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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 29

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 29. {His Unusual Demand.}




As I stare at her, all I want to do is to ruin her everything.
To damage her. To destroy her and make her all mine in such a way that she wouldn’t be with any other man ever again. Only me.
To mark her as mine and make her whole body yearns for me, to make her whole body want me and to make sure that it remains that same fucking way!
Her wanting only be. No one else.

As I take another step towards her, I can feel the way her eyes watches me keenly, probably in anticipation of what I’m doing. What I’m going to do. If only she knows what I plan on doing. What I have always plan on doing with her.

“Boss.. ”
She calls in that her so damn innocent voice that always send me over the edge and I shake my head, done with the slow steps and tortures as I take one long stride to close the distance between us.

I can feel the pumping of her heart against her chest as I pin her right to the wall that’s behind her pressing my whole body against his and she trembles against me.

“If only you know how badly I want to throw you on the bed and do many dirty things to you. ”
And I mean each and every word of that sentence.
Many things that I have thought about doing with her. With her body the very day she stepped foot inside my office.
I have never been attracted to someone so damn much. I have never wanted someone so damn much to that extent.
I get every woman I want and I plan on getting her also, no matter how long it takes.

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“Alexander.. ”
She whispers, whimpering against me which only sent me even more over the edge and with one quick move, I place my hand against both sides of her thighs, bringing them up and wrapping them around my waist before going at eye level with her.
Those damn fucking brown eyes!

How can they look so damn innocent like that? I don’t understand what she does to me. She sets me on fire obviously and all I want right now is to just bury myself deep within her and feel every fucking warm inch of her. Make her scream my name in pleasure as I give her the best and wildest orgasm that she would never get from anyone else. Only me.
To watch her body beneath me. To watch her grow weak as I fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh.. Lyla, the things you do to me.. ”
I whisper, slowly and gently biting down on her earlobe and her heart did that thump again as she let’s out a soft moan. One that hardens my already hardened erection even more.

“Feel it. Feel what you do to me. ”
I move closer to her, pressing my entire body against hers and a low gasp slides through her lips as I press my throbbing erection to her.
God! She feels so good in my arms like this.

“Alex. Please… ”
She pleads as she uses her hands to push my away which only increase my need and want for her.

“Please what baby? ”
I pull back to look at her, raising my brows at her and she closes her eyes for a brief moment before opening them. Brown eyes staring at me.

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“Please, we can’t do this. You are my boss. ”
She whispers and I smirk.

“Is that the oing reason that’s stopping you from wanting it? ”
I raise my brows at her and she shakes her head once again, looking away from me slightly.

“I have a boyfriend. ”
She whispers, her head hung low and I place my finger under her chin, bringing up her head to look at me.

“Good thing I don’t care. ”
And with that, I close our lips together.