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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 92

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????


==}{==Author’s Note ????????????==}{==

Since the offer has been with doc Henry, his mind hasn’t been at rest

He kept making lots of plans

======/|❣️Doc Henry|\======

COP Kelly kept visiting my office for updates

“If you can’t handle this, just me know when she deliver, so that I will do it myself” he had said

I kept assuring him that I would do it
When the offer was involved

He later asked me if Paul himself has ever visited, but I don’t even know Paul

I hadn’t met him before

It was almost closed to the nine months and the delivery would be very soon

Mrs Florida Paul visited my office for her normal checkup

I had to look for a way to convince her, so that she could stay in the hospital

I had the feeling that she might cross paths with officer Kelly and that would endanger her life

After the test, she sat down before me, in my office for updates

“I will like to inform you about your current situation” I said

“This stage doesn’t need stress but you have been through lots of stress” I added

“Don’t worry, my husband will be with me in some days” she replied

That could be another danger because Officer Kelly must be after Paul himself
That’s why he was trying his best to end up his family

“I will suggest if he just relax, because we can handle it” I suggested
I had nothing in mind that could make it look ànother way, rather than saying the truth

“Well, he haven’t decided, I was only suggesting for him” she replied

“Just don’t worry him, I assure you that we will handle it”

“But I will advise you to stay in the hospital for the main time” I added

======/|❣️Mrs Florida Paul ❣️|\======

What the doctor was saying seems to be useful because I was living alone

If I should be in labor in the middle of the night, that would surely be dangerous to both me and my baby

He said that I should be expecting the baby in three days time

Just as he predicted, as exactly as that third day, I was already in the hospital

It was getting to afternoon when I felt the baby coming


My first experience during birth

My whole body was vibrating

I was attended by the nurses and the doctor

I couldn’t stop screaming to the pain I felt

Fortunately, I was able to deliver two bouncing baby boys

It was a miracle
I felt happy even though there was still a little pain under

“Congratulations ma’am” the doctor said smiling
He looked at the babies, then back to me

“Thank you doctor, if not for you, I don’t even know how I would have done with this because am supposed to be alone in the house by this time” I replied

“I guess, you are still feeling some pain?” He asked
Of course, I was

“Yes” I replied

“Okay then, this injection will help you out” he said bringing out a little stuff that was inside a bottle

I allowed him to inject me with it

After some minutes, I started feeling sleepy
It was too heavy on me that I had to let it be

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It was already getting down when
I woke up under a roof that I don’t know

The doctor was right beside me

“Oh thank God that you are still alive” he said

“Where am I?” I asked looking around

“This place is the safest place for you at this moment” he replied
I looked around for my babies but it was only one that I could see

“Where is my son?” I asked because I was already getting scared

“There was an attack at the hospital, so I asked two of my nurses to carry the babies while I was able to carry you as we followed the back entrance, but during the process, they caught one of the nurses because she wasn’t fast, I had to continue with the other nurse and my car wasn’t far”

“Just as we got to the car, the nurse puts the baby inside the car but they shot her from the back, you were already inside the car, I looked back and saw that they were coming, I wouldn’t want to risk the rest of your lives, I had to drive out with the greatest speed I had”

“We are just lucky” he added
The story was just confusing, I didn’t know what next to do than to cry

“My baby!”

“What’s the attack for?” I managed to ask

“I think they were after you people because when they arrived, they first of all asked the nurses where your room was by then, I was passing by, they were carrying bag and the shape was suspicious”

“I informed one of the security to search them while I rushed to your ward, soon, the fight began”

“Since I was already aware of the reason why they came, I had to take you guys out of the hospital” he explained

“I will suggest if you leave the town as soon as possible” he added

After much discussion, he suggested that he should go and book a flight for me
So that I would leave that night

He said that they ran, still my bag was with me in that room

I had to trust him because I was still alive

“Try to eat up because you need strength” he said
I gave him my passport and he left

I wondered how I would go with a baby when I delivered two

I cried my eyes out of my body

We left with his car, that night to the airport

I parked somewhere and asked me to wait a little
He got down and checked around before I get down

I remembered that my husband was worried when I wanted to go

Maybe he had a misunderstanding with someone over there in Paris

I got to France and told him about my experience

The next thing that came out of his mouth was


“Who is Luke?” I had asked him but he said that I shouldn’t worry

======/|❣️Doc Henry ❣️|\======

I had to make it possible for them to leave the country before Officer Kelly would visit again

I took the other baby with me

I had to make it that way because I thought that Mrs Paul wouldn’t be able to handle them

She wasn’t strong yet to be frustrated

Two days later, COP Kelly visited for updates

I took him to my father’s grave where I used a new concrete to plaster
So that it will look new

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“I buried them here and alive” I said

“You really did more than I” he responded

He called the so called Luke and informed him about their mission accomplished


….. David POV ❣️

The past was really bad

I never thought that COP Kelly would be that bad

“So how did I get to live with Mr Luke?” Jason asked

I thought as much

“We don’t tell story in a day” Doc Henry said

“That is story for another day” he added and stood up

“It is just simple to say” I said

“Patients are waiting, I even want Mr Luke to hear it from me because he doesn’t know that you aren’t his son” he replied while I gasped

How then did they do it?

