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Royal High. Episode 29

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 29️️

The next few weeks for Anabelle was fun and also romantic too with Curt…

He helped her with assignments and attended classes with her..

They studied together and ate together,slept on the same bed together either in her room or his room and oh —They winked at each other whenever she was with Justin..

‘Am I the only one who thinks you’re acting awkward’..Justin asked her on a particular Saturday…

‘What do you mean??’..She retorted and Justin frowned..

‘It’s like you’re a whole new person!! You don’t talk to me anymore!! You don’t call me anymore!! You don’t let me in your room anymore and you’re just too jovial!! You aren’t the quiet Anabelle I know anymore and in fact I just don’t know you anymore!!’..He screamed and she frowned..

Yeah she wasn’t the same Anabelle anymore..

She wasn’t the scared Anabelle..

The Anabelle who put others first before her and get stabbed in the back..

The Anabelle who doesn’t care about herself but only about the people who don’t love her..

She wasn’t that Anabelle anymore..

She was a changed person and by when she finally had the courage she would go back home and tell her parents that she didn’t want to marry Justin anymore..

She loved only one person and that was her Curt Anderson..

‘So what you’re trying to say is that you don’t like the happier me??’..She asked..

‘No Anabelle i just don’t like the fact that you’ve changed and it’s because of that Anderson boy!!’..Justin replied with pure contempt in his voice..

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‘Leave Curt alone Justin he doesn’t have anything to do with this!!!’..


Curt sighed deeply as his computer finally finds his mother’s file..

Irene Anderson..

He tapped on the file and when he saw the information there he gasped loudly..

His mother schooled in Royal high!!!..


But this wasn’t possible she told him she was a high school dropout!!!..

Now his doubts has been confirmed..

His mother was pregnant with him from college and had to drop out…

Maybe that’s when his father who was an accountant as she claimed left him…

Maybe the man in the picture next to his mom was just a coincidence..

But why did she hide it from him??..

‘Babe are you okay??’..Anabelle asked as she walked into the room and then saw the report about his mother boldly on the screen…

‘Your mother was a Royal High student??!’..She asked in shock and he nodded..

‘Yeah I guess so,maybe cause during their time not only royals and rich kids were allowed In’..

‘Curt?? Did you know about this??’..Anabelle asked with shock clearly written all over her face…

‘No if I did would it be on the computer?!’..He snapped..

‘Sorry..sorry but this is all just too overwhelming for me cause now I feel like my whole existence is based on secrets and lies’..He added…

‘Well what about your father?? Maybe she had a reason for hiding it from you’..

‘My father left when I was just a kid Anabelle he left for a richer woman and i hate him even though i don’t remember or think I have seen him’..