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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 25

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 25. {In His Arms.}




He wraps his arms around my body, pulling me even more closer to breathe him in and I sigh, closing my eyes as I breathe out, hugging him even tighter than I’m meant to be. I don’t know how I found him or how I ended up here, in his arms but I’m sure about that I did anyways.

I turn back to look at the guards who stop running upon seeing Alexander and I sigh as he pulls me to stand beside him while he turns to them.

“You’re going to turn and go back now and you’re going to tell your boss that Alexander has her. ”
He smirks at me tells them and I see them hesitate for a while, glaring at him from behind before turning back and walking away while I turn back to look at him.

“Thank you. ”
I smile warmly at him and his eyes scans the dress I’m putting on while my cheeks heats up with the way he’s staring at me.
“Are you okay? He didn’t touch you or anything, right? ”
He raises his brows and I shake my head while his eyes moves around my body once again, he’s probably wondering why I’m dressed like this.

“He wanted to get married to me. I begged him but he wasn’t listening, he was going to force the marriage on me and I thought… ”
My voice cracks as I realize that I just escaped something I never thought I would.
“I thought it was really going to happen, I didn’t know that I would be safe, I thought he would catch me back and.. ”
The tears rolls miserably down my cheeks and he sighs before pulling me closer to himself once again, hiding me to his body while I wrap my arms around him, breathing him in once again.

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I don’t know what would have happened if it hadn’t been for Alexander, I don’t know what would have been my fate.
I would have probably been dragged right back to him and then he’s going to get angry that I tried running away and start been rude to me.
God, I’m so thankful that he was here.

He pulls away from me, staring into my eyes as he cups my cheeks while I greedily push more of my cheeks into his warm hands and breathing out as every cell in my body wakes up, vibrating and electrifying.

“It’s okay, you’re okay now and that’s all that matters. You’re okay and no one would ever be able to touch you again. I won’t allow anything to happen to you ever again. ”
He says as he stares into my eyes and I smile, nodding before he hugs me once again, this time tighter.
His hand in my hair, letting it slowly with his other hand in my waist while my arms are wrapped around his torso.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, hugging but we finally pull away and he walks me towards a car, his I presume. Dragging me in before walking to the other side and getting him while I breathe out knowing again.
I can’t believe that I actually made it, I need to get out of where I’m living at. He may decide to come back anytime, I’m sure he just definitely knows where I’m living and he would surely think of coming back.

Just the thought of him kidnapping me again and threatening to get married to me again gives me goosebumps and I shake my head to get the thoughts off my mind.
That would never happen again, I won’t let it.

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“I would have taken you to your place right now but I’m sure that bastard knows where you’re living and he might want to come back for you and this time you wouldn’t be able to escape easily. ”
Alexander says as if he had read my thoughts.

“So I’m taking you to my place, if that alright with you of course. ”
I raise my head to look at him as a smile makes its way to my lips before I nod and he returns the smile, driving off.