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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 95

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…… Officer Dan POV ❣️

The following morning, I got down to Elysee because I needed to see the doctor

At least face to face will make things easier for me

Working for someone doesn’t mean that you will have to put only their own interests in mind
But as a police officer, you will have to be checking the two sides

Right from beginning, when I heard about Mr Luke as the new management of Chantelle clothing company, I thought that there was something behind it because I was sure that Mr Isaac had a son

I also tried checking on that but there was no clue

I drove straight to the hospital and parked

“Am here to see the doctor” I said referring to a nurse that was at the front desk of the receptionist

“Okay sir but you need to wait a little, because he is with someone” she replied

“Or is it urgent?” She asked

“Not really, I will wait” I replied as I went to sit on a chair

I began to look around

After some minutes, a man walked out from the doctor’s office direction

I knew that it was my turn but the man caught my attention

It was Mr Lee

“You can go in now sir” the nurse said while I nodded
Still my eyes on Mr Lee

He was walking to the passage where the patients rooms are

I had to follow him up

The nurse tried correcting me

Thinking that I was about to make mistake
But I signalled her to calm down while I kept following Mr Lee

He was serious with where he was heading to
And I tried not to behave suspiciously

I followed him quietly until he reached to the end

I made as if I was going inside a room just at my right hand side

I held the handle and opened it
Luckily, it was empty

I could feel that he has turned to the room at that end

I had to walk in first

When I was sure that he has gone inside, I came out from the room and closed it back

I walked very fast to the end but stopped at the door

It was close
I placed my ears against the door, so that I could hear what would happen there but everywhere was quiet

Soon, I started hearing a footsteps coming closer to the door

I rushed and opened the door next to it

“Why is everywhere empty?” I asked myself but in a low voice

I waited for him to open the door, which he did

He walked passed the room I was in

It sounds as if he stopped because I couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore

I still had to wait until he walked out of the passage

I rushed out of the room when I thought that he must have done something to anyone in there

But when I got inside the room, it was also empty

I had to check around the room properly

When I was sure that there was nothing in there, I had to go after what I came for

I walked straight to the doctor’s office

Luckily, he was free

I knocked on the door before opening it

“Please sit” he said
Meanwhile I was still closing the door

Just as I turned to look at him
He did the same

Couldn’t believe that it was my classmate

“Doc Henry” I called smiling

“Unbelievable, is this not the same Dan?” He asked smiling back

He stood up and we shook hands

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“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked
He sat back down and I did so

“I thought you were in Louvre?” I asked

“I got some business to do here, so why are you here?” He asked back

“Some business as well” I replied

“for how long have you known Jason?” I asked

“Everybody is now on his case” he said instead

“Wait, there was a man who left here some minutes ago, who is he?” I asked

“Actually, I don’t really know him but he said that he was an old time friend of Mr Paul” he replied

“Who is Mr Paul?” I asked because I don’t know him

“Isaac’s son” he replied

“Wait, do you know where he stays now?” I asked

“Not at all” he replied

“So is there any patient at the end of the first passage?” I asked to know if I could figure out Mr Lee’s plan

“Mrs Florida, Paul’s wife” he replied

Thinking about it, he was an old time friend of Mr Paul and now he was at the supposed ward of Mrs Paul

He was also working with COP Kelly and Mr Luke was doubting him concerning Jason


How could Mr Luke easily believe that Jason was only playing even when he was thinking about him might not be his son

“But is she still there?” I asked

“No, her son, David has taken her home” he replied

“Her son David? What about Paul?” I asked

“I can’t tell about it” he replied

“Actually, I was with Mr Luke yesterday when he came to visit you” I started

“Mr Luke is having a feeling that Jason might not be his son and I don’t know if you have an idea because Jason said that you are aware of it?” I indirectly asked

“I don’t even know who you are with” he said

“You were with Mr Luke yesterday and Jason said that he was only joking, isn’t that true?” He asked

“Yes, but how did you know?” I asked because it must be Jason that told him

“Actually, when I arrived, the nurses told me everything, after all, they were the one that called me” he replied

If I would get what I came for, I had to be sincere

Doc Henry was my close friend but he doesn’t like to leak secret like that

“Let me get into the matter, Mr Luke came all the way from Elysee to Louvre, just to see me”

“According to him, he said that he was suspecting something about Jason, and he was thinking that COP Kelly must be aware of it”

“He asked me to work on it, knowing that COP Kelly was smart enough, that he wouldn’t tell him the truth easily” I explained

“Friendship have to do with lots of things” he said while I nodded

“I will give you the details because I trust you but I still don’t want Mr Luke to know it” he added

“Sure, I believe that there must be something even after this, but am working on it” I replied

He explained to me how COP Kelly came to him with Mr Luke’s late wife who was barren

He had to get Jason for them

He also told me that COP Kelly tried killing Mrs Paul with the baby
So he had to look for a way out
And still take Jason in there

“Mr Luke isn’t smart as I thought” I said
After the explanation

“How can someone claimed to be pregnant for you but kept it a secret, just to surprise you and you didn’t think of going for DNA test?”

