September 25, 2023

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Crazy Couple. Episode 16

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????❤CRAZY COUPLE????????

{She’s stubborn ???? He’s arrogant}

Written by Eunice Nwodu????
Short story❤


Tristan stormed into the house immediately we got home leaving me behind.

I ran after him trying to calm him down since he was angry and frustrated.

“Tristan wait!” I rapsed standing infront of him.

“You need to calm down love…please…” I muffled as more tears escaped from my weak eyes.
I’ve been crying since we were on our way home.

“That as*hole humiliated me and you f**king expect me to calm down!” He yelled and I flinched.

I’ve never seen him so angry.

“Tristan please… You could have defended yourself. You just proved to them that you’re a weakling…” I didn’t finish and a hot slap landed on my right cheek.

I gasped.

Oh my God!
Did he just raise his hand on me?

I got the reply to my damn question when he gave me a hard push that sent me crashing to the floor.

I was yet to understand myself when he gripped me by hair and yanked it.

“Tristan stop this!” I screamed accompanied with some tears.

“You bi*ch! You call me a weakling?!” He yelled into my face.

I cried like a child.

“Tristan…please…” I muttered feeling goddamn pains on my cheeks and head.

He didn’t say anything but just stare into my face while I cried.

“Am going to kill him Yvonne. Am going to kill that sonofab••tch”.

He let go of my hair forcefully and stormed his way upstairs.

I sat on the floor in my own shame crying like a baby.

How can Tristan be so inhumane?

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????——-NEXT MORNING———????

I opened my eyes slowly feeling so sore, tired and of course, hungry.

I didn’t get to make dinner last night cause I was busy fixing the mess Jeremy made.
And he didn’t ask me about food cause he was busy looking for a much sensual food.

I sat up on the bed slowly and looked around the empty room before my eyes caught the table beside the bed.

A tray was on it with a cup of…whatever it was and a plate with bread on it and fried egg.

What’s wrong with Jeremy?
did he repent overnight??

I got off the bed slowly and walked to the bathroom still feeling pains inbetween my legs.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face before returning to the wonderful dish my husband made for me.

I still couldn’t believe it.
Jeremy is just full of suprises isn’t he?

I stirred the tea in the mug and took it to my lips.

I took a sip and quickly dropped the mug.

It’s so hot and I suspect he didn’t dilute it with a little cold water.

But it tastes great.

I used my spoon to devour the omelette on my plate. It’s salty but I ate with relish and happiness that Jeremy attempted to make something.

I thought the arrogant rude jerk will never come this far in doing something for me.

I was drinking the tea when the door opened and he walked in.

He glanced at me but quickly looked away with his hands in his pockets. He headed for the bathroom and went in slamming the door.

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Sometimes I feel like beaten the hell out of Jeremy.

Why did he leave like that? He acted like he wasn’t even the one that made breakfast for me or even deflowered me last night.

I was expecting him to come close and ask me how I feel or…anything at all!

He’s going to push me to set his Lamborghini on fire????

Or what if…
He didn’t enjoy me last night.
Maybe he didn’t feel anything special in me.
Do I disgust him now?

I didn’t realize my cheeks were filled with my tears as all this thoughts went through my mind.

I shouldn’t have given him my body last night. I should have protected myself till am sure he deserved me.

I heard the shower running.
Jeremy…I hate you!????

I got ready for work dressing My suit.
I took my tie and hung it around my neck.

“Let me help you” I heard Stella say from behind and I turned to see her at the door glaring at me.

She walked into the room and I noticed she was trying so hard to walk normal but I can still tell she’s still in pain.

She stood before me and got hold of the tie. She finished the knot and stretched it. It was so tight around my neck and I have a feeling she’s planning on strangling me to death.

“That’s enough. Thanks” I struggled to say as my throat was hurting from her move.

“Be patient. Am almost done” she said and drew the tie more.
I nearly screamed.

I moved away from her and loosened the tie immediately.

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“As*hole” she muttered and sat on the bed.

I rolled my eyes.

Her phone began ringing and I took it before she could get to it.
I glanced at the phone; Kelvin????

Who’s kelvin??

I ended the call and she just stared at me.
I dropped the phone on the drawer and fixed my eyes on her.

She glared at me.
I bit my lower lip.
I don’t want to do this…
I took a deep breath.

“How are you feeling?” I finally asked after a long silence.