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Crazy Couple. Episode 15

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story❤


We got home and Jeremy came out of the car and walked inside with his hands in his pocket.
Nobody told me to run after him.

I rushed into the sitting room to see everywhere in order..
Oh my God!.
Our bedroom!????

I ran upstairs and on getting to our room, I could hear the loud disturbing noise of him destroying our bedroom.

I went inside.
“Jeremy, calm down!” I rapsed and went to him.
Our flat screen TV was lying on the floor already broken. The room was indeed a mess.

“Please Jeremy. For my sake, just calm down” I said and he sat on the bed.

He rubbed his face with his hands trying to calm himself.

“That as*hole. Trying to hurt you like that..” He muttered with his hands still over his face.

“I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him i swear”… He continued saying.
I knelt down infront of him and took my hands to his suit.
I removed the buttons and pulled it off.

I can’t believe he fought for me like that..
He defended me though he’s not someone that’s likely to do that.

What happened to the Jeremy that hated me so much and sent his friends to ruin my life?

I tried to touch his shirt but he stopped me. He got up and went into the closet. I went to my make up table and picked up the things he threw to the floor.

I was standing before the mirror removing my jewelries when Jeremy walked into the room.
I could see him through the mirror.
He wore a jump suit pants leaving his chest shirtless showing off his nice smooth abs.
He had his hands in his pockets just standing there looking at nowhere in particular.

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He suddenly looked at me and I quickly took my eyes back to the table before me.
What his grandpa said still taunted me.

I promised him not to leave Jeremy so I must make a family with him. We’ll make a baby together.

I couldn’t stop crying as the doctor tried to bound Tristan’s wounds. I can’t believe Jeremy beat him to a pulp because of that b-tch!

What does he see in her?

I could have disgraced that good for nothing woman and she would be sent to jail.

I failed Tristan again.
This is so not good.

He’ll surely deal with me tonight.
Am so scared for my life right now.
Why can’t he stop this power struggle with someone whom he knows is clearly older?

Tristan looked up and our eyes met.
He glared at me.
I gulped.
Am so dead tonight????

I was almost done picking up all the things Jeremy turned upside down. I stood before the table dropping his phone which he had thrown to the wall.
He’s arrogant and hot tempered.
I have the perfect husband who will kill me before my time.

I was on the bed just staring at her move from one place to the other fixing the mess I made. Then she stood by the table doing what I don’t know her behind facing me completely which was inviting.

Such perfect as*.

It made me hard by just looking at it. I don’t think I can go through this pain anymore. I need to mate and reduce this horniness I feel.

I got up and walked to her.

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I looked up and gasped.
Jeremy was right behind me scaring the stars out of me.

“Jeremy?” I asked perturbed.

He kissed me on my shoulder.
“Yeah?” He asked and I felt his hand on my zipper. He drew it down and carried me to the bed.

I can’t believe this happening.
We’re finally going to do it!

He claimed my lips kissing like his life depended on it. I moaned into his lips.
He unlocked from the kiss and removed my dress. He starts to suck on my neck giving me a hickey.
It felt so good.

He withdrew from my neck and I stared into his face. So much lusts in his eyes.

He unhooked my bra and got rid of it.
Next, he took my left nip*le into his mouth and began sucking and biting on it.

With his other hand, he fondled the other.
Now I was going really crazy.



“Aww…please don’t stop…

I didn’t want to scream so much but I wanted more badly.

He pulled away from my erect b*obs and I felt his finger rub my clit.
He made it two fingers and I let out a loud scream.

It was starting to hurt so much.

He slid his fingers back and fought leaving me in pain and hurt.

He removed his fingers from my pu*s* and I felt his hard and erect c-ck poking at the entrance of my pu*s*.

He drew close to me.
“Once I insert my di*k into you, just know you’re special to be touched by Jeremy Sanchez” he whispered.

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“Oh please Jeremy. Just do it and stop being so arro…” I didn’t finish my statement as I felt him plunge into me.

Oh God!

It felt like a knife had just been pulled into me. It hurts so much.

I tried to push him off me but he pinned my hands back to the bed.
He adjusted again forcing his length inside me.

“Ouch!!” I yelled feeling a hard rilling inside me.

It hurts so bad.
He moved back a bit and came in again forcing his whole humongous length inside me.

I began whimpering.

He started going back and fought but slowly.
Am forced to beg him to stop but it seems like it encouraged him.

He dropped his head on my shoulder letting go of my hands.
I could hear him groaning and grunting as he pushed deeper and faster.

I started sobbing.
What sort of punishment is this?

He increased his pace and I began to feel some hint of pleasure.

After a while, he released inside me and pulled out. He closed my weak legs gently and fell beside me.

How can Jeremy be so big????
And he’s my husband for crying outloud. Am stuck with this beast forever.
But I’ll get used to it.

I continued sobbing before sleeping off.