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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 93

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…… Jason POV ❣️

We were almost close to my supposed house when something ran into my mind

“We are making a mistake” I said

“How?” David and Faith asked at the same time

“I want to make it in a shocking way”

“I don’t want him to know that am not his rightful son until the very last time” I suggested

I knew that we still got a long way to go after discovering the truth

The best way was just to get the truth from the doctor, without getting either COP Kelly or Mr Luke involve

“But you have already told him” David said

“Let’s go back” I suggested

David revised and headed to back to Mr Luke’s house

I won’t refer him as my Dad again

“What’s the plan?” David asked

“Just comply with the move” I replied

We arrived at his residence and horned as usual

The gateman opened the gate and we drove in
But I asked him to stop at the middle of the gate when
My eyes caught the parking spot which shows that Mr Luke’s favorite car wasn’t there

“Am sure he must have gone to the hospital” I said

“Lucy said that he doesn’t hesitate to take a chance” David added

“We must look for a way to contact doc Henry now” I suggested

“He don’t need to tell him the truth now” I added

“Do you have his number?” David asked

“My mistake” I responded

“We don’t have time” David said as he revised immediately and drove off

He was really good in driving


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was in my room, going through my book

Since the exam wasn’t far, I had to read
At least, things were better

I heard my Uncle’s voice, calling me from outside

I dropped my books and went to answer him

He looked so serious
As if he was thinking

“Sit” he said while I sat down on a chair, close to him

“When are you resuming school?” He asked

“There is no point in that because we are only waiting for the exam” I replied

“Don’t you know that being absent in school might be a problem because they will think that you have changed school” he said

“I have done the necessary payment, and am studying in the house, I have taken my permission from the school authority during that time the demon was disturbing” I replied

“That’s by the way, I want you to meet David personally” he said
I was forced to look at him, wondering what could be the reason

“Am very sure that he do communicate with the demon, right?” He asked
I remembered when I lost my gift
He was the one who told me that she was in our midst then

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“Yes” I replied

“Then, she must have told him everything” he said

“Which everything?” I asked

“About David’s father” he replied
Still, I was confused

“Just tell him to meet me when he will be chanced free”

“So that we could talk about his father” he added

I was really lost but I still had to do as he said


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

I didn’t understand what Jason was trying to say

My hope of so many years was getting weak
I wouldn’t stand what was trying to happen

I had to go straight to the hospital

That was the same hospital that Officer Dan told me about
I had to go with him

When we got there, we met with the nurses but they said that the doc wasn’t around

It was disappointing

“Oh Mr Luke!” One of the nurses shouted

Even though I was popular and well respected, people hardly recognize me

“Don’t be annoyed sir, I will call him for you” she added

She made the call immediately and reported that the doctor would be there in some minutes

I had to look for somewhere to wait for him


….. Jason POV ❣️

We arrived at the hospital and David parked

“Don’t rush, unless he won’t believe you” David said while I nodded holding my chest
I had to calm down because I was already breathing heavily

“I just hope they haven’t met him” I responded

I opened the door and got down

David did

“Are you going with me?” I asked

“We have to make it look real because we were there together” he replied
I smiled

I can’t even explain how I felt

“Yes” Faith said as she opened the other door and got down

“We don’t have time” David said
I remembered that we were up to something

“Let’s go” I responded
David locked the car before following me
Meanwhile I was already walking with Faith

Mr Luke was almost coming out from the hospital when we gets in

I looked from him to that same gentleman I saw him with
In their house
I wouldn’t want to think about him

“Dad” I said laughing

He was totally confused
He looked at me and then to the man beside him

“I was only joking Dad” I added

“He wanted to see your move if he is in danger” David supported

“What do you mean? You are creating scene here” he said

“Actually, this is the hospital I was admitted, after getting shot some days ago, I guess you are not aware of it” I said

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“Shot? When?” He asked
He sounds so caring

“Just after the journey” I replied

“By who? You know am not aware of what you went to do” he asked

“It was just criminals that was been chased by police, but am good now” I lied
I still felt some pains

“So why the prank because the doctor is coming?” He asked
I even forgot about that

“Let’s go first” I said while he just looked at me again before looking at David and Faith

“Who are they?” He asked

“My friends, they were those that I went with” I replied


….. Officer Dan POV ❣️

Figuring out something was never hard for me

Checking out what was happening and what happened, it shows that there was something behind Mr Luke’s son action

I didn’t believe in the so called prank he claimed

And I was ready to look into it


…. Bonny POV ❣️

Being in the land of dead was the most boring things in living

Just walking around with no destination

The worst part was that there was no much human there

Only me, Jenny and one other girl

Sometimes, an old woman who Jenny refered to as the queen mother do visit us

She narrated to us the reason we found ourselves there

She said that if I had lived, I will surely be worst on earth

She said that David and Dorothy might end up being together
And that’s what I won’t be able to stand if I lived

She added, saying that she took me out of the world because she want only her to be in charge of wickedness

That was greedy tho

According to her, she said that I would be useful to her in the future

That she loves my planning method

I wondered what planning would be doing in the land of dead

The final hope was that she said that there was still a chance for us to go back to the earth


….. David POV ❣️

Jason had to go with his father, just to make everything real
While I went home with Faith

That evening, he messaged me for a location that we could meet up for more planning

I would have called Dorothy but unfortunately, she wasn’t with phone

I drove with Faith, straight to the location

Jason was already present

The hug he had with Faith was

I even felt jealous
I wished I had gotten one

“It is enough please” I said as I sat down on a chair that was in the table, Jason was sitting

“Maybe you haven’t missed someone before” Jason said while I smiled

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“It was just few hours ago mehn” I responded

“Still” Faith responded
I had to keep calm
I couldn’t face both of them

It was a restaurant, so we ordered for something

“So why did you suddenly changed your mind?” I asked
I wanted to know if he was already aware that Mr Luke wasn’t in his rightful position

“I believe that there is something else behind my story and I need to find a way to get it out” he replied

“Do you think doc Henry is aware of it?” I asked

“How can I be sure when he haven’t tried telling me anything about my own life” he replied

It was clear that he wasn’t aware of it but his instinct couldn’t let him be

“So what is the plan now?” I asked

“We need to look for a way to convince him, so that he will tell us that secret” he said

“I think it is really important” he added

Maybe after that, I will tell him the main secret

Thanks to Lucy
I wouldn’t have known

That’s what I will be thanking her for


….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

I came back almost immediately after when the nurse called me about Mr Luke looking for me

But before I could get to the hospital, he was gone

I knew him as a serious man but I couldn’t tell what was his mind

I was in my office that evening when I was called that Jason and David were there

I asked them in

“Am loving this team” I said smiling

They greeted me before sitting down

“The other ladies?” I asked

“Already home, this is our business not theirs” David replied
He sounds to be the senior
Even though it was hard to figure out
Due to the early separation

“We are actually here for me” Jason said

“What about you?” I asked

“I want to know how I got separated, I believe there is something else on top of that” he replied while I smiled

“Of course there’s, but I don’t really know about it” I replied

“Let me know first about my separation” he said

“Are you aware that your father was here?” I asked

“Not my father, and you know” he responded

“Actually, we were the one who interrupted his visiting because Jason thinks that it wasn’t yet time for him to know the truth” David replied

“We almost made a mistake” Jason supported

I guessed, it was true

Mr Luke needs to go through a lot, even from whom he thinks that was his son

“I think you are right, I only have to tell you about how you get separated but no other information” I said

“I accept” Jason responded