March 22, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 7

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 7️️

Minutes later Curt and Prince Justin pursed their lips as the Chancellor of Royal High paced around the office..

‘You know if you’re going to say something just say it’..Curt muttered and Prof Gerald chancellor glared at him..

‘Royal High is a school known for it’s prestige and discipline…Violence is not our way Curt Anderson and besides isn’t this your second day here already??’..He asked and Curt rolled his eyes..

He never asked for any of this..

Even though the school had everything it still isn’t his hood where no one acts prissy and proper..

‘You know he started it?’..Curt replied pointing at Justin who had a big black eye..

‘I never started anything he’s lying!!!’…Justin defended himself and surprisingly Curt saw tears in his eyes..

Now he knows why it’s called Royal High…

They produce royal wimps!!..

‘Would you acting like a ninny just or whatever you call your name??’..he said out loud clearly enjoying the drama…

‘Did you just call me a ninny??’..Justin asked ready for a part two of what broke his nose…

‘Would you both stop it??!!!’…


Anabelle on the other hand stood outside the office waiting for her own meeting and in a second Curt and Justin bursted out the door…

‘jeez what happened??’..She asked and in anger Justin walked away in anger…

‘Mehh i broke that guy’s nose it’s no biggie’..Curt bragged in a shrug and she opened her mouth…

‘You broke Justin’s nose?? Wow!!’..

‘Yeah he’s a pampered jerk and he seems to like you very much’..He replied and Anabelle rolled her eyes..

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Getting acquainted with a prince would be good for her but Justin is way beyond that list…

‘I don’t like him,He’s rude and spoilt’..she said..

‘Well isn’t that how all royals behave??’..Curt teased and she chuckled softly..

‘I think I like you Curt and i think we could be good friends’..She said..

‘Hmmm friends?? I’m not so sure about that I’m a rogue remember??’..Curt replied..

‘Yeah you’re nothing like a royal and I like that so friends??’…She said extending her hand..

‘Fine then,friends’..