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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 88

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. David POV ❣️

Just as Jason pushed me, that I almost fell down

A sound of gun was heard

The next thing was a splash of blood that almost entered my eyes

We all turned to that direction and saw a car drove out with a great speed

“Jason!” Faith shouted

I was forced to turn
Bloods filled his top abdomen

“Oh my God” Dorothy said
I checked clearly
His shoulder was bleeding

Faith tore her cloth from the stomach and used it to tie Jason’s shoulder

“You told me to make sure that you don’t lose me this time around”

“So why did you choose to go?” Faith asked I tears

“It is not like am going to die” Jason replied smiling

“Rush him to the hospital, he is in danger” one of the man said

Me and Victor carried him up

Our car was still at its position

Dorothy took the key and opened the door at the back side

We places him inside

“Victor, drive” I said

“I will drive from behind, I came with my own car” he said while I nodded
I entered the driver side with Dorothy while Faith sat at the back with Jason

“Come faster Victor” I said looking out from the window while he nodded and rushed to where he parked his car
Sonia followed him also

“Take me to Phenomenal hospital” Jason said

“That’s far” I responded looking at him through the front mirror

“That’s where I want to get treated” Jason said

“By the way, why did you pushed me and stand to take the bullet?” I asked
At least, there must be something that prompt him

“He saved your life, you should be thanking him” Faith said

“That’s what am trying to do” I responded

“I don’t think his condition is good to talk” Faith said

“Sorry our in-law” Dorothy said
I was forced to smile
I could see Jason smiling as well
I drove straight to the hospital like he said

The nurses rushed to attend to us

They carried Jason on the rolling table and rushed him inside the hospital

They asked us to wait outside

“Jason please be strong!” Faith shouted


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was seriously bleeding even on the cloth

I asked them to bring me to that hospital, so that there could be a way David and his mother would meet
Or better still meet doc Henry because he seems to have known their family really well

They started attending me immediately they took me in

Doc Henry rushed in immediately

“Jason” he called before starting the treatment

They first of all injected me and the pain died out

They operated on my shoulder and removed the bullet

“You have lost lots of blood and will lose conscious very soon” he said

“You might need blood donation” he added

“Too bad” I responded

“We need to get your parents” he said
Talking about that was the only way to put Mrs Paul in danger because I don’t trust my Dad

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“Let’s buy blood” I suggested

“It will be very risky because before it arrives, you might loose it” he replied

“Although you can still live for long but you will need vegetable for more bloods” he added

“Then let’s make it that way and wait for the arrival” I responded


….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

Jason didn’t loose blood but I had to say that
So that I could confirm what I had in mind


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

We all waited until the doc came to meet us

“How is he?” Faith asked

“He lost some bloods, it is either we donate some blood or he shouldn’t stay away from Vegetable” he replied

That was the same hospital that I normally buy blood from, but that doctor was no longer there

I remembered that the last time I came to buy blood, I discovered that he was gone

Jason was the one who bought the last one we used that very day we took David

“Can you test my blood please?” Faith asked

“We just need to get his family” the doctor replied

“But as for now, he can still live” he added

“Can I go and see him now?” Faith asked

“No, he needs some rest” he replied

“You guys can come by tomorrow” he added

After some talks, we all left to our house

I remembered that my Uncle was gone ???? but I still had to go home

Just as I got inside, I saw my Uncle sitting before the house
Really sound

“Uncle!” I shouted rushing inside
I was Really surprised
Let it not be as if I was seeing his spirit

“I trust you Dorothy, hope everything went well?” He asked

“Yes, but Uncle, you told me four days, what actually happened?” I asked

“I don’t know her but she is inside” my Uncle replied
Just then, I saw someone walking out from the house

Getting the clear picture, it was Benita
She was carrying a plate of food

“What? Benita” I asked

“How possible?” I asked

“Come inside for yours, I made yours because your Uncle said that you will be coming home today” she said instead

“But” I meant to say

“Come inside first” she said

I looked at my Uncle and he nodded with a smile on his face

I followed Benita

We got inside and she served me my food

“I hope everything went well?” She asked
I was just looking at her with lots of thoughts

“Yes but how did you even get here?” I asked

“I suppose to get thank you, but I will still tell you” she replied

Author note

After when Benita discovered that the book was gone

That day when Dorothy planned to put the book on Jenny’s desk

Benita was in the front seat and was about to check something from her behind, when she saw Dorothy with that same book as she puts it on Jenny’s desk, she became confused but decided to be extra careful

