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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 98

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Ninety-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

===={} Author’s Note ???????????? {}====


15 years ago

Everything was still moving fine

======}{❣️ Mr Paul ❣️}{======

When my wife Florida came back from Paris
He told me everything that happened

How doc Henry was able to save her and one of the child

Even though I felt sad concerning how we lost one of them but I do appreciate the doc Henry

I waited until after 15 years later, because I was still scared if Luke might see me
Since they were the one, they would surely be around that town, just to be sure that their work was cleared

I told Florida that I would be travelling down to Paris to see doc Henry

I had met him once and I couldn’t forget his face and his hospital

Florida asked me to be careful
I already knew that

I booked a flight and left the following day

I took a cab to that hospital

But on the way, I saw a restaurant and I was very hungry
I asked the cab driver to park by the side while I went in to get a food for myself

After that, we drove straight to the hospital

======}{❣️ COP Kelly ❣️}{======

Sully died four years after delivering the baby

I had to take in someone that would help me and raise the baby

After 6 years, I discharged her because I didn’t want Benita to take her as her mother when she grew older

Since Benita was still small, I do get our food from my favorite restaurant

I also asked her to start going for a lesson on how to cook because I wouldn’t be doing that forever

As usual, I went to that restaurant to get a food

I ordered for the one I would eat that place and another one that would go home

Just as I was almost done with the food, my eyes caught this gentleman coming inside

It was no other person but Mr Paul

I was beyond shocked

I wondered what he might have come to do

I kept cool until he walked out

I have made my payment already, so I followed him

I watched him until he entered a cab and they drove off

I rushed to my car and drove after them

I followed them until they entered inside a hospital

Doc Henry’s hospital

I wondered what they were up to

I revised and drove home

I couldn’t believe that I followed someone to another town

I called Mr Luke and told him about what I saw

“If he is in town, he would surely must have come back for his position and I don’t know if he had gotten evidence” Mr Luke had said

“Kill him” he ordered

He was really right

I got home and gave Benita her meal before calling Mr Lee to make an instant arrangement

I drove straight to the hospital and parked outside

I went inside and confirmed that the cab driver was still there

I nodded and went out
Straight to my car

I got inside and called Mr Lee again for updates

He has already sent two of his men to the hospital
That was according to him

I nodded when I saw them

======}{❣️Doc Henry ❣️}{======

Unbelievable that Mr Paul was just present in my office

I asked my assistant to take care of everything that was going on in the hospital at that moment

“Firstly, let me thank you for what you have done for me, I was really beyond shocked when my wife told me about that”

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“I wondered how they got to know her” he said

“From her file, Mrs Florida Paul” I replied

“COP Kelly and Luke were always smart, I forgot that they were brothers, it was my mother who told me, after what happened” he said

“Sorry but I don’t really know what happened” I responded

He explained to me how everything started
How he helped Mr Luke and his sugar mommy but he ended up betraying both him and Mr Luke’s sugar mommy

He said that he didn’t see it but he believed that he was the one

“That’s really wicked of him, why would he even kill her as well?” I asked

“He believed that she would leak the secret” he replied

“But I have Mr Williams who I think that knew about everything because that night before it became serious, Mr Williams called me several times but I wasn’t with my phone”

“So He sent a message about having an evidence of what actually happened, he also said that he was also going to see Officer Kelly before coming”

“After some hours and we didn’t see him, his line was also switched off, that was when I told my mother about his message, she said that I had made a mistake, that Officer Kelly and Luke were brothers but people hardly know about it, that Mr Williams wasn’t aware as well, she knew that from their mother, because they were close then” Paul had explained

“So when are you planning to come back?” I asked

“We need to get Mr Williams first, he is the only hope” he replied

“You know that I won’t be going around because of them, I will give you his address and my number, when you find him, just give me a call” he replied

“So you are going now?” I asked

“Yes, no where is safe here, since they were able to get my wife” he replied

He gave me his card and a piece of paper where Mr Williams address was written on

After some minutes when he left, COP Kelly came in

“Unbelievable, so you know Mr Paul but pretended not to” he said

“Sorry but I just met him today, he came to ask for his family” I lied

“After 15yrs?” He asked but I was dumbfounded

“Anyway, he won’t be able to live again” he added and left my office

I was beyond that I had to try Mr Paul’s line

Unfortunately, it didn’t go through

I became scared

======}{❣️ COP Kelly ❣️}{======

I left doc Henry’s office and turned on the live video of what Mr Lee sent to me

I had to park somewhere and watched it

One of them were videoing it while others were focused

Mr Paul’s cab was in a lonely road with Mr Lee men following him with a speed

He already knows that
That was why his driver was in a speed

It won’t be far for them to get to the main road where people were

“What are they waiting for?” I asked

“Let them shoot him” I shouted

Just then, a big truck from the bush, drove out and hits Mr Paul’s cab and the car began to stumble