“Just take care of yourself” he said

“Mrs Paul” he called
My Mom was already looking at him

“That same COP Kelly is the reason I transferred myself here and he is also the reason why I kept you here all this while”

“So, please, be careful” he added

“Am worried” my Mom said

“About what?” Doc asked

“My husband, he was the person who was worried about me coming here, still, he was the same person that brought us here” my Mom said while doc smiled

“There is more about Mr Paul that you are yet to know, I will see you people later” doc Henry said and left

“At least, am happy that I didn’t loose you all at last” my Mom said looking at Jason and back to me

“Mom” Jason called
He tried forcing himself out of the bed

“Don’t try that” my Mom said and rushed to him
Jason held her tight

“That’s why I felt different being with you” Jason said

“I doubted my beginning, you really look like your father” my Mom said

I remembered my Dad of so many years, he really looks like Jason

“So who is the senior among me and him?” Jason asked while my Mom released him
With smile

“I don’t know, I couldn’t remember who came out first” my Mom replied

“David, I have something very important to ask” Faith said, calling my attention

“My mother, Lucy” she added

I remembered that the demon was Lucy

“Wait, you mean Lucy is your mother?” I asked

“Yes” she replied

“Who is Lucy?” My Mom asked
As she returned to her position

“That demon that was disturbing me” I replied while she turned to look at Faith

“She gave birth to her before turning into a demon?” She asked

“Not really” I replied
I took my time to explain to them just like the demon did

From the beginning to the end
Excluding Mr Luke, taking out what belonged to my father

“How come she is here like human when she was casted out at the dead land?” My Mom asked

“My Uncle gave me something that would bring her to the living, since she wasn’t dead” Dorothy replied

“So, this same Luke, is your father?” My Mom asked

.”yes” Faith replied

“Too bad”


….. Mr Luke POV ❣️

I have been checking out on Jason through COP Kelly but he said that they were still at the journey

It was keeping long and I was worried

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One afternoon, I was in the balcony reading some news paper when Officer Dan drove in

He parked and came into the balcony

I gestured him to sit which he did

“So, have you gotten any useful information?” I asked him

“You know very well that policemen are always smart” he said

“COP Kelly isn’t that easy to find out his secret” he added

“So, is it useless for asking you in?” I asked

“It can never be, I was able to discover that there is a new DOC at the oldest hospital”

“He is working with” he replied

“So any further information about how they do?” I asked

“Actually, I haven’t seen the doctor because I thought it will be better if you go by yourself since COP Kelly is your brother” he replied

“He might misunderstand me” he added

That would be another thing


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was almost perfect and it was time to get discharged and Faith was present

Faith never failed to visit me
It was just like every minute

Doc Henry came in and tested me

“You are good to go, it is just left for the wound to heal” he said

“Okay doctor, thank you” I appreciated

My Mom was already home because David was back

He had to be running things for her since she doesn’t suppose to go out again

I went out with Faith and I saw David in his car looking at our direction

“What are you doing here?” I asked when I got to the car

“Have you ever thought about how you will go?” He asked back
I smiled
I even forgot about the plan on how to go home from the hospital

“Sounding so caring” I said as I meant to open the door but Faith was already holding the handle

“You are still not fine” she said and opened it

I had to smile

Since the doctor said that he wanted to tell me how I got to live with Mr Luke, when Mr Luke was present

I had to look for a way to get him

“Let’s visit Faith’s house” I said

“Huh?” Faith asked

“Yes, Mrs Luke’s house” I replied

“As you said” David said and drove off

We got to the house and he parked

Mr Luke was in the balcony with a gentleman

Just as I stepped out of the car
My Dad gasped

“Jason!” He shouted and rushed to meet me

“How have you been my son?” He asked
I felt for him but I still had to tell him the truth

“Sorry, am not your son, you only have daughter” I said

“How do you mean,? What are you talking about?” He asked

“If you want to know more about this, visit Doc Henry at the oldest hospital, by tomorrow morning” I replied

“He had the secret you must be willing to hear” I added and turned to the car
I got in and David drove off

“This my junior brother don’t have respect” David said
Of course I knew that he was referring to me
I had to smile

“In case if you don’t know, am your senior and I still have problem with you” I replied

“Maybe you should get down from my car then” he said while we laughed