painful?” I asked

“When we are able to kill the rest, then we will start from her family” the queen mother replied

“That’s what we would have done, long time before now” I said

“Mr Luke needs to pay for his crime, that’s why I spare her family because they are the pillar to his downfall” Lucy, the demon said

Anytime she speaks, I always thought about what she told me the previous day

Am Lucy’s daughter and her name is Lucy

How I got to exist was what I still don’t know

“But Dorothy is not aware of it” Lucy added

It was really difficult
I wished she could just give me a tip on what really happened and how it happened

After some hours, which makes it afternoon

I got ready to go

“We are right behind you” Lucy said while I smiled nodding

“I hope it goes well because I can’t afford to lose Jason” I said

“I will make it possible for you” she replied

I just wished that I have been with her, long time ago
I would have been better than I was

“Lucy, you know that you can easily get David, so you have to go for him while I go for Jason” the queen mother said

I guessed, it was left for them
I had to disappear and found myself in the room

They were already arranging for what so ever they had to do

I wanted to enter, but Victor’s power was too much

It kept blocking me

I had to plan on something very fast

I turned to into my human body

Thanks to the queen mother

There was a bench close to where I was, so I intentionally hits my leg on it and I fell down

“Ouch!” I screamed

I knew that they heard it

I raised up my head with a look of being hurt

All of them were looking at me

“Oh my God, Faith!” Jason shouted, rushing to where I was

David wanted to run after him, in assistant
But Jenny held him back

I guessed, it was better because he would have spoiled everything

“Am sorry” Jason said as he helped me to stand up

“You are bleeding” he added as he assisted me to sit
I didn’t know that my body was that fragile
I wouldn’t had made it real

“Ouch” I said just as he touched the wound

“Don’t worry, I will get you a first aid” he said and meant to walk out
But I held him back

“No, am just happy seeing you” I said

“Just do one thing for me and everything will be fine” I added

“Name it and consider it done” he replied
I couldn’t stop smiling

“That guy with green top” I said pointing at Victor

“His name is Victor, what is the problem?” He asked

“His intention isn’t good to what you guys are about to do” I started

“How do you mean?” He asked
I brought out an injection that would knock Victor out for close to 24hrs

“Just inject him with this and he will confess before everyone”I said

“His real intention” I added

He collected it and looked back at Victor


…. Jason POV ❣️

I couldn’t think straight but doubting Faith would be something else

I have been wishing that I can see her one day and I would say that
She might have come here for me knowing how important this journey was, to me

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But another thing was how she got in there

Maybe, she might be among the destined ones

“So how do you know about this?” I asked

“My grandmother told me about what is happening now and she appeared in my dream last night and told me that today is the appointed day” she replied
Thinking about it, Victor later show up after rejecting to help

He might be here because of what Faith just said

I turned to look at them

Victor, David and Dorothy were looking at me
Bonny was also looking at me but he was always with food

Only Jenny was busy with what so ever she was doing

Dorothy seems to remember something because she rushed to where we kept the bags and began to search for something

I returned my face

“Give it to me” I said stretching out my hand

“Don’t let any of them see it” she said while I nodded

I stood up and breaths out heavily

I just wish they would understand me after doing this

I started walking to where they were

Victor and David were just confused looking at me as I walk

My target was Victor

Just as I got closer to him, Dorothy from nowhere, rushed to stand before me
Blocking Victor as well

“We need to talk now” she said
I wanted to tell her to wait but she ignored me and drew me to a place, little bit far from where both Faith and Victor were

“We don’t have time, what are you doing?” She asked

“You stopped hiding some important things from me, so I will not like to betray you on that” I said

“She told me that Victor is up to something and I need to inject this in his body, for him to tell us the truth” I added

“What could that be?” She asked

“I don’t really know but she said that it will make our effort to be in vain” I replied
She looked at Faith and she was just looking at her wound
She turned to look at Victor
He was just confused because he doesn’t understand what was happening

“I can see demon within her” Dorothy said
Forcing me to look at Faith
It could be true, since Dorothy was able to see demons

“And I think, that’s what is controlling her” she added

“Is she really a demon?” I asked
I wouldn’t afford to lose her again

That was the third time we were meeting

“She isn’t safe but her life is in your hand” she said instead

“You are making it worst because am confused here” I had to tell her the truth
I was really confused

“Do you love her?” She asked

“Yes, I sincerely do” I replied

“In case if you don’t know, she isn’t in her rightful sense, she is being under control of a demon and she doesn’t know what she is doing” she said

“Take this” she added stretching out her hand

“This is TP gum and she needs to take it now before we start sealing the Tomb” she said

“if not, you will have to lose her forever” she added

“How can I convince her to take it?” I asked

“If she was able to convince you, you need to try your best to convince her as well” she replied

I turned to take a look at Faith again
Her beautiful face was always innocent

“Note” Dorothy said and I turned to face her

“She will fall unconscious until after the sealing of the Tomb” she added

I was becoming a little scared but I had to trust her
I handed the injection over to her

“Am trusting you” I said before walking out

I went straight to Faith with the thought of what I would tell her that would be convincing

“I gave it to her to inject him” I lied as I sat beside her

“Do you trust her?” She asked

“She has proven beyond doubt, so I had to” I replied

“I think, this will ease the pain you are passing through” I said giving her the so called TP gum and she collected it

“This looks like TP gum” she said
I guessed, she knows very well about it

“Seems like you really know it? What is the work?” I asked
She didn’t expect the question because her expression shows it

“Don’t lie to me” I added

“I heard that it takes away what you have in you” she replied
Looking into that, I think Dorothy was right

Full trust

“Then, I think it will take away the pain” I said while she nodded


…. David POV ❣️

Dorothy walked back to where we were sitting, after she must have done with Jason

