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The Rejected Demon. Finale.

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Hundred_and_Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????


…… David POV ❣️

I felt pity for Mr Luke when he said that he still loves Jason

I wished I had known, I would have come with Jason

“There’s still a big problem” Dorothy said and I turned to look at her

“What?” I asked

“COP Kelly is still in this earth, that star was meant for him” she replied pointing at a star not too far from where Mr Luke’s own was

“So, did he escape the prison on his own?” I asked

“I can’t tell” she replied


…. Jason POV ❣️

In my room
later in the day, David told me their encounter with Mr Luke before he disappeared

He said that he felt for those words

“If someone could do all those things, he doesn’t deserve love” I said after the whole thing

“Just leave him to suffer for what he has done, when he gets there” I added

“Maybe you should try forgiving him, you and Faith” David said

“I don’t think Faith is even angry with him, she is still confused about everything” I said

“That’s her own life, life is not always like that”

“Sometimes, Giving us the opposite of what we really want” David added

“That’s true” I responded

“So, about COP Kelly, no record about his way about?” I asked

“It is strange but Dorothy said that we will be checking that star every single day” David replied

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was Benita

I couldn’t remember how I got it but I found it in my phone

“Jason please” she said
Her voice sounds as if she was scared
I thought it might be about her father

Maybe I should have mercy for him

“Can you come to the house now?” She asked

“Any problem?” I returned the question

“Please come” she said instead

I had to hang up and rushed to my closet

“What’s the problem?” David asked

“Benita seems to be in trouble” I replied as I took my shirt
I was already on my trouser

“Let’s go together then” David said while I shrugged


….. Benita POV ❣️

I was doing some cleaning up when I got to my father’s room and got the greatest shock of my life

My Dad was hanging on the ceiling fan

How he got inside there was what I can’t tell

The next thing that came into my mind was to call Jason

Jason and David arrived almost immediately

I didn’t know that they would arrive that quick
Comparing to how it used to be

“Benita” he called

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“My Dad” I said crying

“What about him? He got missing”

“Inside his room” I replied

“Room” Jason said as he rushed up
David ran after him

They later walked out with weak faces

Few minutes later, police siren and ambulance were heard driving inside the compound
Two policemen walked in with the ambulance attendance

“Officer Dan” Jason called

“Where is his room?” Officer Dan asked

“Over here” Jason replied and took the lead

“Sorry that this, is happening to you” David said
I managed to smile, nodding as well

They took down my father’s corpse

I still felt bad, even though he has done a lot of evil

Death is death

Officer Dan later got down with Jason

“Am sorry Benita but your father won’t be buried as normal death”

“According to the law, we have to treat him the way it goes” Officer Dan said

He left with his men
Remaining Jason and David

They couldn’t stop consoling me especially Jason because he knew how one could feel in that situation

“No matter what, I will still see you as my cousin sister” he said

“I will be your father and your brother” he added
That was when I was eased
I didn’t feel rejected anymore


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

My father explained to me how he got saved by my Uncle

20yrs ago

He said that after he was taken by Mr Lee’s men, during their walking, they met with somewhere filled where wind storm was just rotating as if it was taking something up

They saw Fire from the middle of the storm

It was just unbelievable

My Uncle from nowhere shows up with a big stick

Mr Lee’s men were surprised looking at the incredible show

The next thing was for water to start coming out from under

Thunder stroke was all one could hear

Mr Lee’s men wanted to run but the water turned to river and sank them all

Meanwhile My Uncle held hands with my Dad
They were floating on the river

The queen mother shows up with a laughter

“Don’t forget that you did this” she had said

“There’s no other way to save him than this”

“I broke the bound because I knew the result, which is to go with the evil ones” my Uncle replied

“Not only that, this will also give us the access to the world” the queen mother said with laughter and disappeared immediately and a book from nowhere fell before my Uncle


Later the day, David told me about how they later found COP Kelly

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Officer Dan also reported that COP Kelly disappeared when they arrived at the cemetery where they wanted to bury him

We had to travel to that location again and discovered that the star was gone

The following week, we got back to school

As in everyone

David, me, Jason and Benita

Faith continued from where she stopped
Because she was also a student then
When she normally transform into human body

We had to study hard because the exam was around the corner

David came to school one day, with a package, that looks like a birthday gift
But it was in a bag

“Here you go” he said stretching it out to me

I looked at him with a smile before collecting it

I opened it and it was a phone
I couldn’t stop smiling

“Incase” he said and sat down

“Thanks” I responded


….. Victor POV ❣️

Some months later, Sonia and I had already made our relationship, official

When we were done with our exams

Our school hosted a party for us

I invited Jason and David over

They came with their girlfriends

Benita also


…. Fred POV ❣️

I got to my cousin’s final year party

She invited me of course

There was a special table for us

Two guys from Paris, three girls from there as well,
Then and Sonia with Victor

One of those girls got my attention

Even though she hardly look at my direction, I just like her
I got to know that her name was Benita

The way I observed things, she seems to be the only one that was single there


…. Jason POV ❣️

When it comes to dirty stuff, I was good in it

I noticed how the guy was looking at Benita, I knew that he was interested in her

I had to look for a way to get him in

“Let’s go and dance guys” David said all of a sudden

He just spoke my mind

I looked at him and he smiled
He was just close to me

“I saw that also” he whispered to me and I smiled

“Am going with my love Faith” I said taking Faith’s hand

“While I got with my heart Sonia” Victor said

“Eh” David didn’t know when that word jumped out from his mouth
He already told me that he hasn’t asked Dorothy out

It would look somehow

“Then, am going with my life, Dorothy” David got the courage

I smiled
I walked out with Faith
Likewise everyone


….. Benita POV ❣️

I was forced to smile when Jason winked at me

I knew that he was only planning something

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They all walked away, leaving only me and Fred

“Do you care for a dance?” Fred asked

I didn’t know what to say

His hand was just right before me

I took it and we walked into the center of the show

Fred was really funny during the dance

He kept saying lots of things that I couldn’t stop laughing

“Before asking her out, you need to meet me, her father” Jason said from behind
I didn’t know when he got there

I just had to smile


…. David POV ❣️

Chatting with someone was really easy but asking them out was something else

I have always tried my best to get the so called courage but it seems to be very far from me

I couldn’t take off my eyes from Dorothy’s own during the whole dance

“There is something I will like to tell you Dor-Dor” I said

“Okay, am here” she replied


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

That has been what I was expecting from David long time ago

He later said it out

He asked me out


Even at that, I still won’t have to act cheap

I told him that I would think about it

We spent a good time alone that night

We decided to go to the pool
Just to be killing time

As we were sitting, putting our legs in the water

I thought of doing something funny

Since I was the only one that could see demons

“Oh my God” I said looking behind David

He turned but didn’t see anything

“What’s that?” He asked

“Demon demon!” I said
He shouted and jumped into the pool

I couldn’t help it but to laugh

“Where’s it now?” He asked

“There is nothing like that” I replied


“There is no demon” I replied

“Hey!” He shouted coming closer to me

I had to stand up and run


…. David POV ❣️

My Dad later compensated Dorothy’s family

Her father returned to his position

Her Uncle’s business was made bigger

My Dad built a new house for them

Dorothy’s father had to relocate to Paris


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

Life was really a waste if you have only evil plan in your mind

I found myself in the desert where only reptiles were

The boundary between me and COP Kelly wasn’t far

We were suffering for the same thing

No food, no water

Our fresh is being eaten by the reptiles

That simply means vanity upon vanity

All is vanity

My only advice to the living, is just to amend their evil ways

It doesn’t pay good

The End