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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 96

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

I drove to a restaurant where I normally buy food for that my special patient
Whenever I want to visit him

He was able to wake up from a coma after so many years
Luckily, he woke up that very day Jason knew the truth about himself

He was actually the person I went to check on, the time Mr Luke visited

I drove straight to the hospital where he was staying

I parked and took those things I bought for him

It was one of the rooms in the hospital but it was underground

I first met with doc Sammy and greeted him as usual
Before I headed down to the underground

He was just entertaining himself with a video

“You are doing well” I said smiling
He also smiled

“Thanks to you” he replied

I brought out those things I bought for him

He took the fruits first and began to show them what they are meant for

“I think it is time to act” I said

“I want to know Mr Luke’s position first” he responded

“Actually, I don’t really know but you can act as a pillar to David and his brother when you show up” I said

“Are they planning to sue him to court?” He asked

“I haven’t talked with them about that but I think that David is aware of it” I replied

“Who would have told him?” He asked

“I don’t know, maybe Mrs Florida” I replied

“But she is not aware of it’ he said

“Never can tell, secret can’t be forever” I responded


….. Jason POV ❣️

Too many secrets about Mr Luke

I was really shocked when I was listening to what David had to say about him

I couldn’t believe that he actually overthrown our father

I had to try something new

Apart from what he did that we had no evidence about

At least, they might be something else that he was doing

I drove home that day with lots of thoughts

I had to make a perfect plan for him

If he was that smart, that means it will be very difficult to get him down

I got inside and greeted Mr Luke, who was alone in the living room and I headed to my room

I collapsed on my bed and began to think

I was still thinking when my phone began to ring
I checked and it was David

I had to pick up immediately
Because I was scared if something must have happened

“Hey” I first said

“She refused that I will sleep today” he said and I smiled

I knew already that it might be Faith

“You mean Faith?” I asked

“Perfect, she is here” he said
Before I could say another thing, a female voice took over

“Jason” she called while I smiled

“My Faith” I responded

“When are you coming home?” She asked

“Very soon, I am just checking out something” I replied

“What is it that David refused taking me with you?” She asked

“Don’t worry, I will tell you very soon” I replied

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“I might be of help” she said

“That’s why I said very soon” I responded

I was still on phone when someone knocked at my door

I kept calm and thought for a while

“What’s the problem?” Faith asked

“Someone is at the door” I replied

“Can I call you back?” I asked

“Sure” she replied and I hung up
I dropped my phone on the bed
The person knocked again and I went to open the door

It was Mr Luke
He was already on another outfit

“Dad” I called

“I have to go somewhere now and it is very important” he said

“Where?” I asked

“About the company at Italy, but we are holding the meeting here in Paris” he replied

“I have to go now” he added

“Okay Dad, safe journey” I replied

“No problem, and also I want us to talk about what happened the other day but this meeting is urgent, we will talk about it when am back” he said and I nodded

“Am always here” I replied

“Okay, take care” he responded and left

I thought it was time for the checking up

I escorted him to his car and watched him drove off with his driver

“No hesitation” I said rushing inside

I rushed to the computer room and disconnected the camera that led to the study room

The study room was always open because he believed that we are family

I got inside it and locked it from behind

I began to search for important information

I don’t need any company document but any information that would take him down

I brought out the files that was inside the cupboard and began to search

After some minutes, someone knocked on the door

I looked at it and began to think who that could be

The knock came again

“Who is there?” I asked

“It is me” that was Mr Luke’s voice

I gasped and began to arrange back those documents

What could he be doing here?” I asked myself

I thought for an excuse

I turned On his computer and my eyes caught what I didn’t expect

I took his code and switched it to camera

I exhaled before walking to the door

I opened it and it was him

“What are you doing here?” He first asked

“The camera has a problem so I decided to check it out” I lied

“Is that why you locked the door?” He asked and made his way inside

“By the way, why did you keep long?” He asked

“Actually, I don’t need disturbance, that’s why I locked the door” I lied

“Still, there is a computer room, why didn’t you check it there?” He asked as he sat down before the computer

He looked at me and my mind flew off

He looked down to the computer


…… COP Kelly POV ❣️

I promised Mr Luke to travel to London for what I didn’t know

I had to make another plan

The worst part was that I didn’t know who Jason’s parents are

What plan could I possibly make?

