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The Rejected Demon. Quater Finale.

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Hundred_and_Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????


…..Mr Paul POV ❣️

I was in the bathroom, doing nothing when I started hearing an alarm from the laptop

I rushed out and discovered that it was the alarm I sets for the tracking

Since Mr Lee do switch off his phone and it wouldn’t be easy to know when it will be On
So I had to set the alarm

Once it tracked down the location, it will notify me with the alarm

I operated it and saved the location

“Even though am old, my brain is still working” I said smiling to the smart work I did

The location isn’t much far but I never could tell how tight it could be

I had to make another plan on how to execute the mission


….. Jason POV ❣️

I was really dumbfounded seeing them using every possible strategy, just to escape their punishment

“A stitch in time saves nine, your fast action determine your decision” COP Kelly said

“I will withdraw it, Jason let’s go” David said and dragged me with him

I was far from thought

I didn’t know what else to think

If I should refused, I can’t tell what would happen to Mom

He drove straight to the family lawyer’s office

Luckily, he was free

We greeted him and David told him what we came for

“Am sorry, but it is already late” he said

“They will face judgement in two days time” he added

“But it is still far, so we can still withdraw it” David insisted

“We work accordingly, and everyday have their own cases to settle” he replied

“In case if you don’t know, Mr Luke and Officer Kelly aren’t someone who you should take their word and have mercy with” he added

“Am sure they have done something that pushed you to do this” he said

“Yes, I need to save my mother” David replied

“You are still far from the knowledge of law” the lawyer said


“Their plans is that, if you withdraw the case, they will sue you to court for damages and the case will be treated as an accusation” he replied

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…… COP Kelly POV ❣️

The following day, the case was still on

I have been waiting to hear from David but he didn’t show up

That afternoon, he arrived with Jason

They came directly to my house

I was outside the compound when they arrived

“The lawyer said that it is already late” he said

“We can’t withdraw it anymore” he added

“That’s a lie, it can’t be” I said

“That’s what he said” he responded

I thought for a while

“Let’s make it this way, during the judgment, when it reach to it, just interfere and said that everything was fake” I suggested


….. David POV ❣️

Total confusion was what I encountered

I had to agree with what COP Kelly had said

I dropped Jason off his house before going home

I went home and met with my Dad

“That’s the plan now” I said after everything

“So tomorrow will have to be on vain?” He asked

“That’s what it shows” I replied

“If you say so, we just need her to be alive” he said


…..Mr Paul POV ❣️

It was evening and the following day supposed to be the day Mr Luke and Officer Kelly would face the law

Doc Henry has already told me about Officer Dan
How helpful he was

I called doc Henry for Officer Dan’s number

He inbox me with it and I called him

“Who is on the line?” He asked

“It is Mr Paul” I replied

“Oh, doc Henry has already told me about you, so welcome back” he said while I smiled

“Thank you”

“But there is a problem here” I added

“What is that?” He asked

“Mr Luke and his colleague, COP Kelly kidnapped my wife” I replied

“This is serious, I knew that they will do everything possible to escape but it won’t work out for them” he said

“Do you have any idea where they could possibly hide her?” He asked

“I got the location but am scared because the man is dangerous” I replied

The following morning, I left after telling David that I would meet them at the court

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….Mr Ken POV ❣️

I arrived pretty late with Dorothy’s father

From the airport to the house

I had to make it possible that no one sees him

He was special and the only one that would make things easier for everyone

We got home and Dorothy was very happy

“Dad!!” She shouted out of joy and hugged him

“Am so happy to see you my daughter” her father said

“Why didn’t you visit?” She asked as if she was angry

“Am not safe here, that’s why I had to stay away from here” he replied

“How is Mom and everyone?” She asked

“They are all good, they asked me to greet you” her father replied

“Am so happy, am coming, please sit” Dorothy said and rushed inside

“She is now a big girl” her father said smiling

“Yes, she always talk about meeting you” I replied

Dorothy later came out with two plates of food

“I am sure that you must be hungry” she said smiling

“Really hungry” her father replied

The journey wasn’t easy

“So how is David and the things?” I asked

“He came here to look for you, they said that they are already going to the court but I had to wait for you” she replied

“Then we need to act fast” I said


….. David POV ❣️

The judgment was about to start

Still, Mr Ken wasn’t around

I had to go and visit him but Dorothy said that he wasn’t yet back

The family lawyer came to meet me

I was sitting close to Jason

“What is delaying the man?” He asked

“If he didn’t show up and the case is closed, we have to go with only the drug trafficking” he said
He was talking about the drug trafficking, meanwhile I was planning on how to stand against it when they ask

“About the man, He supposed to arrive today but unfortunately, when I went to his house, he wasn’t there, I think he is still outside” I replied

“But let’s be going with both of them first, I believe that he will still come” Jason said

“We are waiting for the judge and you need to act fast” the lawyer said before walking out

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“What about on how to stop this?” I asked Jason

“Am just waiting for what God has for us” he replied

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was my father

I told Jason before walking out

“Have the judgment commence?” He asked immediately I picked up

“Almost” I replied

“So about what we discussed last night, don’t interfere with the case” he said

“What about Mom?” I asked

“She is safe, hear her” he said

“David” that was my mother’s voice

“Mom” I said with so much joy

“Am safe, thanks to your father” she replied
I was really happy

I returned with so much joy

I informed Jason about it

He was really happy also

Just then, Mr Luke and COP Kelly was brought in

They were taken over to the counter

COP Kelly looked at me and I nodded
I had to pretend as if I was complying


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

COP Kelly has told me already about his agreement with David

“So, going with the first case” the judge said

“Drug trafficking” he added

“My Lord” my lawyer said

He started what so ever he knew

Unbelievable, David didn’t interfere

After some hours, they switched over to the next case

“My Lord, I think we should postpone this to another day” my lawyer suggested

“This is the only case we have for the day” the judge replied

“My Lord, 21 years ago, Mr Luke here unrightfully took in possession of what belonged to Mr Paul” the other lawyer said

“Objection my Lord” my lawyer said

“Objection overruled” the judge replied

“Lawyer Philip, do you have any evidence for this accusation?” The judge asked

The lawyer turned to look at where David was sitting

A man sitting beside David nodded

“Yes my Lord” the lawyer said

“Allow me to present to you my witness” the lawyer added stretching out his hand towards the door

A man walked in

To my greatest surprise, it was Mr Williams

I turned to look at COP Kelly
He was also surprised