May 28, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 3

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 3️️

‘Seems like you’re new in Royal High’..Annabelle muttered admiring Curt’s nicely shaped face..

‘Yeah i am and i hate it already and why is everyone wearing goddamn suits like this is some business school or something!!’..He retorted loudly and she frowned..

Surely he doesn’t look anything like a Prince or a rich kid cause no prince from a royal family could be as rude as this..

‘Do you have your card??’..She asked..

‘What card??’..he replied rhetorically..

‘This card’..she muttered as she pulled out with ID card from his pocket and read the name out loud..

‘Curt Anderson,22 years,computer programming?? Hmm interesting’..

Curt frowned glancing from head to toe the beautiful red head who clearly wasn’t one from the hood..

Judging from her clean British accent she’s surely from a rich or a royal family…

‘Uhmm I don’t know what your name is but can you please show me around??’…


Royal High wasn’t as Curt expected it to be..


No but worse..

He knew he wasn’t yet prepared to face all the snotty princes and princesses but seeing them all dressed so cooperate shocked him to the core..

It was like each course and department had their own colored uniforms…

‘Yeah i was shocked when i came here too,Royal high is kinda different’..Annabelle muttered seeing the shocked look on his face…

‘Kinda?? Everyone looks like they’re in the world bank or something and I’ve never worn a shirt in my life!!’..He snarled..

‘Are always this bad tempered?? If you don’t want my help then just say so then!!’..Annabelle fired back..

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‘I never asked for your help anyway’..He murmured under his breath and that broke her last straw..

‘Fine then!! You want to keep acting like a worthless jerk then keep doing so I’m outta here!!’..She yelled and after hesitating for a while he ran after her..

‘Okay fine I’m sorry uhh…

‘Annabelle,my name is Annabelle’..