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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 89

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Eighty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

I waited the whole night but my Mom didn’t come back

I became worried
If not for the gateman, I would have gone to another place to stay

The following day, I went to visit Jason at the hospital

He was getting better but the doctor insisted that he should get blood transfusion

Faith was already there
How could I even said already there when she actually slept there

The look on their faces shows that something wasn’t alright

I had to wave it off and asked about something that was important to me

“Am just worried” I said

“What?” Jason asked

“My mother wasn’t home that yesterday, even up to now” I replied

“So what are you thinking?” He asked

“I just hope she is fine” I replied

“Your mother is in this hospital” he said

“Hospital? Why?” I asked

“Just meet the doctor, am sure he didn’t know that you are her son” Jason replied

“I will be back” I said and ran out of the room

I went straight to the doctor’s office

I told him about what I came for
I explained how my Mom was
Her name

“You must be David?” He asked
While I nodded

“Come with me” he said
We walked out of his office and straight to where he said my Mom was

She was sound and healthy

“David!” My Mom shouted when she saw me
She rushed to stand up
She hugged me

“I always pray every single day for you to get well and come back home” she said

“What are you doing here?” I asked

“I know that am totally fine but the doctor insisted” she replied
I turned to look at the doctor, who was just standing at the door post

“See me later, David” he said and walked out

How happy, being with my Mom
After so many things


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I had to leave the previous day for my proper rest

The following morning, after doing the necessary things I needed to do that morning

I prepared for our breakfast and get it ready

After eating, I thought it was the right time to ask my Uncle for some things about the journey
I came out to park up his plates

“You seems not ready to share your experience?” My Uncle indirectly asked
It looks like he actually read my mind

“Am just looking for a perfect time” I replied smiling as I parked the plates

“Am coming” I added and went inside

I dropped it and went out to meet him

“Did the other guy later meet up?” He asked, just as I sat

“Yes, I was surprised, I felt proud of him, at the same time felt bad” I replied

“He really made a wise decision but I guess, he is still alive?” He indirectly asked again

“How did you know?” I asked

“I just felt it but is he really alive?” He asked again

“Yes but I don’t know how, I just discovered that the reader was gone, even one other guy” I replied

“Bonny” I added, when I remembered that he already knows about him

“I thought as much, because the guy’s power was too much, according to the book, maybe the queen mother couldn’t take him” he said

“And Mr Patrick must have helped him also” he added

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“Mr Patrick?” I asked

“Yes” he replied

“What about Bonny?” I asked

“I forgot to tell you, when sealing the Tomb, it will take the evil ones with it, and they will be five in number” he replied

“But Bonny is no longer like that” I said

“Maybe his past” he replied

“When we were done sealing the Tomb, we discovered that there are three stars still there and one later disappeared” I said

“What could it be? ” I asked

“The remaining two stars are for the two main people that caused what has been happening” he replied


…. Jenny POV ❣️

Being in the land of dead was the most useless things ever

Walking up and down like a lost goat

I moved from where I was to where I don’t know but they all looked alike

I got to a spot where I saw different people

It was not just different people
They were two

A guy and a girl

The girl was just looking around in confusion

I waved at her while she nodded

“Am Jenny” I introduced

“Am Caro” she responded

“How did you get here?” I asked

“I don’t know, I went to visit one of my friends but got disappeared, as in it was just like a movie” she replied

“Strange” I said
The queen mother from nowhere appeared immediately

“Why can’t you explain things to us, I think we are now together” I requested

“I selected you people because I need evil hearted people while striking back” she replied

“Caro here have a strong heart, likewise Bonny” she added pointing at the other guy who was carried away with what he was looking at

“That’s Bonny?” I asked

“Yes, he has one of the poisonous mind” she replied

“What about Jason? He was evil” I asked

“Jason isn’t evil, his father tried to use his unrightful wealth to spoil him but he has the most softest heart, him and David” she replied

“That’s why he changed all of a sudden, didn’t you think about it?” She asked

“I was just surprised” I replied

“Are you ready to know who your real parents are?” She asked

“Yes, of course” I replied

“Come with me” she said and walked away
I followed her immediately

We got to a spot and she waved her hand on a very big mirror

The picture of what was happening in my house was shown

They were all happy

“Why are they happy instead of asking about me?” I asked

“Because they don’t really care, they pretended to, but since you left, they were happy”

“They have not asked about you”

“Do you know that this woman you took as your mother is pregnant?” She asked

“Pregnant?” I asked back

“Yes, she got pregnant the very day you guys left for the mission” she replied

“Really?” I asked

“You were actually the reason why they haven’t bear a child and your mother made it possible, anytime this woman get pregnant, and you steps into the compound, the baby will go” she explained

“Who the hell is she?” I asked



==}{==Author’s Note ????????????==}{==

21years ago

Gina noticed some changes in her body and that was a month before the challenge on face of Chantelle clothing company