I smiled when it was done

They started driving out except the camera guy

People started coming into the scene

The press were always fast in such incident

A notification bumped into my phone

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It was what was happening

Mr Paul’s body were brought out from the car

The accident was really tough

He seems to be dead already

Mr Luke’s call came in immediately

“Good job COP Kelly” he said while I smiled

======}{❣️Doc Henry ❣️}{======

I couldn’t stop waiting for any news

I turned into the news station and what I could see was the accident

It was the same cab Mr Paul used

The car was really damaged

I rushed to where the ambulance are parked

They were also watching the news

“Go to that location and bring that corpse” I ordered

“That location isn’t ours” one of them said


“Am sorry” he responded

“When it comes to human life, it doesn’t matter the location” I said

“We will be right there” they responded as two guys got inside one of the ambulance and drove off

I went back to my office and focused on the news

My ambulance was the first to arrive at the location before another one

Mine was allowed to take the bodies

They arrived after some minutes and I rushed them inside

I separated them because I had the feeling that COP Kelly might have seen them and would be coming for him

The driver was already dead even before the car stopped from summersaulting

I took Mr Paul to the underground and began to give him a treatment

The incident resulted to coma

======}{❣️Mrs Florida Paul ❣️}{======

I waited for two days and I didn’t hear from my husband

I was worried

If I had to visit Paris, I needed to go with David

The following day, as I went to the company

The manager of that particular company rushed to me even when I was still inside the car
She was a newspaper with her

“Good morning” she greeted

“Good morning, you looks scared” I responded

“Seems like you haven’t seen the news” she said

“Which news?” I asked

“About your husband, Mr Paul” she replied

“What? What about him?” I asked
She showed me the newspaper where My husband was lying flat on the floor
Beside him was a man

The scene was an accident
The cars that had the accident was in the next picture
A truck and a taxi

But how come? I asked myself

How can they be two when my husband wasn’t a taxi driver?

I got down to Paris and met with doc Henry because that was where I knew

“Am sorry ma’am but the accident really affect him” he said after I told him why I was there

“I was even checking on how to contact you” he added

“Won’t he survive it?” I asked

“He will, but there are so many things attached” he replied

“Whatever it could be, just tell me and save my husband” I responded

“His face is damaged during the incident and he needs a face surgery that will change his face entirely” he replied

“As in he won’t have the same face?” I asked

“Yes, and that same thing will be applicable to his whole body” he replied

“I don’t care, what I want is for him to live” I replied

“Sure, I have already started the surgery even before you come because I needed to save him” he said

“Thank you”I replied

“One more thing” he said while my heart beat increased

“He might lost his mind, as in he won’t be able to remember some certain things but you need to assist him” he added

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“So Dad will live?” David asked

“Yes my dear” I replied


…. David POV ❣️

I couldn’t believe that I had a similar life with Jason

Lie life
I could remember that day when all those things happen

My real father was already sitting just in-between me and Jason
He crossed his hands on our necks

“So the face surgery was a lie?” My Mom asked

“Yes, I had to make it that way, so that the truth will come” doc Henry replied

“So how did you get to convince the man that pretended to be my husband?” My Mom asked

“He was my old time friend but he doesn’t have any parents, so I had to use him”

“I was the one that told suggested him about coming down to Paris with you guys because I believe that David will surely come across Jason and Mr Luke” he explained

.”I was surprised when he said that, and he never touched me since then, I thought maybe because of his brain” my Mom said

“He died for help” I said remembering that he was gone

“Too bad, when I heard about that, I decided to make more plans but there was nothing that I could think, so later doc Sammy updated me about you being in his hospital, I had to switch with him” doc Henry said

The joy I felt was really too much

“Welcome back Dad” I said smiling

“Thanks, and also welcome back Jason” he replied

“So doc Henry, how about Mr Williams?” He asked him

“They said that they couldn’t find him since that day” he replied

“Luke must be brain behind it” my Dad said

“So guys, what’s the plan, what have you guys done so far?” He asked


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

I was in my house that evening with COP Kelly

Jason hasn’t returned

He came to complain about his burnt company

“The only thing now is to be very careful with the other bigger one because I believe that someone is after us” I said after his long talk

“Sure, I will, just that I am confused, Officer Dan has gotten involved” he said

“Let’s see what he has” I replied because I was sure that Officer Dan wasn’t after what he thought but about Jason matter

As we were talking, the gate got opened by the gateman and a car drove in

It parked and Jason got down with the other guy
And a policeman

“That is David” COP Kelly whispered

“Jason” I called when they got closer

“Here” he responded giving me a big envelope

“The court call for your order and you need to respond as soon as possible” he added

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“Possession of what does not rightfully belong to you and also getting involved in drug trafficking” he replied
I wondered what he was talking about regarding to the possession
As in how he got to know
As for the drug trafficking, I thought he must have gotten that, the very day he lied about checking the camera
But how he got my password was strange

“Jason, you sue me to court?” I asked with much surprise

“Unfortunately, yes” he replied smiling

“You need to report fast, to avoid harassment” he added

I couldn’t believe what I got from my own son

“I will see some other time” he said and turned to go with the other guy