“Hope everything is alright?” I asked

“Totally fine, just that she was sent to stop Victor” she replied

“Really?” I asked

“Yes, but his power is too strong that she couldn’t come closer” she replied

“Excess power” I said while we laughed a little

“She gave him this injection with a lie that Victor is up to something and it will affect our effort, and if he injected this in his body, Victor will have to tell us the truth” she replied

“Let me see” I requested and collected it from her

“Let me show you the difference between a medical student and any other students” I said as I began to examine it

“The liquid looks familiar, I think it will knock him out for 24hrs” I replied

How I got the idea, I don’t know but I found it coming out from my mouth

“Medical student indeed” Victor said

“I think you are right because if he should inject you with this, you will have to sleep, giving them chance to come into our midst” Dorothy responded

It was totally true

We were still discussing, when Jason ran to us

“Dorothy” he called and he looks so scared

My mind ran to the girl he was with

I turned towards that direction and saw her lying flat on the bench

“She is already down, are you sure she won’t die?” He asked really scared

“She won’t, the only thing that is weak in her now is the demon not her body” Dorothy replied
That means the girl was possessed

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“Is it not yet time?” Jason asked
He was really scared even after the explanation

“Oh, almost off” Victor said

“It is time Jenny!” Dorothy shouted
As for Jenny, only God knows what she was doing

“Oh, true, let’s get to it guys” she sounded cheerful

We all got prepared except Bonny because Jenny said that he wasn’t useful at that point

“David” Jenny called and I turned to look at her

“Be at the left hand side but face the little pulpit with your shirt off” she added

I removed my cloth and Jason was just surprised, looking at my chest

I walked straight to the small pulpit at the left hand side

“Jason” she called

“Remove your shirt and stand at the right hand side of the alter but you have to be facing us” she added

Jason did the same thing
His shoulder also have the same thing that was on my chest


“Dorothy and Victor, do the rite” she instructed


Victor POV ❣️

I knew that it was time and I was ready to save the world with my own life

I took out my bag and brought out the stuffs I needed

“Always use the red and black color in everything” I remembered Mr Patrick’s word

I knew that I was going to meet him

Our future was just something different

I walked to the center of the alter

I tied the red rope on the right hand side and black one at the left hand side

I mixed up the wine I had with me

I poured it on the alter

Dorothy came with her own wine and did the same

“Victor” Jenny called and I turned to her

“Stand at the right hand side” she added
I did

“Dorothy” she called and Dorothy turned to her direction

“Stand at the left hand side” she added and Dorothy did so

We were close to each other, if not for the little space that pulpit took, in-between us

“I just hope there could be another way out” Dorothy said

“Seems like you already know the future?” I indirectly asked

“My Uncle told me when we were about to go, that’s why I didn’t blame you but I was surprised seeing you again” she replied while I smiled

“Your Uncle really tried, I wish I could see him before going” I said

“Am really sorry about this” she said

“You don’t have to be, because that’s what the future holds” I responded

“Just try and make David Happy because he needs to, after the whole suffering and I can tell that you really love him” I said smiling

She turned to look at David but his eyes were closed
Even Jason

“It is time guys” Jenny said

“Jason and David, place your hands on the small pulpit before you” she said

“Dorothy and Victor, place your hands on the pulpit” she added

We placed our hand on it and I could see some sparks coming out from the center of the pulpit

Jason and David began to scream

I turned to look and saw that the eyes on their shoulder and chest, were rotating

It starts sparking

A stray of light came out from David’s chest
Another one from Jason’s shoulder
They both connected to the small pulpit that was in the center

It went up and something that looks like a bigger pulpit, appeared at the end of the room but it was on the higher position than the one we were on

There was a stair connected to it


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

Just as the last pulpit formed at the end of the room, behind the small alter

There was something that started coming out from Victor’s body

I guessed, it was his power

It was going straight to that bigger pulpit

“He was loosing it” I thought
Not that surprising because it was clear that the reason why he has it was what was happening

Which means it will no longer be useful

“Wow, it looks like a movie” I heard Bonny saying

When it was clear that the whole power has left Victor’s body,
Different and lots of demons started flying inside the room

I was becoming a little scared when I saw the so called queen mother flying inside, including the demon that was disturbing David
The one that was inside Faith, also flew out of her body

Scared was what I had in me then because Victor has lost the gift but it was a relief when they started flying inside a little door that was made on the bigger pulpit

“Victor” I heard Jenny said

“I know, I will have to sacrifice myself” Victor responded

“What? Are you stupid?” Bonny shouted
Even in his lost of mind, he still feels like human

“Wait, let me understand this, are you going for real, as in forever?” He asked

“Yes, I have to” Victor replied

“Maybe the future really want me to be with Zita” he added

“What? What about Sonia and your parents?” Bonny asked

Tears couldn’t stop flowing down from my eyes

Jason and David seems to have lost themselves because their eyes were closed and they couldn’t say anything

“Just tell Sonia that I truly love her, even though she started acting strange but tell her that I sincerely love her” Victor said

“Tell my parents that am really sorry, destiny is destiny”

“Sometimes, we don’t have to choose only for ourselves but for the sake of the whole world” Victor added
His words were really making sense

“There could be a way out of this” Bonny said

“I don’t think” Victor replied

“The lights are fading away and it will be dangerous” Jenny said
I don’t even want to think about her because she was always evil

Victor walked to the top and turned to face us

“I love you all guys, just remembered today” he said spreading out his hands as tears began to drop from his eyes

“Victor!!!!” Bonny screamed as the spark increases
The light deem out really big and went off as the door got closed and disappeared

Smoke took over everywhere

“Victor is really gone ????” I cried