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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 22

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 22. {Saving Her.}




“I need you to find a priest and get him here in the next forty eight hours. Pay him whatever he wants but he must be here in the next forty eight hours or you wouldn’t leave to see another day. ”
I threaten the man who’s staring at me keenly and he nods immediately before running off while I sigh, running my palms through my hair.

That girl… How dare she even thinks of escaping from me? She’s mine and mine alone! No one else’s. No one is going to take her away from me, not a damn single person!
I will kill anyone that dares tries to rescue her or even move as much as a single inch closer to her.

She has me. She has never wrapped around her little fingers that it drives me fucking insane anytime I think about it and still yet, I don’t think I can get rid of her.

Oh, the things she does to me. The things that makes me want to do to her. I have had so many imaginations. So many memories but I know that she wouldn’t allow me to touch her which is why I would have to make sure that she’s mine legally and rightfully before I would destroy her body and mark her as mine. Only mine. No one else’s.

I find myself walking back over to the room that I have just returned from, the one that I have kept her in and I slightly open the door, staring into it as I watch her curled up body on the bed.

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I let out a deep frustrated breath before signalling at the guards that I have successfully placed at the outside of her door despite her whining and rantings to go while I walk inside the room.

I stare at her as she sleeps so peacefully and soft snores falls from her perfectly pink lips. One that I can’t wait for the many dangerous dirty wild things that it would be doing to me.
I never thought time it was possible to want someone this damn freaking much. But with her, I will go the ends of the world if it means that’s what I’m gonna have to do to keep her with me. Here, I don’t care how she feels about it. She will eventually grow used to it.

My phone rings out, vibrating against my pocket and I watch her eyes flutter open immediately, disturbing her from her sleep and her eyes lands on me, widening as she quickly says up while I curse at the motherfucker that thinks it’s damn right to call by this moment.

“What? ”
I snap at whoever is at the other end without even bothering to look at the caller ID as the voice I never excepted to hear cones booming right through the small device and I chuckle to myself.

“Sebastian! Why the hell did you kidnapped her? ”
He yells and I couldn’t help but to smile. I could literally feel his jaw tightening right now.

“I told you that I was gonna get in my own way. On my own terms, this is me doing that. You should have just let me have her easily when I had asked nicely but you didn’t and I had no choice but to take her this way. ”
I chuckle and I feel her eyes on me as I say those words out.

I turn to look at her, raising my brows at her but she just shakes her head and I turn my attention back to the phone to realize that the fucker has been talking this entire time.

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“…..I swear Sebastian. Wherever you are, I’m gonna find you and you will die by my own bare hands, that I promise you. ”

“I will love to see you try. ”
I chuckle before hanging up the call and gazing at the phone.

He really did just threatened and I’m not dumb enough not to know that Alexander is most definitely a man of his words. What he says he would do, he shall do.

Which is why…
“Get the fucking priest here in the next twenty four hours. ”
I’m getting married to her this very tomorrow.