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…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Making plans as usual was becoming hard for me this days

I had to take a break and handed everything to Mr Lee

Mr Lee met me in my office after checking out what he said that he has

“Bad news” he said immediately he sat

“Which bad news?” I asked

“Mrs Paul is no longer in the hospital” he replied

“What? We need her now because I still have some important information to get” I said

I wanted to arrest David maybe it could be a way to threat her because I knew very well that truth was always hard for her to tell

But Mr Lee asked me not to try it because the court won’t permit it

Possession of evil spirit was beyond human power

As far the person has been delivered, you don’t have the license to arrest him

That was according to Mr Lee

Since I have been working under law, I haven’t heard about that

“But I don’t think we still need Mrs Paul here because we have gotten the information we needed” he said

“Am just scared because I don’t know her next target”

“She might still come for Mr Paul’s position, I think that is why she came here to live” I said

“Do you want her or David?” Mr Lee asked

“I need both of them, I don’t know if David is already aware of what happened to his father” I replied

“I will work on that” Mr Lee replied

“I need to make plans on it” he added before leaving

Few minutes after he was gone, Mr Luke’s call came in


……Mr Luke POV ❣️

Thinking straight was far from me

If I could remember, Jason’s birth was just a surprise

If he should have said what actually came out from his mouth
That means something must have prompt him

Even after what he said that was a prank, I still have the feeling

I had to call COP Kelly to my house

Not too far, he arrived and parked

He met with me in the balcony

It has become my favorite place
I offered him some drinks

“I just have one thing that is bothering me” I said
Just to start up a conversation

“What could that be?” He asked

“About Jason” I replied
I could see that his expression changed
That was one of the things that do make me think that he might be his father

“What about him?” He asked

“I think Ella lied to us” I replied

“Lied? How?” He asked

“I began to compare how things has been going on, I think he is not my son, even Ella hated him” I replied
It wasn’t making sense but I still have doubt

“Ella hating him can be something else, if someone should hate him, it supposed to be you not her” he replied

“I think she has someone over there” I said

“Strange, let me see to that” he responded

“I need to travel to London for investigation” he added

After much discussion, he left
Even though he suggested for something meaningful, I still doubt him

Officer Dan’s car drove in

He parked and rushed to where I was

“I didn’t expect you today” I said

“Yes, but I have to come” he replied

“Why don’t you sit?” I asked

“Am in a hurry” he replied

“Okay, what’s the thing?” I asked

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“I just did an inquiry about Jason and I even met with that doctor” he replied

“Good, what’s the result?” I asked

“I discovered that Jason is your real son” he replied


….. David POV ❣️

It was time for truth

I knew what Jason said that he felt that was on top of his birth

Which was our father’s company and position

If I should keep it, I don’t think Jason would be able to know it

Taking it back won’t be easy but Mr Ken has promised us

I took my phone and called Jason

We had to meet at the same place we met the other time

Because of what it was, I had to go alone instead of going with Faith

I arrived before him and looked for an empty seat

It wasn’t long before he walked into the store

His eyes first came to my direction

He had to come

“Where is Faith?” That was his first statement as he sat opposite me

“As you can see, she is not with me” I replied

“Why?” He asked

“What I want us to discuss is not what she needs to hear for now” I replied

“What could that be, that she isn’t supposed to hear, she is almost part of the family?” He asked

“Almost, maybe you should buy her a cellphone then” I responded

“You don’t know how it is to love and miss someone” he said while I smiled

“Let’s go to business first” I said

“Okay, what is it?” He asked

“When the demon was tormenting my life, she told me some truth about Mr Luke” I replied

“Truth? Apart from him being Faith’s father?” He asked

“Yes”; I replied

“So which truth is that?” He asked

“That his position was meant for our father” I replied

I began to tell him everything that happened 21yrs ago
According to Lucy

I didn’t miss anything

“I said it, my instinct wasn’t wrong” he said after the story

“That’s why Mr Ken called me, he said that we should work on how to get what belonged to us” I said

“Too bad that Mr Williams died” he said after the story

“So how are you planning to take him down when you don’t have any evidence, and the only hope is gone?” I asked

“I don’t know how it will work but Mr Ken said that he will help” I replied

“That we should sue him first” I added

“Why will it be possible, is he Mr Williams?” He asked

“How can someone be two people?”

“I believe that he might be a friend to Mr Luke but on the way, they had a crash” I replied

“It could be possible but you need to wait, so that I can watch closely at him” he said

“I might get something against him, in that house” he added


….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

What was happening appeared so interesting

I had to make my own plan

I thought of taking from Gina’s side but there was no evidence

Gina only told me what happened but she didn’t have anything that would be used against him

“Maybe I should bring in my patient” I said to myself

I was actually waiting for the perfect time to let the patient in

“Let me go and check him out” I concluded and got up from my seat
I walked out of my office and took my excuse from the nurses

I entered my car and drove off