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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 7

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????{My Boss Demands}????

Episode 07.



I feel my heart race against my chest as he grabs my hand and I gulp in hard before turning back to look at him and he’s smirking at me.
I know that Alexander is staring at the both of us but I dare not look at him right now as my eyes fixes entirely on Sebastian who’s still holding my hand.

“I did said that I know you earlier but you denied it isn’t you isn’t it? The sharp mouth lady from constructing tech? ”
He raises his brows at me and I breathe out before merely bowing my head in firm of bending, sharing down at the ground like its the most interesting thing to do.
I just can’t simply bring myself to look at him.

He chuckles before slowly losing his grip and he let’s go of me, I turn to look at boss and he nods at me to go. I breathe out in relief before practically running out of the office.

When I get out, I realize that I have no office to go to. When I had come for the interview, Alexander actually didn’t show me any office, just said I got the job and now, I have no idea where the office is.
Groaning, I roll my eyes even though no one is here before just walking down the hallway a little bit more so that it wouldn’t look like I’m ease dropping on their conservation before leaning against the wall, waiting for them to finish up.

Well, this didn’t go as good as I thought it will.

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My eyes follow his as he stare at her while she goes before he chuckles and turn back to me.

“I didn’t know that you had her at work. She was at constructing tech last time I saw her  I didn’t think I would see her here. ”
He smiles and I nod, really wondering what’s the relationship between them.

She seems almost afraid of him and he seems like he isn’t ready to just let her go like that. The more I sit here, the more the image of how her eyes widens when he grabbed his hand repeats over and over again in my head.

Shaking my head, I push the image aside and focus on what’s happening right at the moment.
I can’t believe it that Sebastian is here to make a deal with me. It’s really surprising as much as its a good thing.
The two companies merging together will do such a great benefit to me definitely.

“So now let’s get to business, shall we? ”
I smile at him but he’s still staring at the door that Lyla just walked through as if she still there.
What the hell is with him and Lyla.

“Before we can talk of any business. I would like you do do something for me. ”
He smiles at me or maybe actually smirk and I roll my eyes knowing that he’s gonna talk about her once again.

“I actually want that girl you see. I kind of like her and I would really like if you could arrange a date with him and her… ”
I don’t know if I’m the only one thinking that this guy is insane.
Seriously?! A date with my assistant… Recently employed assistant before he talks to about business. Wow, this is really amusing.

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“I can’t do that Mr Sebastian. She is my assistant, my worker. She isn’t my sister and I can’t just go to her and force her to go on a date with you, that isn’t professional. If you think you would use this deal to get your own personal features then I’m sorry but I will have to cancel this business deal and I also can’t help you based on what you’re asking of me. Thank you for trying. ”
I smile at her but for fucking knows that I want to drive a punch through the asshole fucking jaw.
I don’t know why I suddenly hate him.

“Alright. Don’t get her for me, I will get her my own way. ”
He smirks at me before standing up and walking out of the office while I wonder what the hell he means by that.