I was in my office still thinking when a phone call from unknown number came inside my phone

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I had to pick it up
I had no choice

“Please are you the management of Yellow Star Aluminum company?” He asked

Yellow Star Aluminum company was my company

Thanks to Mr Luke
I was able to get a company on my own

He wanted to give me one of Mr Isaac’s company but I declined it because I don’t want anything that might possibly take it away from me

I had to make it two but the biggest one was in the next Town

Talking about Mr Isaac’s company, someone might come out some day to stand against Mr Luke
Which will result a great lost

“Yes” I replied

“Sorry to report but we need your presence in the company premises” the person said

“What? Any problem?” I asked

“Your company is on fire” he replied

“What!” I asked standing up immediately

I hung up and rushed to my car

I drove straight to the location

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing

A full company almost burnt down

The fire service were already doing their work

Camera people were doing theirs

Press were doing theirs

I couldn’t control myself because I almost rushed inside but the policemen there blocked me
Tears turned into water because it kept flowing down

Lots of people were injured
To the extent that the first ambulance couldn’t convey them all

Fire service were still rescuing those that still live

But lots of dead bodies were also brought out

I turned to where they kept the injured ones

Out of those people that were injured
I saw the manager and rushed to him

“Mr Sam” I called
He was seriously in pain

“What happened?” I asked

“I don’t know but we will see to that, am still in pain” he replied

What I worked for so many years

It was just getting down


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

David visited
My Uncle wasn’t around

David said that he came because he doesn’t want to look as if he didn’t care

Or wasn’t appreciating for what I did for him

“Hope you do study at home?” I asked to start up a conversation after some silent moment

“Not steady, am still thinking on how to restore my father’s company” he replied

“What is the plan?” I asked

Just then, a notification bumped into his phone

“A minute” he said and focused on the phone

“What? Oh my God!” He screamed jumping up
I did also

“What is that?” I asked as my eyes directed to his phone

It was a video of a company

“COP Kelly’s company” he said
Even after what he did to him, he still felt for him

“I need to go there, Benita might be there” he added

“Let’s go together” I responded
Since Benita was involved, I felt bad

“What about the house?” He asked

“My Uncle have his own key” I replied
He nodded

I locked everywhere before we left

I began to think

If COP Kelly would be there, David’s life might be in danger

I talked to him about it but he said that in this condition, he wouldn’t think about it

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We got to the location and the fire was still growing

“Oh my God!” I said covering my mouth with my hand

We were looking at the scene when doc Henry walked up to us

“Doc” David called when he saw him standing before us

“How are you David?” He asked

“Fine” David replied

“Can I have some time with you?” He asked

“Sure” David replied

“I will be back Dorothy” David added referring to me
I nodded

I began to think of it

Could it be that doc Henry has hand in the fire?


….. Doc Henry POV ❣️

I was passing by when I saw what was happening

I decided to check it out and saw David

It was really a luck

“Were you here when the fire started?” I asked referring to David

“I just got the live update on net” he replied

“That’s by the way, do you really know about Mr Luke?” I asked

“Is it about him and my Dad?” He asked

“Yes” I replied

“what are you planning on it?” I asked

“We are still looking for some proof” he replied

He said that since they don’t have anything in hand, they needed to find a way

After some time with him, I left to visit my special patient again

As usual, I met him in the underground

Always happy when he sees me

“What is the update?” He asked

“The boys are trying, they are looking for a way to get him down because there is no proof about what happened” I replied

“So when are you planning to join hand?” I asked

“In two days time” he replied


…… David POV ❣️

That evening, Jason called me to meet him at the normal restaurant

I still had to drop Faith behind

After getting down some drink, he brought out some paperwork and stretched it out

“My Dad almost caught me” he said while my eyes widened
Because it would surely cause us something

“How?” I asked

“He was the one at the door that time you called” he said

“He said that he was going to a meeting, immediately he left, I went straight to the computer room and turned off the camera”

“Just as I was searching his documents, he knocked at the door, but luckily, I locked the door, so I had to place everything in order”

“I opened his computer and this was what I first saw, although I wanted to do as if I was checking the camera” he explained

It was a form concerning cocaine dealing

How his business with it has been going
Both the shipping and other information

“Really risky, but how did you manage to get his password?” I asked

“I was able to grab that some days ago with my phone camera, as in when I visited him, so I stylishly moulted a camera there when I pretended to be walking around” he replied
That was really smart

“I have hacked his computer, so any business he does with it, I will be updated” he added