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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 94

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????


===}{=={(Author’s Note ????????????)}==}{===

Just one week after when COP Kelly was satisfied about the killing of Mrs Florida Paul and her kids

He rewarded doc Henry in additional

He didn’t expect it the way doc Henry did it

======}{❣️ COP Kelly ❣️}{======

Peace of mind was what I believe was the best gift of life after air

I knew that evil was one thing that you could do, and it will be backfiring you

Instead of letting it get you down, you just have to push further

I was now left with no other option than to protect my reputation

Since I was born

It was Sunday afternoon
I was in my house

Sully visited me earlier with her pregnancy, her seven months pregnant

It was really getting to time and I was yet to see her parents for marriage

I had to contact Luke for it
Since he was my only family

He assured me that he was right beside me in anytime

Just as Sully left, an unknown number called
It was a foreign line

I didn’t pick it at first until it called again

I had to pick it

“This is Ella”; her voice sounded
I wished I could hang up
Her trouble was another thing
But I wouldn’t try that

“Ella” I said

“Yes, this is my Dubai line” she replied

“What do you want?” I asked

“Checking on a friend isn’t a bad thing, or do you want three rounds?” She asked and laughed

“You are married for crying out loud” I responded

“That’s why am calling” she said

“How do you mean?” I asked

“I have been in Dubai for some months now, looking for solution” she replied

“Which solution?” I asked

“Doctor said that I won’t be able to conceive again” she replied


“He said that my womb has been damaged” she replied

“If that’s so, why then are you looking for solution? It can’t be possible again” I said

“Anyway, I called you, so that you can make a plan on this” she said

“You got to be kidding, what plan?”

“I want to have a male baby for my husband, no matter what” she replied

I just hoped that it wasn’t what I was thinking

“Then do it your way!” I shouted as if I was angry

“Don’t shout at me, I can change my mind, I still have the video, remember” she said

The real devil
Always threatening

“Okay calm down, what do you want me to do?” I asked

“Good, I want you to make anything possible for me to show my husband, his son” she replied

“If not, just know that your child and Sully are in trouble” she added

That’s another ugly threat

“Give me some days to think please” I said

“No problem but you need to be fast because my husband is worried, as in he wants to see me” she said

She thought but Luke was just having his time with different bitches

“I will call you by tomorrow” I replied and hung up before she could say anything

I needed to think for a way out

======}{ ❣️ Ella ❣️}{======

In this life, you don’t have to loose opportunity

Lustful life was the sweetest but ugliest life
It comes out with lots of things
Gain and Lost

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I almost lost my life in such thing

Being with someone you just met
Sleeping in one house with him

We use what we have to get what we want

That was my mother’s word

But since I became a married woman, I decided to drop it

As for Tessy, I had to let her live at London where she was schooling while I left to Dubai for any tip

That was then I remembered COP Kelly

I believed that policemen has the fastest thinking

That was why I called him directly

I didn’t need to bother myself that much because I still held him with a vital point

The following day, COP Kelly called as promised

“I have the plan” he said while I smiled
I trusted him, since he was able to get me married to Luke

Then he could do a lot

“That’s good, what’s the plan?” I asked

“First of all, how many months have you been outside, as in without Luke?” He asked

“Almost ten months” I replied

“I think that is good” he said

“I want to arrange something from here and you need to make a plan on how to come down to Paris” he added

“Just tell me when, and see me there” I replied

“I want it to look like a surprise for him, I will arrange a baby of one week or two, years old”

“Then I will tell you when to come back but you don’t need to let him know about your coming back” he added

“So what is the main plan?” I asked because he haven’t said it

“We will tell him that you were pregnant but you discovered it some weeks after when you travelled, but you decided to keep it a secret, for you to surprise him” he replied

“And that was why you stayed up to this month” he added

“Wow That is really smart, that why I trust you” I said

“Just be expecting my call” he said and hung up
That was too fast

His plan was really perfect

======}{❣️ Doc Henry ❣️}{======

It was a week and a day after the incident,

I was busy with my patients when I was informed that someone was looking for me

I thought for a while who could that be but I couldn’t figure it out

After attending to the supposed patient, I went to meet the person

It was no other person but COP Kelly

I just wished that he didn’t find out the truth

I asked him to come with me to my office

We got in and I gestured him to sit

“You must be wondering why am here?” He asked

“Seriously, but I hope all this well?” I returned the question

“Not really”

“What happened?” I asked

“I don’t how you will do it but I want you to arrange a baby boy for me, even if they just gave birth to him now or one week ago” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked because I wasn’t getting what he was talking about

“A friend of mine is barren and she needs to show her husband a baby after some months” he replied

“She has already told him that she is pregnant” he added

“Even if you are going to lie to the mother that the baby died”

“Just anyhow” he kept saying

“How can you claim that, what if the parents request for the dead body?” I asked because I needed to play hard first