She wanted to tell Luke about it but she has to check on it first

She left to a hospital

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She met the doctor who carried out a test on her

“You are one week pregnant” the doctor announced
Gina was just surprised
She knows no other man than Luke

“But your condition is not good, I will give a location to where you will meet another doctor, just give him this” he said stretching out his hand

“Just let him read it because he is the only one that can help you in that condition” the doctor added

Gina accepted and left immediately to that direction

She got there and met with doc Henry in his office
She gave him the letter as was told

“Lots of thoughts is endangering that baby” doc Henry said after reading the letter

“You need to minimize that or better still stop what so ever that is causing it” he added

“Can I remove the baby?” Gina asked

“Removing it is just as rejecting your life because you can’t survive it, I also doubt if you will make it after delivery” doc Henry replied

“I have a contest, so how can I go with it?” Gina asked

“When is it coming?” Doc Henry asked

“In the next one month” Gina replied

“You can still do it because your stomach will still be flat” doc Henry replied

Gina received some treatment and took some medicine with her

As she got home, she began to think about it

Luke has already impregnated Lucy and telling him about hers will only get her into trouble
Knowing how poisonous Luke was

She decided to keep it a secret

She always wore big gown that could possibly hide it from people

After the challenge, and she won the face of Chantelle clothing company

She began to plan on how to get rid of Lucy, in order to protect her baby

That night when Luke was trying to take Lucy out of the country

Gina noticed everything but kept calm

As soon as Luke left, Gina followed him but with a tracking device
That tracking device was planted on Luke’s cloth by her

When she hugged him

She had to use it to track him

Luke alighted before Lucy’s gate but took the fence

Gina waited at where she parked, a little bit far from where Luke parked he’s

After some minutes, Luke dragged Lucy out of the house and forced her into his car before driving out

“I don’t know your intention but this is my opportunity” Gina said and drove after them
But maintained a very good distance

“To protect our baby, I have to kill her, because she can still come back” Gina added

Luke got to that bridge and stopped

He gave Lucy his last warning about not coming back

She had to drive out
But not too far, Gina drove and hits Lucy inside the river

Luke pretended not to know that it was Gina who did it because he never asked her about it

After some days, which was approximately two months, that was when Luke started his next evil plan

He kept it from Gina because he wanted to make it on his own

Before Luke planned on killing Gina,
She has already met with doc Henry who told her that her pregnancy will be showing in few days time

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She then decided to let Luke know about it

But that day was when Luke suffocated her with the poisoned handkerchief

Just as he left, Paul drove it but met his disappointment

He had to call for ambulance before leaving

He knows that there was no hope

The ambulance arrived and took Gina to that first hospital she went to

As soon as the doctor saw it was her, he called doc Henry and told him about what happened

They gave her oxygen before transferring her to him

Doc Henry was able to save her life a little but she won’t be able to stand up because the chemical has affected her very well

“It is already too dangerous” doc Henry had said

“Although the baby is lucky to have survived the chemical but you don’t have the strength to deliver her” he added

“Her?” Gina managed to ask

“Yes” doc Henry replied

After some months, doc Henry noticed that Gina would no longer make it

He had to suggest an operation on time
Unless she would die with the baby

After crying out her eyes, she called for the doc Henry attention

“I have one request” she said

“Let it out” doc Henry replied

“I want you to help me and raise this child, even if it is by taking her to the motherless babies” she said

After the operation, Gina lost her life

Two months later,
Mr and Mrs was a new wedded couple in the town but the woman refused to get pregnant and that was Gina’s handwork

Even after so many shots, it didn’t change

They had to try something new, which was to adopt a baby


Jenny POV ❣️

“That’s how you get there” the queen mother said after the story

“So, Jason’s father is my father? Likewise Faith?” I asked

“Yes but different mother” the queen mother replied

“So where is my own mother?” I asked

“In the other world” she replied
I couldn’t believe that my whole life was a lie

“Too bad, but why are we still seeing them, I thought they have sealed the Tomb?” I asked

“The difference it makes is that we won’t be able to go into the world but we can see them from here” she replied

“So what about Mr Luke, I thought this sealing of Tomb takes bad people, why is he still alive?” I asked

“That’s why those two stars are still there” she said as the alter where we sealed the Tomb shows up

The two stars were shining really beautiful

“So what are they waiting for?” I asked

“Mr Luke and COP Kelly needs to face what they have done before dying” she replied

“COP Kelly was also evil?” I asked
I thought he was only doing his job as a police

“Yes” she replied

“It can still favor us” she added


“The stars” she replied

“How can it favor us?” I asked

“As long as the star spend a day, the more it gets bigger and if it stays there for one month, we will be able to go back to the earth” she replied

I would like it to be so, but who could be there as my parents, when Mr Luke was already committed