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Later, when Jenny was able to read it, she determined to know what was going on

No matter what

She was behind JAVS special room’s door during their last meeting when Jason asked Dorothy about her Uncle


“I followed you to this place that day and discovered about the drink” she said

“Am sorry to say this but you were vigilant because I came inside, still you didn’t notice me” she added

How could that be possible

“I have to be coming here every morning to give him the drink”

“That’s really good of you, am grateful” I responded


….. Victor POV ❣️

I got home with Sonia

She couldn’t stop apologizing

I also thanked her because if she hadn’t acted that way, I might not be able to be with Dorothy and co

Just as we got home, the gate got opened by the gateman

I drove inside and met a woman, with my mother in the balcony


“Mom” Sonia said before I parked

“She is your mother?” I asked her

“Yes, am dead” she replied

“How did she get here?” I asked her

“I don’t know, am just surprised seeing her” she replied

“Just hold yourself and be with me” I said looking into her eyes and she nodded

We got down and walked to the balcony

“Birds of the same feather” my Mom said

We greeted them instead

“Mom” Sonia said

“You are lucky because you just made me to meet my old time friend” Sonia’s mother said while I smiled

“You guys know each other before?” I asked with a smile

“Block head, what other explanation do you still need” my Mom said while I laughed
I didn’t know that it will be that easy

“Sonia, just stay here, I need to freshen up” I said while she nodded
I rushed inside and straight to my room

I didn’t hesitate to go to the bathroom

I began to think about it

My Mom and Sonia’s mother was old time friend

I hope it doesn’t affect our coming together

After some minutes, I was done

I dressed up and went out to meet them

They had already arranged food on the balcony

“Wow” I said

“Seems like you know how hungry I am” I added

I went to sit beside Sonia

We started eating
Not too long, my father’s car drove in with a great speed

“Dad” I called
His driver alighted while my Dad got down

“Dad” I called again

“You aren’t supposed to be here” I added

“You are back?” He asked
I thought he was talking about the company I lied to them about

“Yes” I replied

“How did you get missing?” He asked

“Missing?” I asked back

“He wasn’t missing actually, just that I needed to broadcast it, in case if anyone must have seen him or their group” my Mom replied

“Am confuse here” I said

Sonia explained everything to me
I was dumbfounded

“What were you thinking?” My Dad asked

“I decided to save the world Dad” I replied

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“Okay, savior”

“Don’t you think about your family?” He asked

I couldn’t tell if it was embarrassing or not

“I had to take an urgent flight when I saw that”;

“Anyway, I will see you in the night, thank God you are back” he added and turned to his car


….. Jason POV ❣️

That evening, doc Henry decided to let Faith to be with me after telling him that she had no where to go

She smiled, when she saw me
She was carrying a little nylon
She closed the door and walked towards my bed

“Why didn’t you go with any of them?” I asked her

“I can’t stay far from you anymore, not when you are in this condition” she replied and sat close to me

“How are you feeling?” She asked

“Good, have you eaten because I was wondering how you do about it, then?” I asked

“David gave me some money that he borrowed from the other guy, here is our food” she replied as she dropped the bag on a small desk in the room

Just as she was about to take back her hand, a paper dropped from the nylon

“What’s that?” I asked

“Lucy dropped it before disappearing” she replied

“Who is Lucy?” I asked

“She was the demon that do posses David” she replied

“She said that secret behind my existence is inside it” she added

“Have you read it?” I asked

“No, due to time” she replied

“Why don’t you read it now?” I asked

“Okay then, but what about your food?” She asked

“I will eat it, when we are done reading” I replied while she smiled

She opened it and began to read

“The number one secret about you is that am your mother” she reads and turned to look at me

“That means she is your mother?” I asked

“Yes, I suspected that” she replied

“Your existence and how you get to live is with David”

“He knows your life”

“I had to keep it a secret when I discovered that you are with the queen mother, and telling you that might be a war between me and the queen mother because she was also greedy”

“The reason why she insisted to kill Jason was because he was among those that would save you from her hand”

“Her regret was not taking human form, instead she gave it to you and only human can kill Jason”

“When it was due time to seal the Tomb, I knew that you will be saved, that’s why I decided to pen down your life for you”

“Meet David for the full story”

“As for your father, Mr Luke, is your father”

“What!!?” I asked when I heard that

How could it be possible

“If Mr Luke is your father, that means am your brother” I added

“My brother?” She asked

“Yes, Mr Luke is my father” I replied

“Oh no”

“And we have committed an abominable act which is having sex”