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COP Kelly was really smart

He might think about it if I had jumped into conclusion on helping them

“You have to make it possible, within your power” he said

At least, there are so many things that happened for so many reasons

I thought it was the time

“I will think about it” I said

“We don’t have time” he responded

“Okay, I will do that, so when will you be coming for the baby?” I asked

“In two days time” he replied

======}{❣️ COP Kelly ❣️}{======

Ella arrived at the airport at the exact date we agreed on

Luke was supposed to be at home at that time

I went to the airport to pick her up

“Welcome” I said without smiling

“Thanks, but at least smile” she said

“We don’t have time, someone might see us on time” I responded

“That is really smart” she said as we walked to my car

We got in and I drove off
Straight to the hospital

We met with the doctor and asked him about it

Of course, the baby was ready

“Don’t forget, one week and three days” he said

“Also, this suppose to be a secret” I said looking at the doctor

“Sure” he replied

“I will see you later” I said referring to the doctor, concerning his reward

We walked out of the hospital and straight to my car

“The baby is beautiful” Ella said

“We need to leave here” I said instead as I opened the door for her

“I guess” she responded and got inside the car

======}{❣️Mr Luke ❣️}{======

Having a good time with my drink and some fresh air coming left and right of the balcony

The gate got opened by the gateman and COP Kelly drove in

I wondered why he was in my house at that moment

He was carrying someone at the back side but the tinted window wouldn’t allow me to see the person well

He got down and opened the door

I couldn’t believe that it was Ella with a baby on her hand

I was just confused looking at them

I had to stand up and walked to the front

“Good afternoon honey” Ella greeted as she walked closer to me
While COP Kelly stood at where he parked his car

“I don’t understand” I said pointing at the baby

“I thought I should be surprising you” Ella said

“How do you mean?” I asked

” I discovered that I was pregnant few weeks after I left, so I decided to keep it a secret because I knew how desperate you were, about a boy” she explained

“Wait, a boy?” I asked with joy
Forgetting necessary things that I needed to ask her

“Yes, he looks more handsome like you” she replied
I smiled and carried the baby


….. Jason POV ❣️

I exhaled after the story

“So that’s how I got to live with him?” I asked

“Exactly” doc Henry replied

“COP Kelly has started from the beginning” David said

“I need to attend some patient now” doc Henry said standing up

We had to stand up as well

“Thanks for the information anyway” I said

“Anytime, just take care of yourselves guys” he said while we nodded and left his office

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“That was really a long journey brother” David said on our way to the car

“My whole life was a lie” I responded

“Don’t worry, it is already turning out true” he said while I smiled

Just then, a cab drove into the hospital

It parked and Dorothy got down from it

She walked to where I was, with David
Beside David’s car

“I guessed well” she said

“Dorothy” David called

“Why are you here?” He asked

“My Uncle said that he will like to speak with you alone” she replied

David looked at me

“No, this is between couple, don’t look at me again” I said as I got inside the car

“Is it now?” David asked

“It is already late, I just came to inform you since you don’t even care to visit” she said

“I knew you would be here because Jason is receiving treatment that’s why I am here” Dorothy added

“Sorry, I was very busy that I couldn’t visit” David apologized

“No problem, am not angry but worried” Dorothy responded

“See you tomorrow” she added and walked out

“Take care” David shouted

“Lover boy please let’s go” I said while he smiled

He got inside and ignited the engine

“I still need to stay with him for the main time, until the whole truth is out” I said

“No problem, I will drop you off” he replied


….. David POV ❣️

I had to drop Jason at Mr Luke’s place and still go to Dorothy’s house

“Take care of Mom and Faith please” Jason said when I dropped him as he bent over to the window

“Sure, take care junior bro” I replied

“You have started again” he said while I laughed and drove off

I watched him through the side mirror and he was just watching as I drive

I revised and drove back to where he was standing

“Aren’t you going inside? Or are you missing me already junior bro?” I asked

“Hey!” He shouted while I laughed again and drove off

No turning back

I called my Mom and told her that I would be coming back late

I drove straight to Dorothy’s house and met with her Uncle

“You really came today?” He asked after greeting him

“I have to” I replied

“Please sit” he said while I sat beside him

Dorothy was surprised when she saw me
She had to go back to inside
Where she was

“It is already late, I have to go straight to the point” Mr Ken said

“When are you planning to recover what belonged to you and your brother?” He asked
I was confused

“How do you mean?” I asked

“About Mr Luke” he replied

“You already knew about it?” I asked

“Yes, even when the demon was telling you about it, it was showing in the special book” he replied

“You also know about Jason, being my brother?” I asked

“Yes, I knew it right from time when I heard about the marks on you guys, Dorothy even said it” he replied

“Actually, the demon told me about everything but I don’t have any evidence against him” I said

“That’s why am missing something when I was with her, I would have asked for evidence” I added

“Don’t worry, when you are ready, I will support you guys” Mr Ken said

“Just try and work together with your brother” he added