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The Rejected Demon. Semi Finale.

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Hundred_and_Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

My heart almost sank when I saw Mr Williams coming in
He has a briefcase with him
Only him knows what was inside it

I couldn’t believe that he was still alive

But how come?

I remembered that I handed them over to Mr Lee’s men

And he didn’t tell me anything that happened afterwards
Mr Luke looked at me
I also did because we were both confused

“Mr Williams here is the witness my Lord” David’s lawyer said

“So Mr Williams, can we hear your part of story?” The judge requested

“Chantelle clothing has always been my home” Mr Williams said

“Here they are” he added and dropped the briefcase on a desk
He brought out some discs and a laptop

“This video recorded how Mr Isaac who was the former owner of Chantelle clothing company, was killed” Mr Williams said

“By Mr Luke here” he added as he looked at him

The video was displayed on a big TV

Every single steps were recorded

I didn’t get to view the one I took from him that very day I ordered Mr Lee’s men to eliminate him

After so many evidence, it was clear that we had no chance anymore

“I hereby sentence Mr Luke and COP Kelly life imprisonment” the judge gave his final order as tears dropped from my eyes

“Court rise” the court clerk said

We were handcuffed and was taken outside

Jason ran to meet Mr Luke

“Am sorry son” Mr Luke said

“Sorry for yourself because am not your son, I pretended to be, just because I want to get all those proof” Jason said

“You mean, the prank was a lie?” Mr Luke asked

“Exactly” Jason replied

“You can confirm it from COP Kelly here” he added

Mr Luke turned to look at me

“Rest in anywhere you find yourself” Jason said

“Am still sorry” Mr Luke said
I knew that he has a lot to talk about

A car drove into the arena

Unbelievable, Mr Paul got down from it with his wife
Even doc Henry as they walked closer to us

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All we did was in vain
I wondered how Mrs Florida was freed

But no means to contact Mr Lee

“Anyways, meet my real father Mr Paul, and my savior doc Henry” Jason said

“Mr Luke, long time” Mr Paul said smiling

“Enough, move it” the police commanded

They took us to the Hilux in there and they drove off


…..Mr Paul POV ❣️

I couldn’t stop smiling

Jason and David hugged their mother

Our family lawyer walked up to us with a smile

“Congratulations Mr Paul” he said shaking hands with me

“All the documents will be returned as soon as possible” he added

“Thank you do much, I really appreciate” I responded

“You deserve it, remember that you have done more than this for me” he said while I smiled

I remembered how I saved him some years ago
After much talk, he left us

We were left with me, my wife, David, Jason and Faith

“So Dad how did you get to save Mom?” David asked

“Your father has been very smart right from birth” my wife said
As if she knew me that well

“So who was the person Mr Ken talked about!” I asked

“They call him Mr Williams” David replied

I gasped


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

We were taken into a prison

Lots of people were there
Though not that much

I began to think about how my life was

I wished I had changed on time
I remembered what Jason said, then turned to face COP Kelly

“Was it really true?” I asked
COP Kelly seems shocked

“Am sorry but Ella tried blackmailing me” he replied

He explained everything to me

When they first met

Who he later discovered she was

I wasn’t surprised because I knew that Ella was someone like that

We were still talking when another person was brought in

It was Mr Lee

We waited for some minutes for him to get himself

“So Mr Lee, what happened 21yrs ago regarding to Mr Williams?” COP Kelly asked

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell the full story” he said

“I didn’t see my men after that mission, none of them came back” he added

“What?” I asked

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“I don’t know how it happened but I just found it that way” he replied


….. Benita POV ❣️

The news of the things Mr Luke and my father committed were everywhere

I couldn’t watch it because I felt disappointed and heartbroken

Their crime was really far

I couldn’t believe that I had to be left alone

I began to give life a thought

Jason was not really who he seems to be

Mr Luke’s wealth and life wanted to spoil him

Still, he returned to his normal character which was from his parents

That means bloods can’t deceive

I wondered why I was different

My Dad was that heartless, still I didn’t have such

I then concluded that I might have derived it from my Mom


….. David POV ❣️

Two days later, I was in the living room thinking on how to change things

Since everything has been restored, I had to move my life to the next level

Talking about next level, I mean my life and Dorothy

I noticed that I have been missing her anytime she wasn’t around

I had to make a plan, maybe I should try surprising her

Her reaction can simply tell me her own opinion

I rushed to my room to change

I dressed up on my favorite cloth and came out

I met Jason just right before my door

“Where the hell are you going to?” He asked

“Something very important, just wait” I replied as I walked ahead of him

“Better be careful out there” he said while I smiled

That same person that planned bad for me


…. Jason POV ❣️

I see things in new dimension

My Dad has gone to meet the lawyer

My Mom made sure that Faith stays far from me

I don’t know why but she always said that she wasn’t mine yet

Still not understanding her
They were preparing something in the kitchen

I went there to just take a look

“Hey, the food is not yet ready” my Mom shouted

“Am not hungry yet” I replied as I turned to walk out

“Don’t tell me that you came to look for her” she said while I smiled

“I wonder how long, she is also my classmate” I responded

Just then, a notification disturbed my phone

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I opened it

It was the latest news

Mr Luke and COP Kelly were missing


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was a thing of joy that everything was falling back to normal

I was with my Dad and my Uncle when David shows up

I opened the gate for him and he joined us

“Am actually here to appreciate you for your help” David said referring to my Uncle

“My Dad wanted to come but yesterday, he was called and he has been very busy with the work” David added

“Since we saw that very day, there is no need” my Dad replied

David’s phone made a noise

“Not possible” David said looking at his phone

“What’s that?” My Uncle asked

“Mr Luke and COP Kelly are missing in the prison” David replied and I gasped

But my Uncle was smiling

“The stars must have taken them” he said

I remembered those two stars after sealing the Tomb

“Will it just take them like that?” I asked

“Not really” he replied

“Please can we go there?” I asked

“If you guys feel like” my Uncle replied

We were already on our way to the location

“So that man is your father?” David asked

“Yes” I replied

“You must be the last born” he said

We arrived at the location..

Mr Luke was just walking around the place

“Where am I?” He asked when he saw us

I was about to reply him when a the air became heavy

It started dragging Mr Luke to where the star was

“Sorry but my Uncle said that this will take you out of this world” I said

“It is better, just tell that girl that came with Jason that I am sorry, I didn’t know that I was her father, and I have put lots of shame upon her”

“Tell Jason that I love him, even though he is not my son” he added

I wanted to reply that but the star became wide and the next thing was it to disappear along with Mr Luke

I turned to the other side and I saw that the other star was still there

That means COP Kelly was still somewhere