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Crazy Couple. Episode 21

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????????CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story????


I woke up the next morning beside Jeremy. He was fast asleep.

This seemed to be the first time am waking up to find him still way over at dreamland.

I looked into his healing face. Am doing a good job for sure.

His face had brightened and his lips pink again unlike yesterday it was dry and colorless.

I fought the strong urge to taste his lips.
I smiled and got off the bed.

I went downstairs and made breakfast. I dished our meal and carried them upstairs.

He was already awake when I entered the room. He focused on the phone in his hand.

I dropped the food on a stool infront of him.

“Good morning my patient. How are you feeling?” I asked grinning ear to ear.

He glanced at me and scoffed.

“I feel terrible. I had a dream and you were chasing me with a fork twice as the height of this house. I kept running nonstop”.

I gasped.

“Are you saying am a demon?” I asked and threw my face away from his gaze.

“Am just joking..”

“You’re always joking with hurtful words! How can you say such to your wife? Do you hate me that much?” I blurted out.

I suddenly felt ashamed for saying such.

“You know I didn’t mean it. I was just pulling your legs. I know you’re head over heels Inlove with me and me saying those words to breaks your heart” he jibed enthusiastically.

I hit him on his arm and he chuckled.

“Am not Inlove with a wicked heartless man like you” I retorted and shifted from him.

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“Oh really, then why did you lie to me about my nurse and doctor not being available?” He asked smirking.

My heart raced.
Oh s*it!
How did he know??

“I always wanted to take care of a sick person but I was the only child and didn’t have much friends so I lied cause I saw it as a great opportunity” I lied.

He furrowed his brows at me.

“You’re such a good liar Stella but am hungry right now. This interrogatory class will continue after I eat, okay?” He said and took the spoon.

I stopped him.

“Let’s pray first” I ordered.

He rolled his eyes.

“Pray Jeremy!”.

He prayed a short prayer and just as he was about to end it, I interpolated.

“And Lord, let the honeymoon ghost depart from Jeremy before I become a widow”

“What are you saying?” He asked and took a spoon of the egg sauce on his plate.

“I’m praying on your behalf. So how does the sauce taste?” I asked glaring at him.

“The chef at my mansion cooks better” he replied icily.

I scoffed.
“Am not comparing myself with someone who cooks for a living. Just tell me if the sauce is nice or not” I jibed getting pissed.

“You tried” he muttered.

“You’re so annoying Jeremy. Wait till I get pregnant, you’ll be the one cooking till am put to birth”
I blurted before I could stop myself.

He paused and took his eyes to my legs. I flushed feeling so bashful at the words I said.

I took my own plate and began eating.
Silence filled the room for the next 20 minutes it took us to finish our meal.

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I got rid of the plates and returned to the bedroom.

I went into the closet and took off my clothes.

I tied a towel around me. This time super tight so it doesn’t slip.

I didn’t say a word to Jeremy as I went to the bathroom to take my bath.

I turned on the shower and allowed my hair to get drenched in the cold water.

I shuddered when the door of the bathroom opened and Jeremy walked in.
He was damn naked????????

I turned off the shower and rushed to take my towel but he got to it first and threw it at the other side of the bathroom.

Oh God!
I tried not to look at his di*k!

“Jeremy! What are you doing here?? Go away!” I yelled and he chuckled.

My eyes kept wandering down but I tried to keep them up.
Oh no!
I saw it.
His huge beast that’s…

Jeremy took closer steps.
Okay, what’s he up to?
I walked back quickly and the wall stopped my retreat.

“Any problem?” He asked batting his lashes.

I nodded.
“Do you make out with your nurse and doctor?” I asked pouting.

“Are you this jealous?”

“Just answer me” I groaned.

“I screwed the nurse twice and the doctor once”

I gasped.

“Oh Jeremy! You’re so disgusting.! You manslut!” I rapsed and kicked him at the forbidden zone.

He fell on his knees groaning. “Stella!!”

I gasped covering my mouth with my hands.

Look what my jealousy has caused. ????????